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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 3.6

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10 and Syeki
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 3.6 โ€“ Back to the Human World

He thought he had arrived in time, but didn’t think that in the end, he was still too late. The remorse, pain and bitter regret made Xue Zi Xuan unable to breathe. With difficulty, he took in a breath, and then half dragged, half carried the youth down the stairs. “Go to the hospital,” he said hoarsely.

“Yes, yes, we’ll go to the hospital. Where’s Xiao Wang? Tell him to get the car from the garage now.” Xue Li Dan Ni came back to her senses and ran to the door shouting, not caring about her image. Ever since they reached home, her son had been behaving too strangely, clutching Huang Yi and wordlessly crying, his shoulders and back trembling. Even she felt moved to sorrow upon seeing the scene.

She was very certain that these two had not had many interactions with each other, and despite living in the same house, their relationship was no better than two strangers meeting on a street. Whatever was causing her son grief, it should be in no way related to Huang Yi. But he rejected and ignored everyone else, and held on tightly to Huang Yi instead. She really couldn’t think of an explanation for this situation, hence her only option was to send her son back to the hospital and have his head thoroughly examined.

Xue Jing Yi stared at the two people who were locked in a tight embrace, her nails biting into her palms, leaving bloody crescents. The resulting tingling sensation of pain seemed to travel directly to her heart, making her vision spin. She forcefully suppressed her dizziness. She cannot afford to faint now and leave Huang Yi alone together with her elder brother.

Since the day Huang Yi arrived, she had been unable to shake off this obsession, which inexplicably took root in her mind. Sure enough, Huang Yi’s presence heralded trouble. If he wanted to snatch any other thing of hers away, she wouldn’t be moved to stop him, but only her elder brother was off limits. Her elder brother can only belong to her.

When they reached the door, the chauffeur drove over and slowly came to a halt next to the large fountain. A faint breeze scattered some droplets onto their faces. On reflex, Xu Zi Xuan lifted his hand and shielded the boy’s face.

“Xiao Yi, I’m sorry, ge ge was wrong.” He lightly held the heavily bandaged hands, afraid of using force lest it hurt him, yet unwilling to release his hands, and could only softly apologize.

Zhou Yun Sheng had been in a rather dazed state all this while. He stared at the thin and pale young man, doubt and suspicion heavy in his gaze. This person seems to have transformed into someone unrecognizable overnight. As a matter of fact, Xue Zi Xuan indeed bore little resemblance to his former self. His casual attire was crumpled, his hair a little messy, his jaw covered with a faint shadow of stubble. His eyes, which were normally deep, still pools of calm, were now filled with anxious concern and some other unimaginable emotion.

The once haughty and aloof musician was now just an ordinary man overwhelmed with fears and worries. He was apologizing to Huang Yi, and even referred to himself as his brother? Were his ears deceiving him?

Zhou Yun Sheng attempted to dig at his ears, but the fat gauze wrappings around his fingers prevented him from doing so. He wanted to get as far away from this mental case as possible but found himself stuffed into the backseat of the car and securely wrapped in the other’s arms.

From his memories, Xue Zi Xuan learned that although his rebirth was a step too late, his beloved youth has not yet met Xue Yan. There was still a chance to turn things around. The thought of Xue Yan filled him with fear and dread. He unconsciously tightened his hold on the boy, his arms locked firmly around the thin waist.

The scent of the young man’s cologne washed over Zhou Yun Sheng, and he began struggling uncomfortably. The back of his head was suddenly caught and pressed down onto the other’s shoulder. The scent grew stronger, emanating from the warm and sturdy body beneath him. This intimate closeness sparked his unease.

A medical check-up was unnecessary, Xue Zi Xuan’s brains were definitely broken. He is staring at me like a starved wolf faced with fresh meat after a hundred years, with a beastly hunger in his eyes. Zhou Yun Sheng’s lips curled in a feral grin, his heart gloating and impatient.

Xue Li Dan Ni intended to get in the car as well but saw her son raising an arm to pull the door shut with a slam. He calmly instructed the chauffeur: “To the hospital.”

“Young Master, Madam and Young Miss have not entered.” The driver turned around to remind him.

“Don’t worry about them, just drive.” Xue Zi Xuan has regained his usual icy calm. His eyes, which were reddened from crying, were like dark bottomless pits. He has always been a monster who lacked empathy, and while being in the empty space for thousands of years, his feelings grew even thinner. In this world, the only person who could make his unfeeling heart beat, the only person who could make him feel alive, was now securely clasped in his arms. Nothing and no one else mattered to him at all.

Pierced by his cold stare, the chauffeur hurriedly stepped on the gas pedal and the car peeled off. Xue Li Dan Ni chased after them shouting, and was even grazed by the gravel on the road. Covered with cold sweat from the pain, she watched as her son remained unmoved, and the car receded into the distance. Realizing that her son was unheeding of her cries, she turned around and limped back, hurriedly demanded: “Where is Xiao Zhou? Quickly get a car and chase after them! The child has gone mad. Mad!”

Xiao Zhou, the assistant who was in charge of watching over Zhou Yun Sheng, ran to fetch the car from the garage. Xue Jing Yi and the housekeeper supported Xue Li Dan Ni by the arms on both sides, their faces full of worry and dismay.

“Mom, what’s wrong with ge ge?” Xue Jing Yi cried, her eyes red. In fact, when she saw her elder brother embracing Huang Yi as he wept, her heart had wept as well, twisting with pain. It had taken much control on her part not to pass out at that point. The abrupt changes to her elder brother’s personality had really left her shaken and restless.

“I don’t know either, we must ensure that he stays in the hospital for a couple of days for a more thorough check up this time.” Xue Li Dan Ni wearily massaged her temple.

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Translator’s Thoughts (Moonlightfrost10)

Regarding whether XZX loves the ZYS who can play the piano or the real ZYS…hmm the author claims that he loves the real ZYS but to me, I think he loved the ZYS in the past life. Even then, he wasn’t infatuated with the image ZYS put up but instead knew quite a lot about the real ZYS as he had “stalked” him in the past life until ZYS died (when he was too lazy to put up the innocent act).

However, in this life, he is willing to love ZYS regardless of who he is because he is ZYS… which is kind of like infatuation, but at least he still loves ZYS regardless of who he is now (which is quite different from the past life) and whether or not he can play the piano (or any other thing the future ZYS could do). He doesn’t actually question why ZYS can’t play the piano or likes so many different stuff and just accepts it, which is kinda strange but I guess that he just thought it was a butterfly effect due to his rebirth. If I say any more, I would be revealing spoilers so yeah.. have fun with the next chapter ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!! I was waiting for this forever!! I miss this story though I know you guys are probably busy in real life. Ah I just want to see them kiss and be somewhat lovey dovey ish. I just mostly want to see them kiss.

  2. XZX can act as a madman for now, but I hope he can be rational too. He can’t make ZYS like him If he’s that forceful.
    ZYS’s always liked rough love, though. Oh, well. XZX, good luck!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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