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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 4.2

Translated by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 4.2 – Mental Disorder

Zhou Yun Sheng was quiet during the whole process, passively cooperating, and only when Xue Zi Xuan looked over would he reveal a grateful look, a pure expression, or a melancholy face. When it was a grateful look, the other party would reveal a feeling of guilt, heartache, and self-blame. When it was a melancholy face, the other side would become more empathetic, and hold him in comfort. When it was a pure expression, this was a bit difficult to say, the other party seemed to be infatuated?
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Thinking up to here, Zhou Yun Sheng trembled a bit. He must’ve read the other person incorrectly. While his imagination was running wild, outside in the corridor, came the clack-clack sounds of high-heeled shoes hitting the floor. The steps sounded very rushed. In but a few seconds, Xue Li Danni and Xue Jing Yi appeared in the clinic, followed by Fu Bo.

“Why did you come all the way here? If Xiao Wang hadn’t called, I would’ve thought that you’d gone missing.” Her elegant eyebrows knotted together. Then she pointed upstairs and said, “I’ve already contacted Director Liu in neuropathy. Go up and get a few CT scans. If the situation is not clear, just stay in the hospital.”

Xue Zi Xuan, who was hounding the doctor with questions up until now, suddenly stopped as his expression turned cold. He put the x-ray scans into the manila envelope, took hold of the youth’s thin arm, and said softly, “The doctor said that it’s okay. We’ll go down to the pharmacy to get the prescription. After that, we’re going home.” He walked pass right in between Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Jing Yi, not even giving them a glance out of the corner of his eye.

Xue Li Dan Ni was treated like a transparent person by her son several times. He had also changed his address towards her from “mom” to “mother,” which felt indifferent and alienating. It was as if they had returned to a decade prior when he had yet to receive psychotherapy. At that time, he did not recognize anyone, and cared about no one. He only had the piano in his eyes. It was as if the piano was his whole world, making her both distressed and sad.

But now, this kind of distress and sadness was far worse than before, because Xue Zi Xuan had transferred his attitude towards the piano to Huang Yi, treating the youth as if he were his world, and even his life.

Xue Li Dan Ni spent so much effort on her son. The care she gave her son was even more than the care she gave to a daughter with a heart disease. So how could she not understand his every move and thought?

Since waking up, his gaze had always stayed on Huang Yi. There has never been a moment when he looked away. He held the boy in his arms wherever he went, treating the youth like a valuable and fragile treasure. This kind of change was so inexplicable and incredible. She was a bit skeptical. Did Huang Yi cast some dark magic on her son?

“Where are you going? You come back right this instant! Your mom is telling you to go get a check up. Don’t tell me you think it’s to harm you.” Seeing her son leaving without acknowledging her, Xue Li Dan Ni hurried to catch up to him.

Xue Jing Yi followed close behind. She had been running around for a day. Her body was already at the limit of its endurance. But she could not fall. Even if her eyes and nose were filled with sourness, even if her heart was eroded by her, she must not fall, and she must not let her brother take Huang Yi to go further and further.

No, maybe I’m wrong, and I should fall down and see whom my brother will choose? It was a younger sister who he grew up together with versus a stranger who he has known for a few months. It was like a light bulb went off in her head. In an instant, the stubborn Xue Jing Yi fell down. She grasped the wall to take a few more steps, tried her hardest to shout “Big Brother,” and then her body crumpled to the floor.

“Jing Yi, what’s wrong, Jing Yi? Quick, doctor! Come!” Xue Li Dan Ni quickly ran to her daughter and shouted anxiously.

“Young Miss, Young Miss, wake up, where is your medicine?” Fu Bo could not find the emergency medicine in the bag that Xue Jing Yi always carried around, and suddenly his face turned white. Fortunately, this was a hospital. Soon, doctors and nurses heard what happened and rushed over and carried the young miss onto a mobile hospital bed.

When Xiao Wang heard the sound, he turned his head, and he immediately panicked. He said hurriedly, “Not good, the lady’s sickness is acting up.”

Zhou Yun Sheng also leaned over and stood on his tiptoes. He looked at the gathered crowd of people. He saw Xue Jing Yi lying on a mobile hospital bed with a doctor performing chest compressions on her. Several nurses were pushing the bed to the elevator and shouting at the pedestrians blocking the passage.

Xiao Wang promptly jumped aside. He waited for the hospital bed to roll pass and then he followed behind Xue Li Dan Ni and Fu Bo, who were out of their wits, ready to lend a hand. Xue Jing Yi did not fall completely unconscious. Her eyes were half-opened. As the bed passed by Xue Zi Xuan, she turned her head to look at him. She could no longer breath on her own, her forehead was covered in cold sweat, some fell down the side of her jaw, and some hung in the corner of her eye, like tears.

Her dry and cracked lips opened and closed slightly, silently calling for something, looking carefully, it seemed like she was calling for “Big Brother.” Her arm lifted feebly and then fell heavily, unable to grasp onto her brother’s sleeve that was not that far away.

Xue Jing Yi’s eyes felt sore and she could no longer hold back the tears. She shuddered and cried. Her lips jerked and she called “Brother,” but her barely audible voice was swallowed up by the ventilator.

Her look of desperation was really pitiful that even Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart felt unbearable, let alone Xue Li Dan Ni. She was full of grievance and complaint when she berated her son, “What are you still doing? Didn’t you see your sister calling for you? Come and take hold of her hand.” When her daughter was at her weakness, she didn’t care for anyone else. She only wanted Xue Zi Xuan. Everyone in the Xue family knew this.

Zhou Yun Sheng took back his unneeded sympathy, and quickly glanced at the young man. He was slightly surprised. Xue Li Dan Ni spoke wrong. Xue Zi Xuan was not in a daze at all. His gaze was dark and the light in his eyes was cold. He had one hand around the youth’s shoulder and one hand inserted in his pocket. Although his posture was quite straight, his muscles were very relaxed. It was obvious that he was extremely calm. There was no anxiety and panic over a seriously ill family member.

Was this still the same Xue Zi Xuan who was cold to everyone but only gentle to and pampered Xue Jing Yi? What happened to him? Zhou Yun Sheng did not believe that a person could have such a huge change in one evening. Something big that he did not know about must have happened. But even if he pondered this until his brain burst, he would never have guessed that this man was reborn again.

Xue Zi Xuan knew from his last life that sickness and weakness were Xue Jing Yi’s most powerful weapons. No matter what mistakes she made, she just had to clutch at her chest and make an expression of discomfort. Then other people would forgive her unconditionally, and give her what she wants on a silver platter. Over time, she took other people’s efforts for granted, even the life of a twin brother, she would not hesitate to seize.

So in this life he did not intend to indulge her again. So what if her body was weak? So what if she was nearing death? This was life. This was the fate she bore when she was born. It wasn’t her fault, nor was it anyone else’s fault. This was something she must shoulder on her own. But she could not steal another person’s life to prolong her own life.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ? The last paragraph is the truth. From the moment they were born, everyone has their own baggage, and it’s not anyone’s fault; it’s just how life is. So there’s no reason for anyone to selfishly claim other’s life in order to support their own.

    Being weak doesn’t make you right.

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