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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 4.4

Translated by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 4.4 – Mental Disorder

He wasn’t the only one who suspected Xue Zi Xuan had been switched. Xiao Wang and Fu Bo also followed them to the stairway. Xiao Wang had a lighter in his hand, but he didn’t know if he should help the young master light the cigarette or not. The madam sent Fu Bo to inquired as to when her son had learned to smoke. He fell into a coma; he didn’t get amnesia, so how come the whole person changed?
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The stairway was very narrow. Xue Zi Xuan pulled the boy to the innermost side and laid his coat on the steps to let him sit on it, but he blocked the door as if he was afraid that the boy would run when he smoked. Once he determined that the teenager could not leave him, he looked towards the hesitating Xiao Wang and said, “Fire.”

Xiao Wang immediately brought the lighter over. He saw the young master hold the cigarette in one hand while blocking the wind with the other hand. Once the cigarette lit up, he took a deep draw from the stick and then he spewed a thick plume of smoke from his nose. The action was very skillful, not at all like a rookie who had just learned to smoke, but an old smoker. Xiao Wang couldn’t help but wonder.

Fu Bo couldn’t hold back his words and whispered, “Young Master, when did you learn to smoke? If you smoke too much, it’s not good for your health. It’s better to stop.”

Xue Zi Xuan was silent and apparently regarded Fu bo as a transparent person. When did he learn to smoke? He couldn’t remember it. In the endless desperation, in the pain and the waiting for the invisible end, only the burn of smoke invading his brain and throat could bring him a moment of peace.

When the night was quiet and his thoughts afflicted him, he even thought of ending himself with alcohol and drugs. But he was afraid of leaving the world first, afraid that he would miss his teenager even in hell, so he kept his body healthy.

Smoking was his only respite. In the smog he could slowly recall the past, savoring the time when his heart was moved by the youth, and repeatedly feeling the happiness that he once had. He was all alone. Except for his memories he had nothing.

The feeling of suffocation rushed in and interrupted Xue Zi Xuan’s thoughts. He realized that the him who had struggled in despair had been reborn again. In this world he had the opportunity to save everything. He laughed lowly and tapped the ash off the cigarette with his finger. He sat down next to the teenager, held his thin shoulders, and shook him intimately twice.

Sitting on the ground, smoking, with a tired and happy expression on his face; from wealthy young master to migrant worker, the style image changed too fast, making Zhou Yun Sheng rethink his preconceptions. But don’t know why, this present Xue Zi Xuan was more pleasing to the eye. Of course, this was only compared with the other members of the Xue family. He naturally would not forget for what purpose they had brought him to the capital.

Fu Bo clutched his chest and couldn’t speak for a long time. He was obviously angry. When had he ever seen the young master smoke? When had he ever seen him sit on the ground and not care about his appearance? He also took off his clothes, let Huang Yi use it as a mat, and didn’t even mind it getting dirty. He really was bewitched. He also knew that the young master suffered from an emotional disorder, so no matter how angry you get or how much you censure him, if he didn’t want to pay attention to you he would not look at you at all.

Right now, no matter how much he talked, it was useless. No one could control him. Fu Bo could only comfort himself by thinking of it as a late rebellious period. He signaled Xiao Wang with a look, instructing him to keep an eye on the two young men, and then he went back in to accompany the madam.

“Do you want one?” Xiao Wang wasn’t like Fu Bo. He put a cigarette in his mouth and offered the box to the teenager.

Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t disgusted with others smoking, but he himself never touched a cigarette. He wanted to wave his hand and refuse, but Xue Zi Xuan spoke first in a quiet voice, “Xiao Yi never smokes. Don’t teach him bad stuff.” But he was very good at rolling and cutting cigars. He had deliberately learned it for Xue Yu.

Recalling his past life, Xue Zi Xuan’s mood once again plummeted into a trough. He stood up, walked onto the step behind the boy, and then he sat down with his legs spread out on either side of the youth. He encased the teenager in the circle of his arms. Only then did his cold expression ease up. He took a harsh drag of the cigarette and then blew out the smoke, as if he could release all the unbearable memories from the bottom of his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s face was full of black lines and he struggled twice but was held tighter. He could only choose to compromise. He felt that after Xue Zi Xuan awakened from his coma, he not only had emotional deficiency, but also a craving for skinship, as if he would die if he did not hold onto the youth for one second. This was no exaggeration. His every move was extremely powerful and unyielding, just like he wanted to keep the youth by his side at all times.

Enduring and enduring, but he really couldn’t restrain himself anymore. He put forth a conscience suggestion. “Mr. Xue, do you want to get a brain CT?” If Xue Zi Xuan could go to the neurology department to get himself looked at that would be even better.

“Call me ge ge (big brother),” Xue Zi Xuan whispered in his ear. The hot breath with a strong smell of smoke blew against Zhou Yun Sheng’s reddening ear.

He rubbed his ear and stammered, “Didn’t you tell me to call you Mr. Xue?”

“The Xue Zi Xuan before was an idiot. You don’t have to heed him. Call me brother. Call me brother and I will go get a CT.” Xue Zi Xuan softly tempted.

To Zhou Yun Sheng, it didn’t matter what he called the other person. He had never placed any member of the Xue family in his heart. He pretended to be bashful and hesitated for a moment, and finally called him brother in a soft voice.

Xue Zi Xuan smiled happily. The thick haze that seemed to hover before his eyes was scattered. He smothered out the cigarette, gathered the youth towards him, and headed out. He left the dirty coat on the ground with no intention of taking it back.

Xiao Wang was stumped for a moment and then he gave chase, asking, “Young Master, you’re really going to get a CT?” No matter how much the madam and the young miss tried to persuade him it was not effective, but now the little earthen bun called him brother once and the matter was done? How much did the young master like the youth? Was he teasing the other?

Xue Zi Xuan did not answer. He pushed pass the crowd in the elevator and held the boy in a corner, using his two arms to block contact between the boy and other strangers. He looked down at the cute hair whorl on the boy’s head and asked, “Is Xiao Yi worried about me?”

Zhou Yun Sheng gave an unpronounced “en” sound. There were many people in the elevator. It was really crowded. The young man supported him with an independent space; except for the other party’s hot breath there was no other obstruction. But precisely because of this breath, which also carried the scent of cologne, it made him even more uncomfortable. Zhou Yun Sheng had to admit that the other party’s youthful and beautiful appearance coupled with the slender figure and the noble and refined temperament was very charming. Add on this sudden change, a gentle yet strong attitude, it was enough to make anyone addicted to him.

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T/N: Sorry for how long it took me to translate this chapter of FOD. ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ RL has been rough lately. Moonlightfrost10 kindly reached out to me and offered to help me translate the last part of chapter 4, so please look forward to her wonderful work.

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