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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 4.1

Translated by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 4.1 – Mental Disorder

Since the hospital did not belong to his family there was no exclusive parking space. Xiao Wang went around and around the parking lot for a long time before he managed to grab a spot. With his forehead covered in sweat, he pulled into the parking space.
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Zhou Yun Sheng twisted his butt around. He wanted to get off from the young man’s knees, but he didn’t want to soil his socks. Also, it was winter right now and it was very cold outside. If he stepped outside like this he was sure to freeze a layer of skin off the soles of his feet. Thinking about this, he secretly scolded Xue Zi Xuan’s viciousness. Xue Zi Xuan deliberately threw his shoes into the front seat so that he couldn’t retrieve it even if he wanted to.

“Don’t move around.” Xue Zi Xuan patted the youth’s plump buttocks, and his gloomy eyebrows finally revealed a hint of lucidity. He placed the teenager on the seat, opened the door, and got out of the car. Then he went to the front passenger seat and stooped down to grope around the car floor.

Watching this scene, a sheet of black lines descended upon Xiao Wang’s head. He couldn’t understand why the young master had to throw the little country bumpkin’s shoes to the front seat. Isn’t he just creating extra trouble when there was none? However, it was only a silent criticism. As someone dedicated to his work, he still leaned over to help look for the shoes. The shoes were really deep under the seat and got stuck.

Zhou Yun Sheng sat cross-legged in the backseat and watched the two big men groping about. The strange feeling in his heart got thicker. Xue Zi Xuan got discharged from the hospital this time, but it seemed like there was really something wrong with his brain. Inexplicably, he started treating him well. Why? Could it be that Zhou Yun Sheng exposed some mistake, so now Xue Zi Xuan was being vigilant? Was Xue Zi Xuan trying to appease him in order to dispel his misgivings?

But that shouldn’t be. In the eyes of the Xue family, Huang Yi was just a country boy who didn’t know anything. And his person was already detained in the Xue manor. Even if he found out the truth, he still couldn’t run away. There was absolutely no need for them to please him. They could just directly use violence to threaten him.

So what was Xue Zi Xuan trying to accomplish by being so gentle and considerate? While Zhou Yun Sheng was mired in confusion, Xue Zi Xuan finally got the shoes out from below the seat and squatted outside the door. He said softly, “Xiao Yi, let’s put on your shoes.”

“Oh. I will do it myself.” Zhou Yun Sheng immediately returned to his senses and leaned half of his body out.

“Your hands are wrapped up like this, how can you put them on? Let me help you.” Xue Zi Xuan stared at the youth’s hands covered in gauze and inadvertently asked, “These days you’ve been showering, dressing, and eating by yourself?”

“En.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s foot was forcefully tugged over by the young man. His expression was timid, but his heart was full of malice. He really wanted to lift his foot up and ferociously stomp on the young man’s handsome face. But in the end, he managed to restrain himself.
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As Xue Zi Xuan put the shoes on for Zhou Yun Sheng he said, “From now on, don’t do it yourself. If you want to do something, tell me, and I’ll do it for you.” These hands, once known as the world’s treasures, could not suffer any more damage, especially since he was the one who injured them.

Xue Zi Xuan’s eyebrows knotted again and he sped up his movements, but when it came to tying the shoelaces he was still very clumsy. Zhou Yun Sheng acted like he was flattered by the favor from someone superior and agreed, but in actuality, he didn’t really care. He guessed that this young master probably wanted to raise a pet. When his mood was good he would attend to the pet with great care, and when his mood was bad he would kick the pet away with one foot. He just didn’t know how long this feeling of freshness could last.

When one person was treating another person with kindness, whether it was due to some ulterior motive or due to a moment of whimsy, there would still be a bit of sincerity during the interval of kindness. If the days were short, then there was nothing to it. But if the days were longer, then he could calculate himself into a plan. Without the control of the Villain System, Zhou Yun Sheng could have used Xue Xi Xuan’s goodwill to slowly seduce him and soften him to achieve the purpose of getting out of trouble.

However, it was only a delusional thought. Once he tries to leave the Xue manor, or even if he just has thoughts of counterattacking, he would suffer the most severe punishment from the system. So that plan simply wouldn’t work, and therefore, he had no mood to play with Xue Zi Xuan. He could only feign civility.

The teenager walked silently to his side. Looking at the youth from top to bottom, Xue Zi Xuan observed his delicate face, his quiet and adorable temperament, his gentle and clever countenance, and he smiled contentedly. Such a calm and quiet moment, it was as if they had returned to the previous world, to the time before the experience of betrayal and murder, before the blood and pain.

Exactly what kind of miracle was it that brought him the scene before his eyes? He sincerely thanked the power that brought him back. He even thanked that fallen god.

Zhou Yun Sheng was only walking, yet Xue Zi Xuan still had to look at him. Go look at your mom! Xue Zi Xuan seemed to be staring so hard that his eyes were turning red. Is this guy mental? The man was grabbing his waist so tightly, that he was partially carrying him as they walked. His toes could barely touch the ground. Zhou Yun Sheng, in order to stabilize his body, had to hold onto Xue Zi Xuan’s not very strong arms. In his head he was frantically shouting silent curses at the man.

“System, run a scan to see if someone else is wearing Xue Zi Xuan’s body,” he communicated with the system in his mind.

“In one space there can only be one system. The host is over thinking. If a foreign soul invades the world without permission, it will be killed by the Lord God.” The system explained coldly.

Zhou Yun Sheng calmed down. He glanced at the young man with a puzzled look. Suspended on the young man’s arm, they continued to move forward. Someone was willing to be his tool. What could he have against it? Go for it! To be able to enslave this noble son before he died, it could be regarded as a profit. With such a mood, he no longer thought about the transformation of this person, and instead, enjoyed it with a peace of mind.

Xue Zi Xuan clearly felt that the boy’s resistance to himself was decreasing. He even took the initiative to cling onto his arm and put the weight of his body on him. This made Xue Zi Xuan ecstatic and more eagerly attentive. He arranged everything from top to bottom. On the contrary, Xiao Wang, this servant became a thoroughly idle person, and only helped to keep an eye on the young boy when the young master was waiting in line.

“You say you, you’ve only hurt your fingers, but your legs aren’t broken, is this worthwhile*? The young master is being too good to you, in the future, you should be grateful.” Xiao Wang was very dedicated to brainwashing the boy, and his eyes were faintly disdainful.

[*T/N: 犯得着 fan de zhao: worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)]

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded his head in promise, but sneered in his heart: En, grateful, take care of me once or twice, and you want me to dig out my heart, this kind of grace, why don’t you take it?

In the meantime, Xue Zi Xuan took a waiting number, and made a phone call to open a back door. Then he took the boy directly upstairs. The chief physician of the orthopedics department was waiting in the office. He asked about the situation, and then he opened up a file and took some x-rays. The result came out quickly. The bones were not hurt. They only needed to use an ointment to massage away the clotted blood, and the fingers will be restored to normal in a few days.

“Doctor, are you sure? It really won’t affect the flexibility of the fingers?” Xue Zi Xuan asked repeatedly.

“Yes, it’s okay, go back and drink some bone soup or something to nourish it. Also, help him remove this gauze. Wrapped like this the whole day, it is actually not conducive to dissipating the clotted blood. Just now, I helped him massage some medicine on his fingers. If you still don’t believe me, wait a few hours and check again. The bruise will certainly disappear.” Pestered so by Xue Zi Xuan, the chief physician didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He really wished he could pick up a broom and sweep them out. Asking the same thing five or six times, was there still meaning to it?

The driver Xiao Wang also felt embarrassed, but even more so, he found the scene unimaginable. This overly meticulous, nagging young man was like an old grandmother. Was this really the Xue family’s lofty, untouchable, and indifferent young master? This change was too big. It was really hard to accept.

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