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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 4.5

Translated by: Moonlightfrost10
Edited by: Vanilla Muse

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Chapter 4.5 – Mental Disorder

He was simply a walking hormone, a deadly attraction for a pure bottom like Zhou Yun Sheng.

Yes, deadly attraction. If he was enchanted by him, that will be when he muddle-headedly sends his heart over as a gift. Zhou Yun Sheng seemed shy on the surface, but his heart was as wary as it could be.

Xue Zi Xuan looked very happy, and hung on his lips were constant bright smiles, even his ever dark eyes became slightly brighter.

Zhou Yun Sheng footsteps paused for a second, and then continued to move forward as if nothing happened. Changing the world’s destiny would cause the complete collapse of this world, even more severely than killing the son of destiny, but the system had only given the lowest first level of punishment, which has never happened before.

Zhou Yun Sheng was now 100% certain that there was a problem with the system, or even better, the Lord God had a problem. Could it be that the connection between the Lord God and the system was cut off? Does this mean that he had the opportunity to escape their control?

This notion made Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart heat up, and the pain in his body was greatly alleviated. When he and Xue Zi Xuan returned to the emergency department, Xue Jing Yi was out of danger and had been placed in the VIP room on the top floor.

Xue Li Dan Ni had been mentally tortured by her sick daughter and suddenly rebellious son to the point of exhaustion. She didn’t even have the strength to turn her head when she heard the door opening. In order to ease the atmosphere, Xiao Wang whispered: “Madame, the young master went to get a brain CT, the doctor said that there is no problem.”

“Really? Let me see.” Xue Li Dan Ni still couldn’t stop worrying about her son; she took the picture of the CT from Xiao Wang and studied it carefully. Fu Bo also came over and put on reading glasses to study the picture. In reality, they couldn’t understand it at all, but they still did it for peace of mind.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked over to the hospital bed and stared at Xue Jing Yi’s sleeping face, quietly asking, “How is she?”

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t believe that there was nothing wrong with Xue Zi Xuan, he had really wanted to pull that guy into the mental health department when they passed by but had controlled himself. If he went crazy then he went crazy, he would play along till the end, but if Xue Zi Xuan really treated him sincerely, and was not willing to let him die, what will the ending be like? It would surely be very interesting!

“Detecting that the host is trying to change the plot of the world, starting the first-level punishment procedure, starting the first-level penalty procedure.” The system’s cold metal voice sounded in his mind, followed by the bone tearing pain.

Xue Zi Xuan walked over and looked at Xue Jing Yi with complicated eyes.

“Everything is alright now, she can leave the hospital after a few days of rest, the cure for this disease is mainly dependent on rest and recuperation, as long as she doesn’t get tired or agitated, she can live a long life.” How could Fu Bo let Huang Yi know the real condition of the young miss, and just randomly said a lie.

“Really? Then I am relieved, Auntie Xue, you and Fu Bo can go back first, I will watch over mei mei*,” he volunteered.

[*T/N: mei mei – chinese for younger sister]

Xue Zi Xuan’s eyes flashed, but in the end he did not refuse. If Huang Yi wanted to watch over Xue Jing Yi then so be it, as long as he was relieved it was fine, he would find a way to separate the two in the future.

Xue Li Dan Ni and Fu Bo however were not appreciative of his leniency, and patiently coaxed him into going back, even signaling to Xiao Wang to drag him away. Xiao Wang had just reached out his hand when he was stopped by the young master. The two men got out of the room in a half hug half carry* state and entangled** for awhile in the corridor, but in the end, the youth was younger and weaker, and was carried off by the young master.

[*T/N: half hug half carry – 半搂半抱 I think that XZX is trying to carry ZYS who is struggling so it kind of ends up in a hug]

[**T/N: entangled – 纠缠 in a fight kind of way]

Xue Li Dan Ni only wanted Huang Yi to leave, but she did not know that her son would also leave, not caring about his unconscious sister, and immediately trembled with anger.

“Zi Xuan, you stay behind, if your sister wakes up and can’t see you, she will be sad.” She chased after them shouting, causing the passing nurse to raise her index finger and make a shushing gesture.

Xue Zi Xuan blatantly ignored her, and just waved his left hand, but it was the youth instead who frequently turned back and looked reluctant to leave. Xue Li Dan Ni watched as the two of them walked into the elevator and went down to the first floor, then went back to the ward and collapsed on a chair.

“Why is he suddenly so good to Huang Yi?! Overly good! Doesn’t he know that Huang Yi is Jing Yi’s heart donor?” Xue Li Dan Ni said, exhausted.

“Perhaps the young master is just bored and is looking for some fun,” Fu Bo guessed.

“I really hope so.” Xue Li Dan Ni agreed, but her heart still felt faintly unsettled.

Xue Zi Xuan took the boy to the car park, and Xiao Wang quickly followed him. After Xiao Wang started the engine, Xue Zi Xuan ordered, “Go to the nearby shopping mall.”

“What do you want to buy, young master? It is ok to just call someone to send it over.” Xiao Wang said as he slowly drove the car out of the hospital.

“To buy a few clothes for Xiao Yi.” He tugged at the youth’s neither female nor male casual clothes, with ridicule in his eyes. In this lifetime, his parents still did not change their strategy, intending to turn the youth into Xue Jing Yi’s shadow. But they could have never imagined, in the end, it was Xue Jing Yi who became the youth’s shadow. He was so outstanding and unique. There would definitely be a day where he would bloom with dazzling brilliance.

When Xue Jing Yi stood beside him, she could only become his foil, so she would be so jealous that she went crazy, so envious that she couldn’t wait to kill him. The bloody memories once again resurfaced in his mind. It seemed that every time he thought of Xue Jing Yi, it would arouse the darkness hidden deep in his heart. So he had to avoid meeting her, otherwise he was worried that he would take the chance to kill her before she could hurt the youth.

Just now, when he looked at Xue Jing Yi’s unconscious face, he almost reached out and turned off her ventilator. This thought was not unexpected, because he had never had a sense of right and wrong nor moral compass, killing a person was equivalent to squashing an ant for him, but he did not want the teenager to see his cruel and ruthless side, so he stopped himself.

In this life, as long as Xue Jing Yi stayed in her place and was no longer hostile to the youth, he would not touch her. The scar on his hand was gone, but the sin in his heart was still there. For his beloved youth, he was willing to become a better person, even if it was just on the outside.

Zhou Yun Sheng did not know that in those few short minutes, what kind of terrible mental journey Xue Zi Xuan had experienced. He pretended to be flattered and waved his hand in rejection, “No need, Auntie Xue has already bought me a lot of clothes, so much that even if I wear one a day it wouldn’t repeat.”

“Those clothes are not suitable for boys, look at all the boys on the street, who would wear clothes like yours, and keep their hair at such a length, it looks ugly.” Xue Zi Xuan refuted the youth. He couldn’t forget the scene at the banquet where the youth wore the pure white dress and was touched all over by Xue Yan. Even if it was a lifetime ago, it was still enough to make his eyes go red with jealousy every time he remembered it.

That exposing women’s dress, must never appear in the youth’s closet this lifetime, his hair must also be cut short, making sure that people could see that he was a boy at first glance. In this way, there should be a lot less people who would deliberately approach him, and Xue Yan would not fall in love with a boy at first sight.

With this secret idea, Xue Zi Xuan first took the youth to the hairdresser to cut his hair, and then selected a whole ton of men’s clothing in various styles and designs. Xiao Wang followed behind him carrying the shopping bags, until he could no longer lift all the small and big bags, and could only ask the sales clerk to send it to the Xue house.

“Young Master, if you dress Huang Yi like this and someone sees and asks about it, it won’t be easy for us to explain.” Taking Huang Yi’s heart was considered murder, dressing the victim so conspicuously, wasn’t it just asking for trouble? Xiao Wang constantly felt uneasy, so when the teenager went in the changing room to try on the clothes, he softly reminded the young master.

Xue Zi Xuan’s cold line of sight was fixed onto Xiao Wang’s fragile throat, warning deeply, “Forget my original purpose for bringing back Xiao Yi. In the future, he is my brother, my family.” And will be my lover, my sweetheart, and my precious treasure.

Xiao Wang touched his suddenly cold neck and dryly asked, “What about the lady?”

“How would I know?” Xue Zi Xuan suddenly laughed, as if this question was very interesting. Why did everyone think that Xiao Yi should give his heart to Xue Jing Yi? (T/N: Exactly. Coz they are rich? Who knows?) Was it because he owed Xue Jing Yi? What a joke!

After saying a few short lines, Xue Zi Xuan stayed silent, no longer paying attention about Xiao Wang. In fact, apart from his beloved youth, he did not want to pay attention to anyone, nor did he care about anyone.

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