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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 5.3

Vanilla Muse: So it’s been over a month since Moonlightfrost10 last contacted me, and, um… I got impatient, so I went ahead and translated chapter 5.3 myself. Enjoy?

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Chapter 5.3 – A Turn for the Better

A half-truth and half-lie was the hardest to break apart, because the liar would use the true part of the statement to hypnotize himself and convince himself of the entire statement’s validity. If he could fool even himself, then naturally he could fool others. Zhou Yun Sheng knew that what Xue Zi Xuan said was truth: the Xue family was not a good place, but words of wanting to protect him and the like were just talk. He could listen to it, but he definitely must not take it seriously.
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Return a lie with a lie, and Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t wait to leave the remote Xue house and go to the more developed urban area. If he could break through the defense of the villain system before the heart transfer operation, then it would be much easier to escape from the city than it would be to escape from the mountain.

As soon as he entertained this idea, the smartwatch began to issue a warning: “The host is detected trying to leave the mission site, and the host is asked to stay, otherwise level two punishment will be initiated, otherwise level two punishment will be initiated.”

Before, the system’s threats were always obliteration, or level ten punishments. Now the word “obliteration” was almost no longer mentioned, and the formation method also started from the lowest level. Such a kind system. Zhou Yun Sheng felt that it was quite strange and also quite interesting.

A person who was accustomed to the painful tearing of his soul has developed a strong immunity to physical pain for an hour or two. The so-called warning of the system was equivalent to a joke in Zhou Yun Sheng’s ears.

His mouth said: “I think it’s good here. Jing Yi is here, and I want to stay by her side.” However, his heart was eager to try.

The system did not immediately start punishment. It was still watching the developments.

Xue Zi Xuan knew that the youth was reluctant to leave Xue Jing Yi. It was because of her, that the youth followed him to the capital. He thought about it for a bit, and then comforted him, “Jing Yi may be staying in the hospital for a long time. This old house is remote and inaccessible. If we live in the city, we can visit her every day. I have an apartment near the hospital. It would only take twenty minutes for a round trip.”

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In actuality, Xue Jing Yi never stayed in the hospital for too long. The Xue manor’s medical equipment was more sophisticated and complete than the hospital. There were doctors and nurses on standby twenty-four hours a day. Being at the Xue manor was much more comfortable than staying at the hospital. But he absolutely would not tell the youth this truth. If he stayed here, then he would meet Xue Yan someday. That was his nightmare.

Zhou Yun Sheng considered it for a while, nodded and agreed, and kindly asked, “Would you like me to help?” He didn’t dare touch his things without the permission of the young master.

Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered that the young man’s behavior today was very abnormal. He had smoked, sat on the floor, held him without letting go, and even personally helped him wear his shoes. It was as if his mysophobia got better overnight, but was mysophobia really that easy to overcome?

Xue Zi Xuan’s heart felt fuzzy. How long has it been since he’s seen such a well-behaved and sensible boy. In retrospect, it’s been centuries, but at the same time it seemed like it was only just yesterday. It’s good to be able to see him again. It was so good.

“Help me fold these shirts.” He took out a few white shirts with a cheerful smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“I’ll wash my hands first.” Zhou Yun Sheng ran into the bathroom and pressed the liquid hand soap. His hands were just as the doctor had described, after rubbing in the ointment, the bruises quickly dissipated. Except for a slight sting, they looked normal.

Xue Zi Xuan’s smile was slightly suffocated. The youth’s cautious attitude sobered him in a split second. He almost forgot how the Xue Zi Xuan of this time had hurt the teenager, and how he left a deep shadow in the heart of the teenager, to the extent that he did not dare to call him Brother, eat at the same table as him, or even touch his belongings.

This well-behaved and sensible boy became detached and alienated. This awareness made Xue Zi Xuan fall from the ecstasy of rebirth to panicked hell in an instant. His complexion turned ashen as he looked at the closet of immutable white shirts. Suddenly, he felt disgusted.

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After stabilizing his mind, he walked into the bathroom, grabbed the boy’s foamy hands and rubbed them gently. Then he rinsed them under the tap, and patted them dry with a towel.

“Washing your hands before and after meals is a good life habit, but it’s not necessary just to fold clothes. I do suffer from mysophobia, and I can’t stand the touch of others. This does not include you, Xiao Yi. To me, you are special and unique, one of a kind. No matter what you do, I can accept it calmly.” His every word and every sentence were spoken softly. In order to show the sincerity of his words, he placed both of the youth’s tender hands on his cheeks, and slowly rubbed them around a bit. His face revealed an infatuated and yearning expression.

No one knew what miracles these hands would create. They were once the treasure of the world, and his longing until his death. How many times had he held these hands tightly within his dreams, begging the boy for forgiveness with the humblest attitude?

Now, the body temperature transmitted from the delicate palms told him that those dreams have become a reality. Although he made some mistakes, there was still room for recovery. Countless gratefulness bubbled up from his heart. He looked down. On the palm of the hand, which still carried the lingering fragrance of liquid hand soap, he pressed a scalding and devout kiss.

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