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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 9.5

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Chapter 9.5 – Children Are Debt

Recently, Zhou Yun Sheng has been living exceedingly well, and he did not know what Xue Zi Xuan did in the background. At first, he thought that Father Xue and Mother Xue had hurried back to the country to deal with this “goblin*,” but they did not.

[*T/N: 小妖精 xiao yao jing – goblin / hussy / floozy]

Expect for having a bad attitude on the night when they got home, they treated him as a transparent person the next day. It was like by pretending that he did not exist then they did not have to deal with him*.

[*T/N: 眼不见为净 yan bu jian wei jing – idiom meaning “what remains unseen is deemed to be clean” or “what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over”]

Zhou Yun Sheng welcomed this kind of attitude. He also did not have the patience for them.

This time, Xue Jing Yi got really sick. She was laid up in bed for half a month before she could manage to get up from bed with much difficulty.

Nowadays, he would often see her standing in a place that was neither too far nor too near, and smiling brightly. It made his hair stand on end. Her smile was bright, but her eyes were cold. It was really creepy.

In addition, she was getting more and more clingy. It was not an exaggeration to describe her as “brazen faced,” absolutely shameless. No matter how maliciously Zhou Yun Sheng would speak to her, he was unable to drive her away.

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However, in the process of bullying Xue Jing Yi, he did not get nothing out of it. Whenever his actions got a little bit too excessive, such as secretly replacing Xue Jing Yi’s quick-acting heart rescue pills for vitamin pills, he would be severely punished by the system.

The intent to murder a child of fate was an unforgivable crime. No matter how much the system wanted to conserve energy and play possum, it still had no choice but to get to work.

Amidst the acute pain, Zhou Yun Sheng would return the fast-acting heart rescue pills back to their original place. Then he would wickedly tell the system that he was only making a harmless joke. On several occasions, he angered the system so much that it short-circuited. When it rebooted, the watch face would be a lot dimmer.

The system got weaker day by day, and Zhou Yun Sheng’s spiritual power was also pushing towards the core layer by layer.

On this day, Zhou Yun Sheng was lying beneath the bottom of a car and installing the last part. Xue Jing Yi had Xiao Deng put a small sofa in the corner of the garage, and right now she was curled up on it under a blanket.

With her chin resting in her hands, she looked at the fiery red supercar, which was as perfect as before. She could hardly believe that it was Huang Yi who took it apart and reassembled it again with his own two hands. She had thought that the car would be reduced to a pile of broken scrap metal.

“Done remodeling?” She asked softly.

Zhou Yun Sheng ignored her. He got out from under the car, took off his dirty work clothes, and got ready to enter the car to start it up. He adhered to Xue Zi Xuan’s approach and adopted a three “don’t” policy against Xue Jing Yi—don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak.

[T/N: So basically “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Lol.]

Xue Jing Yi pursed her lips and smiled, as if her twin brother was just throwing a little tantrum, and she was a generous, forgiving, and calm woman of virtue.

But soon, she could not maintain her tranquil surface, because that car unexpectedly began to move! Huang Yi, this country bumpkin, actually successfully modified the car!

Xue Jing Yi grew up in the wealthy Xue family ever since she was very young, so naturally she would have a wider berth of knowledge and experiences than normal people. So how could she not be aware that you would need high-precision techniques to convert a top-of-the-line concept car that has not yet been put into production?

Even when the specialist team from the manufacturing company came, they were not certain that it would be possible to remodel the car in two short months.

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But Huang Yi did it, which only showed that he was a genius, a bona fide genius.

Xue Jing Yi’s eyes were red with jealousy. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t bear to put the word “genius” on Huang Yi’s head. It was as if he should be mediocre and should be suppressed by her. That was the correct path in life.

She lifted the blanket and walked slowly to the sports car. She asked curiously, “It really ignited. It seems that the engine is okay. What about the other parts? Would you like to give it a try?”

Go. Drive it out. It would be best if you drive it into a car accident. The dark thoughts could not stop once they surged.

How could Zhou Yun Sheng not perceive her malicious intentions, so he replied casually, “I was just thinking of driving to Brother’s company. You want to come?”

When Xue Jing Yi heard that he was going to visit Xue Zi Xuan, she was entangled. She had not spoken to him for many days. If Huang Yi were present, he might at least give her a direct look.

“But you don’t have a driver’s license.” Her gaze wavered.

“That doesn’t matter. I had driving lessons with Brother for two months. The technology is very good.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was not bragging. He could even play around with mechs and starships; there was no need to mention this most primitive means of transportation.

Xue Jing Yi was still hesitating, but he stepped out of the car, pushed her directly into the passenger seat, fastened her seat belt, and whistled out of the garage.

In just a couple of seconds, Xue Jing Yi found that they were already on the way to the urban area. The scenery passed by so fast on both sides that it could not be seen clearly, and only glimpses of floating lights passed by.

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