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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 3.4

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10
Proofread by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 3.4 – Back to the Human World

Xue Jing Yi face was red, extremely embarrassed, staring at the hand that had been flung away, she did not speak for a long time. Xue Li Dan Ni impatiently said: “Do you have no brains? Why would you suddenly ask about him? He is still locked in the villa, he can’t run away anyway.”

Realizing that the other party is her daughter’s brother after all, and speaking like this would be inappropriate, Xue Li Dan Ni snorted and turned to see Fu Bo. Fu Bo nodded, replying that there was someone in the villa watching the young boy, he definitely couldn’t run.

Seeing their reaction, Xue Zi Xuan’s heart continuously sunk. Has everything begun yet? Cold and ruthless death ploys, unscrupulous and unbridled exploitation, false and hypocritical treatment, and that accident that caused the youth to leave him forever. When he thought of Xue Yan, remembered his wedding with the youth which shook the world, it caused his heart to squeeze in pain, his body to shake uncontrollably.

“I want to be discharged right now!” He no longer folded his clothes neatly, but crushed them into a ball and randomly shoved them into his suitcase.

This action would by no means be done by her severely OCD son. Xue Li Dan Ni became more and more worried, but could not do anything about her stubborn son; she could only let her assistant complete the discharge procedures.

A luxury car slowly stopped at the hospital entrance, the driver got off the car and opened the door for his employer. Xue Zi Xuan quickly got in and saw Xue Jing Yi, who had followed him. “Go to the front row,” Xue Zi Xuan commanded, his tone indifferent. He couldn’t really say what kind of feelings he had for this sister of his, his love had already been worn away cleanly, but he didn’t have the energy to hate, it was impossible to be his feelings at the beginning, now there can only be indifference.

If he can, he does not want to appear in the same space and time with her. However, since he has returned, he could only take it that she did not exist. He did not want to have the slightest connection with her.

Xue Jing Yi had received a large blow and looked at him with sorrow. Her pitiful expression not only did not make Xue Zi Xuan remorseful, but reminded him of his past life, how his sister used her weak appearance to cover up her treachery, and how decisively she implemented that murder.

If it weren’t for her, he and Xiao Yi’s relationship would not have gone to an irreparable state, however, he himself was also guilty, so forget it, no one had the qualification to blame the other.

His eyes feeling hot, Xue Zi Xuan once again had the urge to cry, but he held it back. In the decades of repent and waiting, he has long learned how to struggle while things were falling apart; how to keep himself on the brink of despair but not fall. As long as that person is still living far away from him, as long as he could get information about him through television and the Internet, he will continue living, continue guarding by him.

So on the second day after receiving the news of his death, his heart went completely cold.

Now, he has returned, and the youth was also here, there was nothing better than this, no miracle more wonderful. Xue Zi Xuan clenched his fists hard so that he would not let himself cry because of ecstasy, but his increasingly heavy breaths leaked his inner agitation.

“Son, what happened? Are you uncomfortable? Should we go back to the hospital?” Xue Li Dan Ni said worriedly. The medical room at home was specially built for Xue Jing Yi, there were only the instruments and drugs for treating heart disease, for her son’s inexplicable coma and emotionally uncontrollable state, it is more secure to stay in a hospital.

“Driver, drive faster.” Xue Zi Xuan did not answer, but instead lowly hurried.

“What happened to you? Your face is so white but you are not willing to see a doctor, do you want your mother to worry to death?” Xue Li Dan Ni could not stand such a son. Used to his cold indifference and calmness, it was the first time that she had seen him so frantic and fearful. What exactly is he afraid of?

“Mother, I am fine. I want to go home.” Going home, seeing his beloved youth, then he will feel better, better than any other time; his broken heart can be patched together, his empty soul can be refilled, the love that was born because him and died because of him can now produce countless beautiful flowers.

If he can have a pair of wings, he wants to fly to him now, hold him tightly and firmly in his arms, rub him into his chest and embed him in his flesh and blood.

[T/N: I know this sounds a bit weird but urm that was the Chinese.]

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Translator Notes:

Cold and ruthless death ploys, unscrupulous and unbridled exploitation, false and hypocritical treatment, and that accident that caused the youth to leave him forever- 

残忍冷酷的杀局、肆无忌惮的利用、虚情假意的对待,还有致使少年永远离开他的那场偶遇。。。。if you want use google translate this sentence was so bad

Google: Cruel and cruel killing, unscrupulous use, false treatment, and the encounter that caused the teenager to leave him forever

Me: Seriously?

it was impossible to be his feelings at the beginning– 爱已经消磨干净,恨也没了心力,原来绝不可能,唯有漠视 …I was kind of confused about what that was referring to but I think it means his feelings towards XJY at the beginning of this whole saga in the past life

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  1. I read this in WP but I could read it a million times. I really like XZX’s desperation. He needs ZYS, so let him go with the youth already!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I actually felt sorry for XZX in the end of chapter 14 of FOD. I’m so excited about this extra side story. I can’t wait for him to get back

    1. Me too, it was a bit of “you reap what you sow” but I felt bad for him too, so I was really excited when I found out that this side story exists. XD

  3. “If he can have a pair of wings, he wants to fly to him now, hold him tightly and firmly in his arms, rub him into his chest and embed him in his flesh and blood”

    I feel like he’s ready to swallow the MC in his stomach ??

  4. poor XZX, you are about to find out that you have also hurt him in this life. I’m really wishing it could go all the way back to the beginning when you 2 first met in that dusty poor cave. sorry ?

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