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It’s Covid

Dear Readers,

I’m here to update everyone on my health situation. I got tested and confirmed that I have covid. I’ve been down for the past few days suffering from terrible chills, fevers, and nausea. I’ve finally shaken off the fevers and I can think straight again. Yay. I’m still dealing with other symptoms, such as sore muscles, creaky joints, stuffy nose and runny nose (it alternates and I swear my nose always stuffs up when I’m trying to sleep), a cough, sore throat, light dizziness, etc, but I’m finally on the mend. My appetite is back, so I can eat more and get the nutrients I need to get better faster. I’m still on the road to recovery, but things are looking better. Considering my profession IRL, I’m honestly surprised I managed to dodge covid for so long. But this means I now have natural immunity, right? Lol.

For the updates that I missed during my sickness, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make those up to you. I’m very sorry. This sudden illness has set me behind in many other areas of my life that require more urgent attention. The virus is also making the rounds amongst my family members, so I will be taking care of them while recuperating myself.

I do hope to be able to resume regular updates soon. Until then, please be patient with me a bit longer.

Many Thanks,

Vanilla Muse

2 thoughts on “It’s Covid

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that its COVID. I’ve been lucky enough to dodge gettin it myself but I’ve had friends get it and some suffered as much as you are so I know its rough. Tet not to worry about us over here. Focus on getting better and getting your life in order. We will be patiently awaiting for an energetic return from you. Idk about anyone else but I already do too much as it is so this gives me time to do those other things while not falling behind on reading these translations.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been feeling much better lately, just dealing with some residual symptoms and lethargy. Hoping to be back to 100% very soon. 🙂

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