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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 6.7

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Chapter 6.7 – Not Forgetting the Original Intention

Zhou Yun Sheng could not misunderstand the split second of forward force imposed by the young man. He lived beneath the other’s roof; he could not afford to not bow his head. He said “like” in a voice that was practically inaudible, slowly approached, and kissed the young man at lightning speed on the cheek.

Originally, Xue Zi Xuan had wanted to tilt his head so that the kiss would land on his lips, but considering the shy character of the teenager, he had to reluctantly press down his desires. He didn’t want to scare him away at this point.

There was a trace of wetness left on his cheek, and the smell of steak and sauce, but it did not make Xue Zi Xuan feel sick. On the contrary, he was now very satisfied and very happy. At this point in time, the teenager liked him, and as long as he thought about it, he couldn’t help the smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

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He kissed the teenager’s cheek again. Then he moved back and ate at a very slow pace. In contrast, Zhou Yun Sheng’s movements were lightning quick as he finished dinner and dessert. Then he held the glass of milk in his hands and took small sips. He watched the customers leave one by one. The restaurant went from crowded to empty. Zhou Yun Sheng suspected that the young man would eat until the end of time.

Xue Zi Xuan had tried his best to extend the time between the two of them, but time still passed minute by minute. Only when he saw that the restaurant was about to close, did he settled the bill and left with the youth.

The parking spot was still a long way from the restaurant. Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to go quickly, but the young man held his waist, so he had to lean on his arms to move forward step by step. Their bodies were pressed so tightly together that their shadows on the ground were completely integrated into one.

Xue Zi Xuan took the Chinese bellflower from his sleeve and inserted it into the youth’s chest pocket. He leaned his head over and kissed him on his cold cheek.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that once the sluice was opened, the floodwater could not be recovered. Xue Zi Xuan got a small advantage, and then it became increasingly easy for him to eat Zhou Yun Sheng’s tender tofu. He would kiss him out of the blue at every opportunity, incessantly.

He desperately wanted to slap him away, but had to put up with it, so he found a topic as distraction. “When did you bring the flower out? I thought it was left at the restaurant.” It was just a flower; did he need to bring it around everywhere?

“This flower is the first gift I bought for you. It has a different meaning. How could it be randomly left behind?” Xue Zi Xuan sighed contentedly, and guilt flooded his eyes. In his last life, up until the tragedy happened, he never gave the teenager any gifts. It’s not that he didn’t love the teenager enough, but that he didn’t know how to love him.

In this life, he was willing to learn, to change, and to dedicate the best in the world to the youth in his arms.

Zhou Yun Sheng curled his lips in disdain, but his touch was gentle when he stroked the purple petals. This was also the first gift he received.

Suddenly, flakes of snow fluttered down from the sky, and the temperature dropped. Some pedestrians let out excited shouts, and some pulled up their collars and moved quicker. Xue Zi Xuan held the shivering youth close to him and walked a few steps. They passed by a shop window and he saw a long men’s coat on the display mannequin. He stood and looked at it for a while, and then he walked in to ask for the price.

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The price of seven or eight thousand RMB was considered nothing to the young master of the Xue family. He quickly swiped his card for the purchase and had the salesperson cut off the tag.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at the overcoat. He felt that this coquettish style with a mink fur collar was very mismatched with the young man. The clothes he wore were always high quality, custom-made, low-key, and luxurious. In addition, they were one of a kind.

But this was a shallow world based on looks. No matter how parvenu the temperament of clothes, when coupled with Xue Zi Xuan’s overwhelmingly noble face, the style immediately improved by several levels. He put on the coat and left the store under the infatuated gaze of the salesperson.

“Like this, it’s warm.” He opened the lapel of his coat and wrapped the boy completely in his arms. With his head flaked in a crown of snow, he chuckled.

The thick fabric cut off the cold wind from all directions, and the body temperature of the young man was constantly flowing, bringing with it the aroma of cologne. This seemingly unreliable embrace was now so warm, broad, and quiet. Zhou Yun Sheng went deeper into his arms, trying to ignore his constantly trembling heartstrings.

Xue Zi Xuan covered them tightly with the layer of clothes, and they stepped steadily towards the car one step at a time. They arrived at the car. He opened the car door and turned on the heater. Both of them sighed comfortably, but at the same time faintly felt lost.

It was past one o’ clock in the middle of the night, when they returned to the Xue manor. Fu Bo was still waiting in the living room.

“Young Master, sir is waiting for you in the study.” He stepped forward and handed them two dry towels.

“I see.” Xue Zi Xuan nodded expressionlessly. When facing outsiders, he was still the cold-blooded and hard-hearted Young Master Xue. However, when he turned to look at the boy, he immediately smiled softly and bent over to help him take off his shoes.

“I’ll do it myself.” Zhou Yun Sheng resisted with a flushed face.

“Your socks got wet. Quickly go back to the room and soak your feet.” Xue Zi Xuan took off his shoes very quickly, and touched the soles of the teenager’s feet, as if he never had mysophobia before.

Fu Bo became more and more shocked and apprehensive the longer he watched. His complexion flipped between green and white, looking just like an artist’s painting palette.

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