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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 5.4

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Chapter 5.4 – A Turn for the Better

Zhou Yun Sheng was shook by the young man’s words, which were similar to the words of a confession. It was not until the other party kissed his palm did he return to his senses. He secretly speculated: It turns out that Xue Zi Xuan not only wanted to deceive my heart, but also cheat my body. Is he gay? How come I can’t tell?

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However, no matter what ideas the other party had in mind, it had no effect on him. As long as he leaves the Xue residence and finds a way to get rid of the system’s control, his will be like a bird flying in the vast sky; like a fish leaping in the broad ocean. As for this game of affection, who deceives who, who will win, and who will lose, the results were still unknown.

Thinking about it this way, he employed a hundred percent of his acting skills. He quickly withdrew his hands, and his white face was gradually stained with redness. His densely curled lashes shuttered half closed to cover the shyness in his eyes. His lips parted and closed, as if there were words he wanted to say, but was doing his utmost to repress his emotions. He looked utterly panicked and helpless. He turned his head away, his feet shifting, as if attempting to escape from here.

Xue Zi Xuan was no longer able to suppress his heart full of ardent love. He hugged the other person into his arms, his breath coming out rough. His heart thrummed and his blood boiled. The uncertainty after rebirth finally turned into real possession. He knew that the teenager might timidly retreat, but he didn’t want to wait any longer. He didn’t want to wait for another minute, another second. After decades of pain and despair, and the search for hundreds of years after that, his patience was already exhausted.

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi…” He called tirelessly to the boy in his arms, again and again. His cheek buried against the other’s neck, strongly taking in the other’s scent.

At first, Zhou Yun Sheng answered his calls, but then he became impatient. He responded with half-hearted ‘en’s and ‘ah’s. He tilted his head to the side, eyelids drooping, and secretly cursed at the man “crazy.”

It took Xue Zi Xuan ten minutes to calm down from his turbulent mood. In fact, ever since he woke up, when he saw the boy, he has been stepping on clouds, like a dream, and nothing felt solid. With one hand tightening around the youth’s slender waist, and one hand clinging to the back of the youth’s head, he firmly stamped a kiss on the side of the teen’s face. Only then did Xue Zi Xuan return to his cool-headed normal state.

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“The words I just said, whether you understood them or not, you must remember that I will never hurt you, nor will I let anyone else hurt you.” Seeing the teenager averting his eyes with a flushed face, Xue Zi Xuan patted his head with a smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt disdain in his heart, but on his face he affected a grateful expression.

Xue Zi Xuan finished packing his luggage, went down to the second floor, and grabbed all the youth’s official documents. All the ambiguously gendered clothes were left in the closet at the Xue residence. Let Xue Jing Yi wear them. The men’s clothes that they bought today were not sent out yet, so he could have the salesperson change the delivery address to the apartment downtown.

“Okay, see if there’s anything you forgot to bring.” Xue Zi Xuan reminded softly before pulling the zipper of the suitcase shut.

“Can I bring this?” Zhou Yun Sheng pointed at the laptop on the desk. He didn’t have a single penny to his name, so he has to make plans for his life after leaving the Xue residence. Other people, at most, would use the computer to go online or to do work, but he could use it to create a huge amount of wealth unimaginable to others.

“Of course you can.” Xue Zi Xuan immediately put the laptop into the suitcase. Once everything was packed, the two went downstairs, hand in hand.

Seeing the young master dragging a suitcase with one hand and holding on to the country bumpkin with the other hand, Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhou were very surprised, and quickly asked where he was going.

Xue Zi Xuan did not answer, and he also did not let Xiao Wang drive the car. He took the car key to go get the car, and had the teenager wait by the door. It was already starry outside, the lights were brilliant, and occasionally there were rumbling insects in the grass, everything seemed so quiet and beautiful.
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Zhou Yun Sheng sat on the suitcase. His mood was very bright and cheerful. After leaving the Xue residence, he must first find a way to get rid of the system, and then rack up some travel fees. After his life settles down, he could then plot how best to take revenge on the beasts of the Xue family. As for Xue Jin Yi, let her wait for death slowly.

A list of plans was gradually forming in his mind and the strong emotional fluctuations once again roused the system’s vigilance. It made a sharp hissing sound and said in a cold, unemotional voice, “It is detected that the host is trying to destroy the parallel world. The system will represent Lord God to implement obliteration procedures. Right now, the host has thirty minutes to repent. After thirty minutes, the procedure will launch promptly.” As the voice petered out, the dial began to count down.

Through the trace of mental force that he invaded the system with, Zhou Yun Sheng could perceive that it has started the self-destruct process. After thirty minutes, it will explode, anytime, anywhere. The system was bound to the soul of the host, and if it exploded, the host would also lose his soul. This time it was not a joke.

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