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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.4

TLC: aurorenoire

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Chapter 8.4 – Can’t Expend You to Death

Xue Zi Xuan’s breathing felt obstructed. The past life was too heavy, which diluted the memory of this life. In fact, he could not remember the scene at that time. He only knew that the boy’s piano sound disgusted him, but how was that possible? In the future, the teenager will become a great pianist who shines throughout the new century. Who knows how many people would be deeply enchanted by his piano?

There must be something wrong. He was anxious to verify it and pulled the boy towards the piano room. Xue Jing Yi smiled secretly and slowly followed.

Standing in front of the piano again, Xue Zi Xuan’s mood fluctuated and his expression was difficult to discern. He sat down and placed his ten fingers on the piano keys, but he did not press a note for a long time. The scar from a lifetime ago could be wiped away, but the scars in his heart would always exist. His love and focus for the piano could never be recovered, because he has found something that he loved and was more devoted to.

With a turbid sigh of breath, he finally put down the last bit of nostalgia and called, “Xiao Yi, come and play a song.”

Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head. Instead of stepping forward, he took two steps back and hid his hands behind his back. This man had schizophrenia, and God knows whether he will break Zhou Yun Sheng’s hands when listening to him play. He had never forgotten the cruel words that Xue Zi Xuan said last time.

“Go, try again. You really do have a talent for music. I’m not lying to you.” Xue Jing Yi egged him on in a low voice.

Xue Zi Xuan felt shame and regret over that incident. He walked over quickly, held the youth in his arms, and apologized again and again. If he could have arrived earlier, he would never have done anything to harm the teenager.

Zhou Yun Sheng really didn’t want to touch this thing again, but the system that hadn’t been heard from in a while suddenly released the fourth task: play a song in front of Xue Zi Xuan.

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According to past experience, every mission issued by the system was a trap. In the process of completing the mission, he would always be struck by the children of fate in various ways. So as soon as a new mission appeared, he knew that it would not be anything good.

He pushed away Xue Zi Xuan, and turned to leave with a very determined attitude. He was worrying about how to drain the system, and the opportunity came. Evading a mission would absolutely receive a punishment of level five or higher. The amount of energy the system needed for that was not little.

Originally, the teenager should have become a pianist who shines all over the world, but because of his savagery, he imprinted a psychological fear of playing a musical instrument on the boy. This understanding made Xue Zi Xuan’s heart twist in pain. In one moment, he felt like he was guilty of a terrible crime, in the next moment he thought: it was also fine like this. If the teenager left that high-profile stage, would Xue Zi Xuan be able to hide him away and not let anyone see him? Could he prevent Xue Yan from meeting him?

This selfish thought flashed through his head for a second and then faded away without a trace. Xue Zi Xuan gripped the boy by his shoulders, and pressed him onto the piano bench. He pleaded, “Xiao Yi, will you play a song for me? Just one song.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was unmoved. His clear eyes stared straight at the young man, silently recounting his resistance. He was not competing with Xue Zi Xuan, but competing with the system.

The system issued several warnings, the consistently monotonous electronic sound showed violent fluctuations, as if angered by the host’s malicious strike. But no matter how angry it was, it could only save as much energy as possible for self-preservation. It initiated a level three punishment instead of the established level five to level seven punishments.

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The pain of having one’s body ripped apart engulfed him. Zhou Yun Sheng supported his forehead with one hand, covering the very carefree smiling expression on his face. He thought he must also be sick, sick with a disease called “self-abuse syndrome.” The more ruthless the system’s punishment, the more delighted he would be, delighted from his body to his heart.

Xue Zi Xuan saw the teenager sitting silently in front of the piano, placing one hand on his knee, trembling slightly because of fear (in truth, pain), one hand supporting his forehead, covering his pale face. His stooped figure seemed weak and frail, as if it would break with a light snap.

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  1. “If the teenager left that high-profile stage, would Xue Zi Xuan be able to hide him away and not let anyone see him?”

    It took me this long to realize that he completely gave up his love for music in favor for Huang Yi. This is too much, he’s sick in the head, he’s so pitiful, he should cherish more things in life. He should still cherish music at the very least.

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