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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.3

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Chapter 8.3 – Can’t Expend You to Death

While Zhou Yun Sheng was still wondering about Xue Zi Xuan, the car had already been parked. Xue Zi Xuan took out his mobile phone and called the assistant to have him bring back the black car parked outside the exhibition hall. After he hung up the call, he smiled and asked, “Still want to play?”

“I still want to play, but I don’t have any tools.” Zhou Yun Sheng licked his lips, with a longing look in his eyes. He wanted to take this car apart and reassemble it in the way he wanted. Remodeling machinery was his second favorite hobby. In the past, in order to avoid the government’s arrest warrant*, he had disguised himself as a mecha designer and worked for a year in the largest mecha production factory in the Empire, and almost became their chief.

[*T/N: 通缉 tong ji – specifically to arrest someone as a wanted criminal]

Xue Zi Xuan stared at the teenager’s pink tongue for a few seconds, and then looked away with difficulty.

“You want tools? Do you want to take the car apart?” Xue Zi Xuan’s voice was hoarse.

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“Can I?” When it came to his hobby, Zhou Yun Sheng forgot to pretend. He threw himself over, hugged the young man’s arm and shook it.

Xue Zi Xuan looked at him, his eyes dark. After a while, he said in a low voice, “Yes, even if you want to burn it, you can. It’s yours, you can do whatever you want with it.” I’m yours too. You can also do whatever you want with me.

With the last sentence hidden, he gently touched the teenager’s cheek.

Zhou Yun Sheng very much appreciated the young man’s heroic spirit. So far, Xue Zi Xuan was undoubtedly his favorite Xue family member, and no one else. He decided that even if he got rid of the shackles of the system in the future, he would retaliate against the Xue family, but for the sake of this car and for the sake of the young man’s gentle and soft consideration towards himself, he would definitely let him go.

“Then, I’ll really dismantle it? I really, really would dismantle it.” Zhou Yun Sheng repeated again and again.

“It’s fine, you can take it apart.” Xue Zi Xuan smiled. He pushed open the car door and pulled the teenager out. Then he opened his trench coat, wrapped the youth in his arms, and step by step, slowly walked back to the house.

Xue Jing Yi sat on the sofa directly opposite the door, her gaze slack, not knowing what to think. Upon hearing the footsteps, her pupils immediately refocused on the sight in front of her, and then her heart pumped fiercely.

What she saw was her brother and Huang Yi bundled tightly together, standing at the entrance and speaking in low voices. She didn’t know what Huang Yi said, but her brother chuckled and rubbed the tips of their noses together. His thin lips almost touched Huang Yi’s lips. She could almost imagine how warm and snuggly they were when they breathed together, and how tender they were when their eyes met. Her brother even bent down and changed Huang Yi’s shoes for him. He grasped Huang Yi’s toes with his hands, seeming to want to warm them up.

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Even such an ardent attitude could not exchange for Huang Yi’s gratefulness. He gave her brother a kick, and almost caused her brother to fall over. Instead of being annoyed, her brother laughed in a low voice and still smiled cheerfully.

Such a gentle and amiable brother has never appeared in Xue Jing Yi’s memory. He only existed in her most wonderful and most secret fantasy. She once imagined a brother that fell passionately in love with her; he was exactly like this.

Fell passionately in love? These four words struck Xue Jing Yi like dull thunder, and she almost screamed. She understood, suddenly she understood everything, and her hatred for Huang Yi reached an unprecedented height.

She hurriedly took out a quick-acting salvage pill, which was placed under her tongue and waited for the severe pain of her heart to ease slightly. Then she walked over casually and called them for dinner.

Xue Rui and Xue Li Dan Ni probably wouldn’t be back today. Xue Li Dan Ni was still making a fuss with her family, but the result will not change. The Li family had no reason to prevent the grandson from inheriting the Xue family business.

Xue Jing Yi sat between the two of them, watching their intimate actions, as if nothing could come between them, and her pitch-black eyes occasionally flashed with poisonous light. She felt her brother glance at her and quickly bowed her head and ate silently.

After finishing the meal, Xue Jing Yi put down her tableware and begged, “Second Brother, will you practice piano with me?”

Zhou Yun Sheng could not forget Xue Zi Xuan’s cruel words when he almost broke his ten fingers, and now Xue Jing Yi asked him to play the piano at this time. Please don’t be so obvious about your ambition, he thought.

“I’m not going, have Brother accompany you.” Zhou Yun Sheng simply refused. After his hands were injured, the little bit of interest that he had in piano was exhausted.

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