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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 1

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Chapter 1

The night was deep, but the lights within the Imperial Marshal’s office were still lit and occasionally one or two low coughs could be heard.
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The coughs were smothered to the point that the sound would dissipate into the cold moonlit air if one did not pay attention to it.

The door creaked opened and the lieutenant came inside carrying a cup of hot cocoa. He carefully placed the cup on the table for fear of disturbing the marshal who was working at the desk.

If one does not see it with their own eyes, perhaps most people wouldn’t believe that the rumored callous and haughty marshal of the Canta Empire would be so young.

And also so thin and weak.

“Marshal Daniel, according to your orders, the arrested insurgent generals has been locked in cell 149.”

The lieutenant hesitated for a while. Then he mustered up the courage to step forward and leaned in towards the marshal to whisper a sentence.

Hearing the sound of his approaching lieutenant, the marshal raised his head and the warm yellow light of the desk lamp fell upon his face.

As the marshal of the Imperial Empire, his facial contours were obviously too delicate and soft. If it weren’t for the dark eyes that flashed brilliantly, he could almost be regarded as a gentle and harmless youth.

“Understood, Nathan.”

Daniel paused as if thinking of something else. After a moment of silence he nodded to himself. Then he took out an exquisitely carved box from the drawer and handed it to Nathan. “Secretly put this into their dinner. Don’t let others find out.”

The lieutenant’s breath caught and his eyes suddenly turned red. He eagerly stepped forward, “Marshal, this is something that the president specially gifted to you, said it’s for you to nourish your body-”

“Nathan, you should also understand that right now it better to let someone else have it than to waste it on me.”

Daniel looked at him and suddenly smiled faintly. His tone was calm and gentle. It was completely different from the one that he used in public. “Let’s talk about the interrogation matter. I trust your torture skills. What did they say?”

His smile was very mild. It spoke of a deep exhaustion. If you look closely, it was not difficult to find that his face seemed particularly pale.

The lieutenant bowed his head awkwardly. His face revealed conflicting emotions. After a long while, he finally opened his mouth, “They… they don’t know about your painstaking efforts, Marshal…”

“Look at your reaction. I bet they didn’t say a single good thing about me, this traitor.” Daniel chuckled. There was relief in his eyes. He sat up straighter, “This is good. I was worried that there might be a couple of stubborn ones in there. It seems that I underestimated them…”

He had yet to finish speaking when the ringing sound of an emergency report sounded from the table.

The two men looked at each other, their expressions both changing at the same time. Daniel raised his hand and pressed down on a button. An excited voice floated up to them.

“Marshal, finally someone couldn’t bear it! Originally we thought that we only caught a few ordinary senior generals, we didn’t expect that their leader Wayne would be hiding his identity among them. We have already identified him!”

“…Well done, I will go over immediately.”

Daniel gave a word of praise, and then he released the button with a sigh. At first he was alarmed then nervous, but in the next blink of the eye he restrained his emotions. Then he shook his head with a bitter smile. “Next time, if I’m about to say something inappropriate, remember to stop me, Nathan.”

“Marshal, you want to go personally to protect His Royal Highness Wayne?”

Seeing him trying to stand up while supporting his body, the lieutenant took an anxious step forward and raised his hand to hold on to the marshal’s arm. “It’s not easy for you to come to this step (in your plans). If you want to save His Royal Highness Wayne, it may ruin all your carefully laid out plans-”

“Besides him, anyone can be sacrificed. Of course, this includes me. Nathan, you must keep this in mind.”

Daniel interrupted his words in a weak voice. Then he had Nathan help him don his cloak. His gun was strapped to the side of his body. Together they rushed to the interrogation room.

There must not be any mishap with Wayne. Not only was it to ensure the success of the rebellion, it was also for the sake of his world mission.

The current year of this world was 3497 and President Terence was brutal to the extreme. On the one hand, the royal family that had already handed over their political power was forced into a corner with nowhere to run. On the other hand, the people were also subjected to a special style of ruling, which was bloody and repressive. The whole country complained, hoping that the royal family could stand up again and overthrow the regime of Terence.

Wayne was the protagonist that everyone pinned their hopes on.

As for him, his real name was not Daniel, nor was he some imperial marshal.

His name was Su Shi, and he used to be a platinum-level host with the highest survival rate. He specialized in shifting the blame onto others and attacking his enemies from the shadows. He was one step away from the king player, but unexpectedly his deeds were reported and he was denounced in a very grandiose manner.

Su Shi, who had all of his experience points frozen, was banished. He was also forced to bind with an Automatic Blame Shouldering System. Now he had to return to the lower-level worlds, and re-experience the unfortunate feeling of shouldering a blame that was not his and being unjustly accused by others.

Even worse, not only did he have to take any blame that came his way, but he must also shoulder it in a reasonable and movingly tragic way. And the best result was to have a tear-jerking life and death parting at a suitable time. If he could successfully carry the blame till death, then he could get an extra five thousand experience points as a reward.

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Translator Rambles

The protagonist’s name looks like sushi. ? But just for clarification, his name is 苏时. Su 苏 is a Chinese surname, and shi 时 means “time.” Sushi, the food, in Chinese is actually written as 寿司 shou si, completely different characters and pinyin. But if I were his gong/seme I would still eat him either way. ?

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21 thoughts on “Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 1

  1. Sushi sounds delicious ?
    I actually clicked on this novel because the title seems to be the complete contradiction of another novel’s title; I’m Not Shouldering This Blame -which is gold imo- even though I know it doesn’t even share a similiar genre (´∀`;)

    The summary and the first chapter seem interesting though! I’m all prepared for the incoming dog blood drama XD
    Thank you for the chapter! ?

    1. Ooh, you got me interested, now I’ll have to check out “I’m Not Shouldering This Blame.” I have such a long to-read list though. XD

      This novel also caught my attention with the title. My first thought was who would want to shoulder a blame? And there was even an exclamation mark in the title, so I figured this must be some comedic misunderstanding stuff, and decided to check it out. I’m glad I did, the ML is so doting in the first arc. I love doting MLs. ^-^

    1. Lol XD
      That’s how I compile my to-read list too. Stories that have an interesting premise or if they’re recommended by people with similar tastes go on top. But almost everything BL is on the list.

  2. I like self-sacrifice and tragedy, so I’m looking forward to this. The plot for the first arc is certainly interesting.

  3. Oh, a new novel!! >.<

    Any story you pick up, Muse, is always brilliant. You have amazing taste, translator-nim. <3

    Look forward to reading this and I whole-heartedly wish you the best. Ganbatte! XD

  4. This series looks very good on the very first chapter. I already love the premise of “must die tragically” AMD the dog blood drama that’ll unfold later while out MC suffered from it. XD

    Btw, not to nag, but the right way to wrote Chinese name is An Ziran, and for our MC in this novel whom only have one character surname and given name, Su Shi is already correct. Sometimes there is a name with two characters surname, example Ouyang Zi or the like, but eh, wrote however you want, lol.

    Also also, thank you for your hard work~❤

    1. I’m glad you like it! ?
      Yeah, you’re right about Su Shi’s name, but it would’ve been hilarious if I wrote it as Sushi all the time, although I think that will be really distracting, because I will be thinking about food all the time. ?

      As for An Zi Ran’s name, I separate each pinyin because that’s how I learned it in my Chinese class. It would actually be a lot easier to type An Ziran (less capitalization), and I’m constantly tempted to do so, but I’ve been taught that’s not wholly accurate.

      I also have the same trouble with Korean names. I’ve seen 3 different versions:
      Shin Jonghak
      Shin Jong-hak
      Shin Jong-Hak
      Apparently the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism says that it should be “Shin Jong-hak,” but I haven’t been able to verify that.
      Furthermore, in the same Korean novel (The Novel’s Extra), I’ve seen one Korean name translated as “Shin Jonghak” and another as “Yun Seung-Ah,” so I’m super confused.??

      I’m just glad there are no em dashes for Chinese names, that would be another layer of confusion. ?

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