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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 9.7

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Chapter 9.7 – Children Are Debt

“En.” Xue Yan glanced at her. “You don’t look very good. Did your condition get worse?”

“It’s nothing. It’s always like this.” Xue Jing Yi forced a smile and waved her hand.

Xue Yan was just asking casually. Why would he care about her life or death? Then he turned to look at the teenager who was sitting next to Xue Zi Xuan and just minding his own business. Xue Yan smiled and asked, “And this must be your dear younger brother?”

He deliberately emphasized the three words “dear younger brother,” as if disdainful and even disgusted.

Zhou Yun Sheng opened the toolbox and fiddled with the parts inside. He found it beneath his dignity to deal with prejudiced people.

Seeing the interaction between the two, Xue Zi Xuan suddenly calmed down in a split second. He brought the teenager into his arms. While stooping down to help him take off his shoes, he said with laughter: “As great uncle said, Xiao Yi is my family.”

Xue Yan raised his eyebrows and declined to comment. He tapped the document pouch on the table and said: “If you have the intention then give me a call, I’ll be waiting.”

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“Okay, I’ll see great uncle out.” Xue Zi Xuan almost couldn’t wait to stand up and push him out. The two traveled to the door.

Xue Yan warned him in a tone that was neither too fast nor too slow: “I heard from Xue lao er* that you recently caused a great disturbance. You can play around with men, but don’t go overboard. When it’s time, you still need to look for an appropriate match** to carry on the ancestral line. That is what’s proper.”

[*T/N: lao er = second-eldest child in a family]

[**T/N: 门当户对 – the families are well matched in terms of social status]

Xue Zi Xuan gave him a steady glance, nodded his head, and said, “Great uncle, I have propriety.” He said this and handed Xue Yan over to Xue lao si*, who was waiting outside.

[*T/N: lao si = fourth-eldest child in a family]

Xue Zi Xuan watched the group of people walk into the elevator. He closed the door and chuckled. Xue Yan actually told him that the succession of the lineage was serious and proper? Was this really the arrogant Xue Yan of the last life, wild and unruly? He actually despised Xiao Yi? He actually felt that a person should live according to the rules?

Absurd. So ridiculous!

Xue Zi Xuan felt extremely ridiculous and relaxed at the same time. He walked back to the two-person sofa and sat down. He picked up the document pouch and tore it open.

Zhou Yun Sheng seized the opportunity to put his leg on his knee. He murmured with dissatisfaction: “Who the heck was that? So detestable.”

Xue Zi Xuan chuckled again. He squeezed the teenager’s soft feet and sighed.

“That’s Xue Yan, the patriarch of the Xue family.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and stopped questioning. He continued to fiddle with the parts in the toolbox.

Xue Jing Yi sat opposite the two. She poured out the tea that had been drunk, and made a fresh pot of tea.

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Xue Zi Xuan did not look up. He picked up the phone and called Xiao Zhou: “Xue Jing Yi is here at my place. You bring Xiao Deng and come pick her up.”

“Brother, can I stay with you until you get off work? I haven’t seen you for a long time, and I really miss you. How about we take Xiao Yi to Pang Jia Yuan for dinner later?”

Xue Jing Yi put down the tea set. Tears of longing moistened her eyes. She couldn’t stand her brother’s cold treatment for much longer. Her heart really, really was about to be smashed into pieces.

Xue Zi Xuan looked through the documents page by page, occasionally pinching the naughty feet of the teenager who kept moving about. He was completely unmoved by the tears and pleading of the girl. These things, he has had enough of in his last life.

Her tears were venom, her weakness was a weapon, and even her pleading hid ulterior motives. In a while longer, he will send her far away. It was best not to meet again in this life.

Xiao Zhou and Xiao Deng quickly arrived and took the away the crying and staggering Xue Jing Yi. They sent her directly to the hospital.

Zhou Yun Sheng, who had been silently installing machinery, smiled.

Xue Zi Xuan looked at him with a half-pampering and half-helpless gaze. In the end, he fetched a blanket over to cover his legs. Then he continued to thumb through the documents. After a while later, he flung away the papers in his hand and laughed silently.

If it was just a vague premonition before, then after reading the documents, Xue Zi Xuan was one hundred percent certain that the person just now was not Xue Yan, or rather; it was not the Xue Yan who had been fighting with him for a lifetime. He couldn’t even settle the debts of a few hundred people, and he even had to seek cooperation from someone of the younger generation. This was not Xue Yan’s strength. Furthermore, the Xue family of this life was far from reaching the heights of the past life.

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The Xue Yan just now was abundantly vicious, but his aura was insufficient. He was more conservative in his actions and lacked sharpness. The Xue family wouldn’t decline in the hands of that Xue Yan, but it was also impossible for him to take it a step further.

Regardless of whether it was the behavior pattern or personal temperament, he was a far cry from the business hegemon in his memories. They could never be the same person.

Realizing this, all of Xue Zi Xuan’s worries and fears disappeared in an instant. He was not curious about who this person was or where the Xue Yan of his previous life had gone. He only needed to make sure that this teenager was his teenager.

That was enough.

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  1. … it’s not his teenager !! I want Xue Zi Xuan to fall in love with the new Zhou Yun Sheng rather than the much more experienced one. If not then this love is really just a delusion. It’s based on a lie and it’s stressing me the fk out.
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    1. Ooh, I know what you mean. Memories and experience form a person, so this version of ZYS is not the same ZYS that XZX originally fell in love with, even if their base personality is the same…

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    1. The ZYS in this story is supposed to be an imprint of his past self that’s somehow saved into the data of the lord god’s system (or something), so he’s not the exact same ZYS that appears in the first arc of Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. He doesn’t have the same amount of experience as that ZYS yet.

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