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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 8.9

T/N: I know many of you are big fans of this story, and some of you only came to my site for this one story. But I do actually translate multiple projects at once, so while you’re waiting for this little turtle to work through another chapter, maybe one of my other projects could keep you entertained in the meantime. 🙂

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Chapter 8.9 – Can’t Expend You to Death

Only an empty room was left in the basement. The east wall was knocked down to connect to a few other rooms that, at the moment, contained miscellaneous bits and bobs. Several trenches for car repairs were dug into the ground, as if waiting to be transformed into a larger workshop.

It was evident whom this was for. It seems that the young master’s feelings for the youth was for real. He really did not intend to save the young miss! Xiao Wang ran out in a trance. He saw the wan and transparent girl standing under the sunlight, and his throat choked with emotion.

At first, he wanted to ask these workers if they had informed the master, mistress, or the housekeeper before dismantling the surgery room. And then a new thought struck him, according to the young master’s current temperament, how could he tolerate having other people interfere? Naturally, he made the decision alone.

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He waved his hand and let the workers leave. Fortunately, the young miss knew nothing. The hope for survival was clearly right in front of her, but to have it taken away by force, it would definitely lead to a feeling of despair.

The two returned to the main house to rest. Half an hour later, Xue Zi Xuan and Zhou Yun Sheng were finished at the garage and arrived at the front door, sticking close together like conjoined twins. They sat at the entrance to change their shoes.

After getting familiar with Xue Zi Xuan, Zhou Yun Sheng was unable to resist his own childish temperament. He picked up one of his slippers and flung it far out the door. Then he squinted his peach blossom eyes with impish laughter. Xue Zi Xuan loved this haughty style of his to death. He pulled the youth into his arms, rubbed the tip of his nose, and whispered into his ear*. He kissed the teenager’s cheeks repeatedly, and even brushed up against the side of his mouth several times.

[*T/N: 咬耳朵 yao er duo – colloquially it means “to whisper in somebody’s ear,” but if you translate it literally it means “to bite someone’s ear.” Not quite sure which one the author intended here.]

When Xue Zi Xuan was done fooling around, he let go of the boy, who was gasping for breath from laughing too much. Xue Zi Xuan went out to go fetch the slipper, and laughed all the way, rejoicing like a child.

Xue Jing Yi sat on the sofa and watched with cold eyes. Her fists clenched so tightly that her fingers bit into her flesh. Xiao Wang drove away Xiao Deng, who was assisting Fu Bo, and then quietly told Fu Bo about the dismantled operation room.

“What? He dismantled the operation room? Didn’t he say he just wanted to rebuild the garage?” Fu Bo was greatly alarmed and ran outside while still holding the spatula. He saw that the young miss was also in the living room, so he could only hold in his anger, and turn back around.

Half an hour later, Xue Zi Xuan and Zhou Yun Sheng finished cleaning up and came to the dining room.

Fu Bo stood at the door wanting to say something but then hesitating. Seeing that the young master didn’t even so much as glance at him, he finally could not hold back and said, “I heard from Xiao Wang that you had people… take down the room in the basement? Did the master and mistress agree to this?”

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While helping the teenager remove the bones from the fish, Xue Zi Xuan said coldly, “This is my home, I don’t need to ask anyone if I want to dismantle something. Fu Bo, I have already warned you that there will be no next time, so you can leave.”

“Young Master, what do you mean?” Fu Bo was shocked.

Xue Jing Yi looked up at her brother, her expression one of disbelief. Fu Bo was like a member of their family, ah. How could her brother say something like this?

Xiao Deng, Xiao Zhou, and Xiao Wang who were eating in the kitchen all squeezed to the door to see what was going on. He even wanted to chase away Fu Bo; the young master really was more and more not like his old self.

Only Zhou Yun Sheng ate with relish. Of course he knew that there was something fishy about the underground room, or else, why would the Xue people be so nervous. But so what? He was not interested in this at all. Seeing the old thing (Fu Bo) get his due handed to him was good enough. Who told him to always look at Zhou Yun Sheng as if he was a dead person?

“Eat slowly, be careful, there might still be a bone that isn’t picked out yet.” Xue Zi Xuan rubbed the boy’s hair, and then he looked at Fu Bo again, and reiterated, “What I mean is that you have been dismissed. Leave tonight.”

“Master and Mistress…” Fu Bo was unwilling to give up.

“I will give them a call. You should know, sooner or later the master of the Xue family will be me. You don’t leave now; you still have to leave in the future. I don’t like other people criticizing me or giving me orders.”

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Fu Bo looked around and found that beneath the pressure of the young master, no one dared to open his mouth. Then he thought of Xue Rui, who was willing to capitulate to his son’s every whim (as long as he took over the family business), and in the end he agreed to leave while choked with sobs.

Seeing Fu Bo’s back disappearing around the corner, Xiao Wang buried his head deeply, and actually developed a fear of the boss.

It took Xue Zi Xuan just one month to complete the transition from music artist to master. He had the capability and he had the skills, and he also had the coldest heart in the world. The Xue family would definitely be his, and even more, it would become his sole dictatorship. At that time, Xiao Wang was afraid that even the master and the mistress would have no place left to speak.

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