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How to Get My Husband on My Side Ch 1-30

Chapters 1-30 Recap

In her first life, MC was a Korean orphan adopted into a wealthy family in Spain. She learned all the skills of an upper class person and attended an elite school, but her family (with the exception of a sister who died young) were all mean to her and beat her.

After she died in a helicopter ride, she reincarnated as Ruby. However, Ruby is likely not biologically related to her family, so they don’t treat her well, with the exception of her second brother. Her eldest brother, Cesare, beats her and uses her like a pawn. Her father uses her marriage as a political tool. She has trauma from both of her family, and acts perky to survive.

Her new family is from the south. She gets married to Izek, from the north. The maids are cold to her. They like Freya (and thought Freya would marry Izek).

MC decides to play the part of an ignorant fool in order to survive. Ellen has a wooden face but seems to like and look out for MC.

The head maid hates MC for some reason. It is unconfirmed, but it is most likely the head maid that put out the torch in MC’s room on her first night there. This attracted a demon(?) into her room. Izek saves her and misunderstands that she put out the flame, but Ellen speaks up for her.

MC is anorexic and has trouble keeping down food.

During the MC’s first social party in the north, she got dragged by some black miasma into the water. ML fished her out. Except she somehow got from the pond in the garden to the courtyard.

MC gets sick the day after. ML shows concern.

MC goes horseback riding with Ellen and Freya. Freya tricks her into riding into the forest and then lies to everyone that MC ran off on her own. MC was dragged off her horse by a black miasma, lost consciousness, woke up to a raccoon demon(?) that saved her from a headless horseman and brought her back to the searching party.

When MC and ML are alone after she gets treatment, he asks for her side of the story. Then he tells her what Freya said, and MC realizes that it won’t be easy to befriend Freya like she had thought. Freya visits with an insincere apology, but MC decides it’s not worth it to pursue this battle and lets it go.

ML’s birthday banquet. MC gets period cramps. The head maid tells MC that Izek told her not to attend. MC thinks it’s fishy and bribes a maid to help her get ready. She goes to the banquet hoping to present her gift and leave, but gets rained on. Izek finds her. She changes and gives him an embroidered handkerchief and an apology letter.

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ML’s father comes home and basically says that they have to consummate their marriage. This will solidify the marriage. Before sex, she can get an annulment of the marriage, which is simpler. After sex, it becomes a divorce, which is messier, especially because of how strong the religion is. The father wants this to prevent the south from pulling any tricks. MC wants this because she doesn’t want to go back to her shit family. (The only reason the obsessive Cesare doesn’t mind her marrying Izek is because he believes that Izek will never consummate the marriage.)

That night ML goes to MC’s room. He undresses her and finds the whip scars on her back. He knows something is wrong, but she lied and said that it was a childhood accident. He doesn’t push and just holds her to sleep. They have breakfast together the next morning, which should be sweet, but his aura was so oppressive that she ended up throwing up everything.

They then visit the temple, where MC’s father most likely has a spy (and it might be the archbishop). Freya and her brother tries to make things awkward for MC, but MC counters by acting the fool and then ML steps in to swoop her away, literally.

At another public gathering, MC, Ellen, and Freya are gathered at a table talking about getting a new maid for MC (because all the current maids are bitches to her). The maid would be introduced by Freya however. As Freya is drinking wine, she suddenly vomits blood or wine?

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