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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.5

TLC: aurorenoire

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Chapter 8.5 – Can’t Expend You to Death

Xue Zi Xuan was distressed, and he did not dare to draw near him again. He repeatedly asked himself—Just what in the world did you do to him? How can you hurt his most precious hands during a time when he was just developing a passion for music? Did you know that you murdered a genius? Are you sure that you are here to make up for all the mistakes in the past and not to make bigger mistakes?

Xue Zi Xuan, goddamn you!

His heart hurt so much, to the point that it couldn’t hurt any more than this. He half squatted down and hugged the teenager tightly in his arms. His ten fingers combed through Zhou Yun Sheng’s soft hair. His throat choked with apologies. His eyes turned red and were filled with regret.

Xue Jing Yi stared at the two people embracing together, her expression one of bitter resentment. She originally wanted Huang Yi to play a song, so that her brother could see what kind of idiot he fell in love with, but the development of the situation completely exceeded her expectations.

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Huang Yi was too cunning. He not only refused to play, he even put forth an appearance as if he had received a great psychological shock. What did he want to do? Arouse her brother’s sympathy and love?

Fine, he succeeded, very successful. Prior to this, Xue Jing Yi never thought that her brother would fall in love with a person without musical talent. She knew him too well, his ears, his eyes, and even his soul only opened for music. If you couldn’t play music that moved him, you could never walk into his heart.

But this perception was completely subverted in this moment. Xue Jing Yi leaned back against the wall and vaguely recalled a saying—all of your criterions are for people that you do not love, but when you meet someone that moves you, you can tolerate their everything. She lost again, but it didn’t matter, she could continue next time.

Zhou Yun Sheng did not know that he had successfully delivered another psychological shock to the son of fate. Presently, he was immersed in a subtle desire. In the past, whenever he was punished, he would grit his teeth in silence and endure. He never entertained the extravagant thought of having a warm embrace to temporarily rest in. But right now, the young man held him tightly in his arms, with so much strength, seeming like he wanted to rub into his body and share everything, including sorrow and joy, happiness and anger, tears and blood.

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Zhou Yun Sheng loosened his jaw, softened his body, and slowly, slowly leaned towards Xue Zi Xuan. Perhaps this embrace was not very safe, but at least for now, it was warm, very warm.

The two quietly hugged for a stretch of time, and then with a tacit understanding, they left the piano room. Xue Jing Yi stood alone for a while, and then walked over to the piano. Suddenly she pounded the keys with both hands, creating a string of manic notes. Don’t know whose cat was hiding nearby, but it yowled in fright.

Zhou Yun Sheng heard the shrill piano sounds and his footsteps paused, but Xue Zi Xuan completely did not respond, and forcibly pulled him away.

The pain shredding his body continued, but the situation was very optimistic. Every time when Zhou Yun Sheng evaded the task, the system would take over his body and complete the task without his authorization, but this time, the system did not respond.

Sure enough, the more energy the system expended, the less it had left, right? Zhou Yun Sheng was very happy. After returning to the room, he turned on the computer.

“Put on medicine.” Xue Zi Xuan closed the notebook computer, shaking a tub of ointment in his hand.

“It’s already healed. Look. The bruises are gone.” Zhou Yun Sheng spread out both of his hands, which were as white as before.

Xue Zi Xuan didn’t care. He unscrewed the lid, applied a layer of ointment onto the back of Zhou Yun Sheng’s hands, and then gently massaged it in. Cautiously, he said, “Xiao Yi, you should continue to play the piano. No matter what kind of song, you’re able to play it after listening to it only once, this talent cannot be wasted. Believe me, you were born for the piano.” Because I have once witnessed your glory, and have once been deeply enchanted by the sound of your piano. If this heavenly sound disappeared because of my cruel action, I will hate myself for a lifetime.

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The Xue Zi Xuan of now was incapable of shouldering too much self-blame. He buried his face in the palms of the teenager’s hands, concealing his red eyes.

“But I remember you said that my music was like a walking corpse without a soul, and it made you sick. You’re wrong. I don’t have any talent for music. The reason I can play a song after listening to it once is because I have a strong instantaneous recall ability.”

Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to his brilliant brain and emphasized, “Everything with a keyboard and regularity, including computers and musical instruments, I can learn it in one go. I am not born for the piano. I am me. I do what I love. You have no right to decide for me.”

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