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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.2

Edited by: aurorenoire

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Chapter 8.2 – Can’t Expend You to Death

Zhou Yun Sheng was ticklish, and could not help shrinking his neck back. He vaguely said, “I can’t drive it now. Wait until I have my driver’s license before I can drive it.”

Look, from the start he wasn’t listening at all, a bunch of nonsense, but fortunately, the basic meaning was the same. Xue Zi Xuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. With one hand on the teenager’s shoulder, giving off the natural quality of an embrace, and one hand supporting his forehead, he stared at the youth infatuatedly.

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“Big Brother*, Second Brother, why aren’t you going inside?” Xue Jing Yi bent over and knocked on the window. Her smile was very bright. She was also a master who could stand tall, or bow and submit**. Before, she would not give Huang Yi a good face, but after realizing that the other part was quite valuable, she could immediately be intimate and affection. “Big Brother” and “Second Brother,” even the terms of address changed so naturally.

[*T/N: Before, XJY just called XZX 哥哥 ge ge (older brother), when she didn’t acknowledge ZYS as her brother. But here she called XZX 大哥 da ge (big older brother) to differentiate from 二哥 er ge (second older brother)]

[**T/N: can bow and submit, or stand tall – an idiom from the Book of Changes, meaning to be flexible in action and disposition]

For a moment, Zhou Yun Sheng was terrified by her. But Xue Zi Xuan’s eyebrows did not even wrinkle. He knew better than anyone, how forbearing and how bigoted Xue Jing Yi’s personality could be. She could stab a sharp blade into her brother’s body while smiling. And that was even her only blood-related relative in the entire world.

“Let’s play again. Jing Yi, this is the car that Brother bought for me. Doesn’t it look good?” Zhou Yun Sheng was also not some good little birdie. When he saw through her love for Xue Zi Xuan, he practically changed methods to provoke and stimulate her.

Xue Jing Yi’s complexion slightly congealed. Forcing out a smile, she said, “Looks good. Big Brother’s vision has always been very good.”

“It’s good, but it’s too expensive. More than eight million yuan. I don’t even dare to drive it.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s expression was of one who was overwhelmed by favor from a superior. At this moment, his peach blossom eyes were overflowing with a film of mist, as if genuinely helpless.

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Xue Zi Xuan was not a fool, how could he not see that Zhou Yun Sheng was intentionally or otherwise showing off? But he did not feel disgusted at all, instead, he pressed his fist against his lips to cover up the smile curving the corner of his mouth, because he knew that the youth was not flaunting the expensive sports car, but showing off Xue Zi Xuan’s doting love.

He liked this doting love, wanted this doting love, and even intended to occupy it by force, which was why he used this as a pretext to supplant Xue Jing Yi. This kind of situation, it should be that he’s jealous of a rival in love, right?

[T/N: The above paragraph is XZX’s thoughts, not actual reality.]

Xue Zi Xuan finally couldn’t hold it back and chuckled out loud. He cupped the youth’s cheeks in his hands and gave him a soft kiss.

Here he comes again. After the confession fiend, it’s the kissing fiend again. This person was beyond cure. They could give up treatment on him. Zhou Yun Sheng silently criticized Xue Zi Xuan in his heart, but on his face, he was showing an appropriately bashful expression.

Xue Jing Yi said, with a forced smile, “Since Brother bought it for you, then you can receive it with ease. After all, we are a family now.” She cast a glance at the inside of the car and saw that there were only two seats, so she had no choice but to give up her intention of getting in the car.

“The weather is cold. Go inside the house after you’ve played for a while more, okay?” She urged with a soft voice.

Zhou Yun Sheng hasn’t studied all the functions of this car yet, so he was naturally unwilling to get out. As for Xue Zi Xuan, he really enjoyed this feeling of staying with the teenager in a narrow space and firmly feeling this sense of intimacy with the youth, so he was even more reluctant to get out of the car.

He ignored Xue Jing Yi and said to the teenager simply, “You play what you want.” Then he rolled down the window, took out a cigarette, and lit it. The thick smoke blew into Xue Jing Yi’s face, making her take two steps back while coughing.

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Fu Bo, who had finished making dinner and came out to call them, saw this scene, and said in a voice of reproach, “Young Master, I won’t talk about when you started to learn to smoke, but you know that the young miss is not in good health, and you let her inhale secondhand smoke, this is your error. When the master became addicted to smoking, he would hide in the study room and smoke, he would never bring the smell outside of the study.”

“Who’re you?” Xue Zi Xuan’s cold question put Fu Bo into a state of speechless embarrassment.

Xue Jing Yi quickly waved her hand. “It doesn’t matter. If Brother likes to smoke, then just smoke.” Before she could finish speaking, Xue Zi Xuan had stepped on the throttle and drove around the manor towards the garage, leaving behind choking exhaust.

Only then did Fu Bo recover and said in distress, “How could the young master become like this? Who in the world taught him to be bad?”

Zhou Yun Sheng sat in the front passenger seat, and did not speak a word, but in his heart he repeatedly evaluated whether Xue Zi Xuan’s aversion to Xue Jing Yi and Fu Bo was an act or true emotional expression. Why did he hate those two? It made no sense!

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