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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.6

TLC: aurorenoire

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Chapter 8.6 – Can’t Expend You to Death

Now that Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he could eventually get rid of the system, he didn’t feel the need to be too polite to the people of the Xue family.

Xue Zi Xuan suddenly looked up, using a strange, completely new gaze to look at the teenager. That’s right. Why did they have to repeat the old paths of their previous lives? He knew that this was his beloved boy, his every move, his every smile, all the little things he did when he was happy or when he was sad, he remembered them all in his heart, there could be no mistake.

He was still him, but also not him. Right now, he could be said to be a brand-new individual, without those painful and unbearable memories, only a heart full of longing for the future. At this time, when he had yet to set upon his path in life, why should he forcefully make arrangements for him? Why couldn’t they create a completely new and bright future that belonged to them only?

In the last life, he fell in love with the youth because of the sound of his piano, but disregarding those foreign objects and those dazzling auras, ultimately, the one that he loved passionately was his very person. In this life, whether he played the piano or not, he loved him. This would never change.

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After thinking through everything, Xue Zi Xuan hugged the boy tight and smiled with relief.

“Okay. You do whatever you like. I won’t make any decisions for you. Xiao Yi, you are free.” He carefully pledged this into the ear of the teenager.

Of course I am free. Zhou Yun Sheng conceded in his heart and smiled. He thought that Xue Zi Xuan, this person, was actually quite good, very decent. If he weren’t the young master of the Xue family, he would probably pursue him.

“Then can you help me get some tools? I want to take the car apart and reassemble it.” What was “win an inch, want a foot?” This was it.

Xue Zi Xuan didn’t even think about the problem of whether the car could be put back after being disassembled. Not to mention a sports car, if it was the youth who said that he wanted to dismantle the Xue family, he would probably support the stepladder from underneath.

“I’ll have the assistant buy a batch of professional tools. If you like altering cars, I’ll have people expand the garage and make a workshop for you. Also, buy some books on machinery.” He took out his cell phone and dialed the assistant.

The whole matter about playing the piano passed just like that. The weak system had no means against the host. Xue Jing Yi also had no choice but to follow behind her twin brother all day long, looking for opportunities. Of course, her main purpose was still to get close to her big brother. Who told her brother and Huang Yi to act like conjoined twins, sticking together no matter where they went?

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Xue Rui and Xue Li Dan Ni came back together the next morning. The tension in their relationship had relaxed a lot. He heard that his son had bought a sports car, but he was not curious. He could even retire from playing the piano; there was no need to talk about wasting money.

Xue Rui’s objective now was that as long as his son was willing to defend the family business, then his son could do whatever he wanted.

The Xue couple did not pause for breath. They just came back, but then packed up their luggage and hurried out. One flew to Europe to deal with business, and one flew to South Asia for a tour. The couple had just left when a truck arrived to deliver the car modifying equipment that Young Master Xue had ordered. From this day on, Zhou Yun Sheng finally found joy in his life, and stayed busy in the workshop almost day and night.

Xue Zi Xuan has already taken office with alacrity. On the very first day of work, he gave the company’s senior figures a display of his power.

His swift and decisive attitude along with his capable and experienced abilities caused everyone to sit up and take notice.

When Xue Rui learned of his son’s excellent performance, he was super happy. Everyone was saying that Xue Zi Xuan not only inherited his mother’s music talent, but also inherited his father’s business acumen; truly outstanding. Therefore, Xue Rui was not in a hurry to return to the country. Instead, he handed over several big cases for his son to handle, paving the way for him to take over the company completely.

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  1. Ahh would the parents vomit blood if they knew that the first thing their son would do after grasping the company will be to limit their power for ZYS’s sake? ( *︾▽︾)

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  2. I’m loving this development! XZX is taking a firm hold in the business world and ZYS is opening up to him, showing his genius and also his irreverent side. I hope they can completely open up to each other, I also wish ZYS would tell XZX that he knew about the heart transplant all along. After all, in many lives he’s hidden his true self from the Immortal Lover all his life, I never liked that. I hope XZX won’t believe that Huang Yi is shy and oblivious his whole life.

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