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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 6.1

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Chapter 6.1 – Not Forgetting the Original Intention

After all the turmoil and chaos of the Xue family, at long last, they finally carried the half-unconscious Xue Jing Yi to her bedroom. Xiao Deng hooked up an IV drip for her, did some simple first aid, and then gave the doctor a phone call. The other side said that he would come quickly.

Xue Zi Xuan’s plan to leave the Xue family completely failed. Barely managing to suppress his anxiety, he softly told the teenager to go back to the house to wash his face. In front of Xue Jing Yi, he could be indifferent, his heart as hard as iron, but he couldn’t bear to see the youth shed a single tear.

Zhou Yun Sheng closed the bathroom door. In an instant, he lost the strength in his legs and couldn’t stand up straight. He sat atop the toilet lid. God knows, in that tangled twenty minutes, he was in a state of life or death, hanging on by a thread. Before, the system just gave verbal threats, but that was the first time that it had truly activated the obliteration sequence. When it was finished, he obviously felt a chill and fear emanating from the depths of his soul. If his mental fortitude weren’t strong enough, he would’ve long gone limp with fear.
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Fortunately, Xue Jing Yi did not let him down. Her technique of rolling about and making an unreasonable scene was indeed top notch. She even disregarded her life in order to get Xue Zi Xuan to stay. It would seem that her feelings towards this adopted brother weren’t as simple as familial love.

Then what about Xue Zi Xuan’s feelings for him? Could there really be someone who, after waking up from a coma, would suddenly become deeply in love* with one person? That’s right, he could only use the words “deeply in love” to describe Xue Zi Xuan’s attitude towards him. Even if he did not believe and still maintained a high degree of suspicion, he would still be inadvertently moved by the profound love shown to him.

[*T/N: The raws say 爱入骨髓 meaning “love to the bone marrow”]

Ah, what a tangled mess. Zhou Yun Sheng felt more and more confused. It was simpler not to think about any of it. You love me, I love you, but you love him instead… these little love games all felt so distant to him. Compared to Xue Jing Yi, he was actually the one living without a tomorrow. Love, family, fortune, happiness, to normal people these were ordinary adornments. But to him, these were luxury goods that he could only hope for but not obtain.

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Precisely at this moment, the only thought he could think of was how to use Xue Zi Xuan’s false feelings to get out of his predicament. That’s right, he didn’t believe that hate could come from nowhere, therefore he also did not believe that love could come from nowhere. He couldn’t figure out what kind of reason Xue Zi Xuan could have for falling in love with him, moreover, to fall in love with someone who he was extremely disgusted with not twenty-four hours ago.

With a sneer he bent his legs and stepped onto the toilet lid. He lifted his wrist to look at the dial that has quieted down. After successfully staying at the Xue family, the obliteration sequence was cancelled. For him, it was but a false alarm, but for the system, it was obviously a big loss.

Although the system made a supreme effort to conceal it, from the normal running dial and the operating background, but don’t forget that Zhou Yun Sheng’s spiritual power has quietly invaded the system. As long as he spent some time and effort, he could still detect the abnormality.

To start an obliteration sequence, the system needed to call upon a very large amount of energy. After the sequence was canceled, that energy would not flow back to it, but instead vaporize away. If it could complete the task and return to the main god space, then no matter how much energy it wasted, it would not hinder the system, but now it was different. It could not go back, so the energy naturally was a little less.

Even more unfortunately, it didn’t know that its host had guessed this, and continually spied on its host, intentionally or unintentionally consuming its energy, getting weaker and weaker over time. What Zhou Yun Sheng was doing in the system’s lapse was pushing in his spiritual energy bit by bit until he could break through all the defenses, reach the core, and then replace it with his own will.

This process was originally extremely long. Zhou Yun Sheng had imaged that the day when he could truly break through the defense system and enter the core, that is, the day when his spiritual power was stronger than the original power of the system, would take tens and thousands of cycles, the accumulation of thousands of years.

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However, now he was excited to see that the gap between the system and himself was shrinking. As long as it continued to consume and waste energy, the power of the system would soon be unable to withstand the force of his spiritual power. At that time, it was as simple as crushing the system like an ant.

Just now, he took advantage of the system’s weakness to break through the seventh layer of defense. He didn’t know how many more layers of defense was in front of him, but it was enough, Zhou Yun Sheng could foresee a free, open, and beautiful future.

What he could do now was continue to go against the system. Under the premise of not stepping on the system’s bottom line, he will force the system to punish him again and again. It would definitely be painful, but with a little pain he could exchange it for the broad future, then the pain becomes revelry.

Zhou Yun Sheng covered his face with his hand, lowered his head and smiled, and then he turned on the faucet and washed his face slowly.

Xue Zi Xuan, who was waiting outside, was also thinking a lot. He was no longer the lone and proud pianist from his last life that was untouched by dirt. He experienced the pain of having his family broken apart, the shame of his ruin, and he was in despair because of his lost love.

He was waiting for his entire life, holding on to an extravagant hope, that when he was as strong as Xue Yan then he would be able to take back his beloved teenager. Of course, he also deeply understood that it was just a wild fancy. The whole city could not buy love, especially that concentrated, single-minded, and passionate love.

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