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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 5.7

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Chapter 5.7 – A Turn for the Better

Zhou Yun Sheng was lying on the window watching, his mood was very subtle. When faced with himself, the young man was gentle and considerate, whispered softly, and was a complete gentleman. But in the face of others, he was cold and distant, indifferent, as if he was high above them. In the face of Xue Jing Yi, who he once pampered and spoiled very much, he suddenly became cold and ruthless, irritable and disgusted, as if he held a deep-seated grudge towards her.

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Could this man have… schizophrenia? Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng smacked his forehead as if to anoint his head with the purest cream*. This Xue Zi Xuan really was heavily ill.

[*T/N: 醍醐灌顶 (idiom) to be enlightened with perfect wisdom]

“Brother, I beg you, please stay. Without you, I get really scared, don’t you know? Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, I’m going to die. Don’t you love me? You won’t let me die without seeing me off, right? Brother, please stay with me for the last journey of my life. I don’t have much time left.”

Xue Jing Yi was breathless from crying so much. When did she ever think of wanting to die? If she could stay with her brother forever, how could she be willing to die? Even if she used all her strength, she would still try her best to survive. But she had to make it sound like her situation was utterly miserable. Don’t know when, but suddenly she found that she needed to use her life to exchange for a pitying glance from her brother. When did she become so lowly?

Huang Yi. All of this was caused by the arrival of Huang Yi. It would be so nice without him. Xue Jing Yi fell to her knees on the ground and hugged her brother’s legs. There were tears and snot all over her face, but in her heart, hatred was bubbling over.

Mother Xue and Father Xue were so distressed that they rushed over to help her, and they even ceaselessly scolded their treasured son.

Making an unreasonable scene, rolling about, kneeling, and pleading, these were all tricks that Zhou Yun Sheng had thought that he would have to use. Now, Xue Jing Yi was using all of them. This ethical drama was really exciting! Zhou Yun Sheng was pressed against the window looking at the scene with interest, but with a flustered and distressed expression on his face.

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Xue Zi Xuan looked down at the crown of Xue Jing Yi’s pitch-black hair. There was a type of pleasure filling his heart, but also a haunting mix of sorrow and disgust. ‘You won’t let me die without seeing me off, right?’ She didn’t have to ask this question at all, because in the last life, that was exactly what he did. He didn’t see her one last time when she died, because death was not scary. What was scary was to live a life that was better off dead.

She took the lead and extirpated herself from the world, but he was left behind, struggling in the abyss of despair. Who was more pitiful? Who was more hateful? In fact, they were all pathetic and hateful.

He bent down, pried off her fingers, which were like iron clamps, rescued his legs from her grip, picked her up, placed her back on the wheelchair, and said indifferently, “Go back, don’t cause a disturbance anymore.” That careless tone, it was like placating some small cat or dog.

“Don’t want! I won’t let you go! I will die, I really will die!” Xue Jing Yi went crazy as her body twitched.

“Medicine, medicine, medicine. Quick, get medicine!” Xue Li Dan Ni also cried. Her tears ruined her delicate makeup, making her face unseemly.

Xue Rui grabbed his son and spoke malicious abuse. “Jing Yi is already like this, and you’re still leaving? Are you even human? Do you have a heart?” Then he recalled his son’s lack of emotions, and turned speechless in an instant. Grief bubbled within his gaze. His son really didn’t have a heart. They couldn’t blame him for this. They could only blame themselves for not being able to give him a healthy body.

Fu Bo and Xiao Deng went to the car where the medicine box was placed. They rummaged around for a while. The medicine bottle that was usually placed in the most conspicuous position was now nowhere to be found. They finally found the bottle after some trouble. When they opened the lid, a tremor of the hands caused the pills to spill across the ground.

At this moment, Zhou Yun Sheng felt that the situation was finally heated enough. He quickly unfastened his seat belt, pushed open the car door, and ran over. He stretched out his hands, but did not dare to touch the young girl who was in convulsions. Instead, he could only hold on to the young man’s thin waist and cried, “Brother, let’s not leave, okay? Jing Yi is so sick. I want to watch over her. I only have her, this one relative!”

No matter how miserably Xue Jing Yi cried, she could not arouse a speck of pity from Xue Zi Xuan. In contrast, the teenager’s reddened eyes filmed with tears was enough to make him feel like he was stabbed with a knife, and the tears hadn’t even rolled down his face yet. The pain was unbearable. He quickly held on to the youth and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes with his fingertips. He was silent for a while before compromising, “Okay, we won’t leave. Don’t cry. She’ll be fine. She’ll get better.”

He really couldn’t go against that person within his arms. If he wanted to stay, then he could only stay with him. If he wanted to fly, then he could only put wings on him. If he could get a hold of the youth’s heart, then he was willing to give everything.

Upon hearing this, Fu Bo was relieved and his hands steadied. He took out a few pills and stuffed them into the mouth of the young lady. Xiao Deng quickly fed her water.

Xue Jing Yi, who was convulsing, heard this sentence vaguely. Her heart hurt so much it felt like it was being cut apart. Her tears, her entreaties, and even her life did not amount to a simple, single sentence from Huang Yi.

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