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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.8

Comment: Your chapters are too short.

Response: As a fellow reader I understand the frustration of wanting to read more, but (binge reading and then) running out of content to consume. I really do. The entire reason I started translating this story was because I wanted to read it and no one was translating it at the time when I was crazy obsessed over Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, because I had just finished binging the main story, so I had no choice but to do it myself. I, too, get frustrated at how slowly I am plodding through this translation, and would like nothing more than to fly through a readable English version without pausing to decipher every sentence. But I am only human and this is already my best. Please also understand, that this might be a passion project, but it is also a side hobby, and I do have a life and other responsibilities outside of cyber space. Thank you for understanding and for your patience, and I sincerely apologize for my ineptitude. ?‍♂️ Extended answer here (refer to Q3).

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Chapter 8.8 – Can’t Expend You to Death

With a curl of his lips, Zhou Yun Sheng was about to try to chase Xue Jing Yi away when a luxury car drove into the garage. Xue Zi Xuan, wearing a silver-gray high-quality suit, stepped out of the car.

He saw the teenager looking like a messy kitten and he smiled, his eyes filled with love. When his eyes landed on Xue Jing Yi, his face turned cold for a moment.

“Where are Fu Bo and Xiao Deng? How come they’re not looking after her properly?”

Xiao Wang quickly jumped out of the car and said in a simpering manner, “Young Master, I will assist Young Miss back to her room.”

“Brother, you’re back. Was work hard today? I asked Fu Bo to make bird’s nest congee for you. It should be ready to eat now.” Xue Jing Yi smiled obediently, her eyes bright with anticipation.

Looking at her considerate and sensible, yet weak and pitiful appearance, Xiao Wang really felt that it was not worth it for her to be so good. He had planned to haul her out at first, but when he got in front of her he couldn’t bear to do so. When he sympathized with Xue Jing Yi, he never thought about how her survival was dependant on the murder of Huang Yi. Xue Jing Yi was sick, but what did that have to do with the teenager? Why should he pay the price of his life for her to live?

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“Young Master, how about you send the young miss back?” Xiao Wang had the intention of being peacemaker to improve the relationship between the brother and the sister. He remembered that they used to be very close before. He didn’t know when things became like this.

Seeing Xue Jing Yi’s longing and sad expression, Zhou Yun Sheng felt that her presence was extremely irksome. Zhou Yun Sheng walked over and tugged on Xue Zi Xuan’s clothes with his dirty fingertips. “Brother, stay and help me out. I still have two more parts to install and then it will be done. Wait a bit and then we’ll go together to eat congee.”

Zhou Yun Sheng remembered that tugging on Xue Zi Xuan’s clothes was Xue Jing Yi’s habitual action. She wished she could be a part of Xue Zi Xuan, hanging off of him all the time, and sticking close to him wherever he went. So he purposefully copied her to gross her out.

Xue Zi Xuan smiled immediately. He liked having the teenager depend on him, and he liked it even more when the youth acted possessive towards him. He took off his coat, flung off his tie, rolled up his sleeves, and said softly, “I have no knowledge on machinery. I can only hand you the tools. Don’t hate* me for being clumsy.”

“No matter who I hate*, I won’t hate you,” Zhou Yun Sheng replied. These lovey-dovey words were said precisely to annoy Xue Jing Yi.

[*T/N: 嫌弃 xian qi – I used “hate” because it’s shorter and flows better in English, while still fitting the context of both lines, but a more direct translation would be “don’t avoid me out of dislike” or “don’t turn your back on me” or “don’t ignore me.”]

The tip of Xue Jing Yi’s nose turned red, looking like she was about to cry. Seeing her like this made Xiao Wang feel distressed. He hurriedly tried to persuade in a cajoling voice, but when he saw the glare in her eyes, he seemed to have been intimidated. Xiao Wang followed her line of sight, and could not help sighing in his heart: they changed; really, completely, and truly changed.

You couldn’t blame them for being surprised. Xue Zi Xuan suffered from serious mysophobia and couldn’t even bear to touch strangers, let along something that was dirty. But right now, the teenager was hugging Xue Zi Xuan’s trimmed waist and laughing while rubbing his grease-stained face against the young man’s chest. Instead of retreating three day’s march*, and returning to his room at top speed to shower, he held the teen even closer, making it easier for the youth to rub against him.

[*T/N: retreating three day’s march – idiom for making a strategic withdrawal]

If that were all, it was still fine, but when faced with the teenager, Xue Zi Xuan treated him like a kindred spirit. When facing outsiders, even including his parents, his mysophobia was still just as grave as before, and his attitude was harsh enough to make one’s hair stand up on end.

If this singularly unique tolerance and doting love still couldn’t make Xiao Wang recognize reality, then his ten years of service to the Xue family would be for naught. Like this, the heart transfer surgery would most likely be cancelled right? But he would have to see if the young master could handle the master and mistress’s pressure.

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Thinking this way, Xiao Wang didn’t dare open his mouth anymore. Then he took Xue Jing Yi, whose countenance was exactly like that of a wandering soul, out of the garage. He had just arrived at the garage door when he saw a group of people coming out of the basement, covered in cement dust.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Xiao Wang stepped forward and asked.

“Mr. Xue hired us to restructure the basement,” one of them answered.

“The basement cannot be touched. Inside, there is…” the operating room! Realizing that the young miss was still there he swallowed back the last three words. Then he hurried into the basement to check.

No more.

All of the surgical equipment was gone.

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    1. This arc really stood out to me (and many others) in the main story. I flipped out and wiggled for joy in my seat when I found out that there was a extra side story. ?

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  4. Haha all right. It’s actually nice to see that while we still have our wily ZYS, he doesn’t have to do much by himself.

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    Btw, I also saw that comment about the speed of your update and all I want to say is, “Thank you for your hard work! I also kinda understand that they’re frustrated and want to read more but you’re already translating this to the best of your ability and lets us read this for free. Plus, all the wait is worth it, the longer I wait the greater it makes me build up my anger towards XJY HAHAHA! Just do your own thing and enjoy! You also have your own life so do rest too!”

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