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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 7.2

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Chapter 7.2 – Retiring the Head

“Okay, I’ll find someone to arrange it right away.” Xue Rui couldn’t be bothered to care about anything else. His son was only interested in music and had no intention of inheriting the family business. This has always been a sore point in his heart. Everyone was closely scrutinizing them. Once he gradually aged and his control of the Xue consortium weakened, this big influential business that he went through great trials and tribulations to fight for and establish, would be reduced to prey for the wolves to feed on. Ultimately, it would be tore up and thoroughly divided.

That kind of prospect, just thinking about it was enough to make his heart cramp with pain, even if he was healthy, he might suddenly get an illness from it. Before, he had also considered how to persuade his son to study business. He even secretly thought that if his son wouldn’t do it, then he would find a mistress to birth another son and cultivate that child for the future.

However, Xue Li Dan Ni’s family weren’t some harmless herbivores. If an illegitimate child really came to the door to divide the family assets, her family would turn the entire capital upside down. So saddening. Xue Rui has been worrying about this all along, but all of a sudden, his son was enlightened, and his biggest problem was solved. As long as his son was not an idiot, he had absolute certainty that he could train him into a qualified successor.

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“Do you want to start at the grassroots level or go straight to airborne?” Xue Rui picked up the phone and asked while dialing the number. He hoped that his son would choose to start at the grassroots level, as that would be the best way to see his potential.

Xue Zi Xuan laughed lowly. In the previous life, he was the person who transferred the disintegrated Xue’s consortium abroad and developed it into a great international chaebol. Why would he need to start at the grassroots level? What he couldn’t afford right now was time. Others in the Xue family might feel that Xue Jing Yi’s condition was very serious and required long-term conditioning in order for her to be strong enough to bear the risk of a heart replacement surgery. Only he knew how powerful her vitality was.

Once she got over her tantrum, and no longer tossed herself about, her speed of recovery could only be described as “amazing.” Therefore, he must fully control the forces inside and outside the Xue household before she got better.

“Direct airborne to the Business Department.” Pressing the cigarette butt into the ashtray and crushing it hard, Xue Zi Xuan’s tone was unquestionable and decisive.

“I suggest you start at the grass-roots level of human resources and find out the status quo of the company. There are many people in the business department, and you can’t survive it.” Xue Rui persuaded bitterly. In the end, this was his own son, so he would rather he take less detours. The Xue consortium was not Xue Rui’s one-man show. There were still the main branch, third branch, and fourth branch of the Xue family to consider, especially in the business department. It was full of all kinds of open fights, secret maneuvers, and mutual deceptions. His son was in love with the arts, when did he ever taste the treachery of the business world?

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If he were inattentive and schemed against, he would end up falling from a high place and suffering a crushing defeat. The blow would be sufficient for him to never be able to raise his head for a lifetime. And the shareholders would lose confidence in the future of the Xue consortium, thus giving the other three branches of the family a chance. Therefore, Xue Rui would like him to start from the lowest level, step by step, and climb up steadily. Even if he had the occasional failure, he would still have the ability to stand up again.

“Whether I can succeed or not, I know the score*. I’m going to the Business Department. Position is general manager (CEO)**. Help me arrange it. I will tie up the loose ends with the orchestra and report to the company three days later.” He stood up and walked away.

[*T/N: 心里有数 xin li you shu – to know the score (idiom) / to be well aware of the situation]

[**T/N: 总经理 zong jing li – general manager / CEO]

His son was even planning to quit his job at the orchestra. Seems like he’s for real. Xue Rui was comforted. If his heart was set on general manager, then general manager it was. If worst came to worst, he could just arrange a few trusted aides to provide assistance. At this time, there was no need to nitpick. Who knew if he would back out tomorrow?

Thinking like this, he hurriedly made the call and arranged for his son’s appointment.

After leaving the study, Xue Zi Xuan went straight to the teenager’s room. As soon as he got down the stairs, he saw Xue Jing Yi curled up in the shadows of a corner, her face buried between her knees, and she seemed to be asleep. On this very cold day, there was still snow falling outside, but she was only wearing a thin cotton nightdress with her bare arms and ankles exposed. She was cold to the point of having a layer of goosebumps erupt along her skin.

Xue Zi Xuan walked lightly, passing by calmly. He didn’t think about draping a coat over her and carrying her back to her room. All his love and pity for her was long wasted away in his last life. He couldn’t figure it out no matter what; she repeatedly tortured herself and tortured others. What was her plan? The more she wanted to gain sympathy with this, the more he hated her.

Xue Jing Yi, as Xue Zi Xuan had expected, was not asleep, but only pretending to be asleep. She thought that if she curled up in a dark, cold corner like a pitiful thing, then no matter how hard-hearted her brother was, he would still soften. He would then hold her in his warm embrace like before, and carry her to her soft bed, then she would “wake up” and hold his hand, telling him of today’s grievances and sadness.

But her brother chose to walk away silently! How could this be? How could he bear it? Didn’t he know that her body couldn’t handle the extreme heat and cold, sadness and pain? Wasn’t he worried that if she slept in the corridor all night and got a cold and a fever the next day, it would make her condition worse?

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