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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 7.5

Edited by: aurorenoire

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Chapter 7.5 – Retiring the Head

Zhou Yun Sheng hugged Xue Jing Yi for a while, comforted her, and repeatedly promised to accompany her to take care of her. It was all well and good to say, but in his heart, he remained very alert to Xue Jing Yi’s sudden closeness. You have to be aware; this was the first time that Xue Jing Yi gave him any sort of pleasant expression since he came to the Xue manor.

What was she planning? Just what in the world are the Xue brother and sister trying to set him up for? So f*cking annoying! Zhou Yun Sheng was feeling impatient to the extreme.

Downstairs, the noise was getting more and more intense. Zhou Yun Sheng took advantage of that to let go of Xue Jing Yi, and extended his head out to take a look. He saw Xue Li Dan Ni and Xue Rui hurling blame at each other from across the dining table. The floor was full of broken pieces of porcelain and food residues. Xue Zi Xuan was sitting at the other end of the dining table, drinking coffee with small sips. His posture was utterly leisurely and relaxed.

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Perceiving the inquiring glance on his person, he looked up and found that it was his beloved boy. The handsome expressionless face immediately blossomed into spring and the snow melted.

“Stop quarreling. I made my decision. No one can change it.” He put down his cup and said in a low voice.

Xue Li Dan Ni shouted, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! How can you give up your favorite piano, Zi Xuan? Is your father forcing you? Ah? This old thing doesn’t understand anything, only money, money, money. Money is the most vulgar thing in the world!”

“It’s a decision that I made myself. It has nothing to do with anyone. I love the piano, but it is not my favorite. Mother, you’re wrong.” He gestured to Fu Bo, who was hiding in the corner. “Clean up everything, and then make some more breakfast.”

Fu Bo nodded his head with a sound of confirmation, then, trembling with fear and trepidation, he tidied up the place. Xue Li Dan Ni was not ready to give up. She encircled her son and persistently tried to soothe and advise him, but seeing his resolute attitude, in the end, she beat a hasty retreat.

Seeing that his son hadn’t changed his mind, Xue Rui felt relief, and he quickly put on his coat to go chase his wife. Although his wife’s family was an artistic family, they were tied to the army. Father-in-law and mother-in-law were both major general ranks. They had many contacts in the military and political circles. One must not offend them.

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The living room quieted down instantly. Xue Zi Xuan stepped upstairs, directly ignored the affectionate Xue Jing Yi, and stretched out his hand to caress the youth’s lips. His tone was full of pampering, “Were you brushing your teeth? You ran out with bubbles still in your mouth.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, he wanted to ask about what was happening, but felt that he was not qualified, so he turned to go back to the room to continue washing up, however, he found that Xue Jing Yi was pinching his clothes in a vice-like grip. The hold was so tight that he couldn’t get loose no matter how he struggled.

He looked over with doubtful eyes, but Xue Jing Yi smiled weakly, “Brother, I’m scared by myself, stay with me more.” Even so, as she said these words, her eyes were fixed on Xue Zi Xuan. Who knows whom this address of “Brother” was truly for, and which brother she really wanted to accompany her.

At this moment, Zhou Yun Sheng finally understood that her original plan was to adopt a roundabout tactic to get close to Xue Zi Xuan by entangling with him. Why was this woman so annoying! Obviously, she was so sick, and she shouldn’t be doing things to mess with her own mood, but all day long she was thinking of ways to bounce around. Did she resent her life for being long?

If an outsider could infer her intent, then naturally, so could Xue Zi Xuan. He was very impatient, “Xue Jing Yi, stop making a racket.” To the Xiao Deng, who had run upstairs with breakfast, he ordered, “Take her back to the room and watch her carefully. Last night, she was wearing a nightdress in the corridor, sitting until the middle of the night.”

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Xiao Deng was startled, and quickly went to pry open Xue Jing Yi’s five fingers. He wanted to take her back to measure her temperature and blood pressure. Originally, Xue Jing Yi was still struggling, seeming very angry and unhappy. But she suddenly became very well-behaved, and smiled contentedly, “Brother, rest assured, I will definitely take good care of my body. They say the deeper the love, the heavier the responsibility. Brother’s intentions, I know, I have always known.”

Xue Zi Xuan was expressionless, but Zhou Yun Sheng shook with goosebumps. Xue Jing Yi’s last smile was too morbid, and it looked very depressing. Could she also have mental illness?

While his imagination was running wild, Xue Zi Xuan half-dragged, half-carried him to the room. Xue Zi Xuan held Zhou Yun Sheng’s right hand and slowly brushed his teeth. Then he wrung out a warm towel and helped him clean his face carefully, attentively, and thoughtfully, as if he were a five-year-old child.

Fortunately, Zhou Yun Sheng was extremely adaptable. From the initial embarrassment and shame, he gradually became comfortable. After breakfast, they walked to the entrance to change shoes.

“You really want to take me to the orchestra?” Zhou Yun Sheng sat on the low stool; his expression was a little incredulous.

“En. From now on, you will follow me. You will go wherever I go. Understand?” Xue Zi Xuan squatted in front of the boy and put on his shoes for him.

“But in the future, I will have to attend classes.”

“Not counting class time. I’ll pick you up after classes.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was speechless. The young man’s attitude was very determined, as if he really wanted to take him outside and let more people know about him. What about Xue Jing Yi’s heart replacement surgery? Not doing it?

Thinking about it, he immediately annihilated this extravagant desire. Rather than relying on someone who was incomprehensible, it was better to rely on himself.

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