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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 10

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Chapter 10

“You can hang me up, torture me, if this can make you feel a little better. You can do whatever you want.”
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Su Shi helplessly pulled up the corner of his lips. He forcefully straightened his body and spoke openly, making the low-sound words as clear and legible as possible.

“I will make a bet with you. In three days, if he does not return, you can kill me. But before that, you must not be impulsive, you must be stable…”

He finally ran out of strength. Su Shi’s voice grew weak and his arm fell down limply. His eyes slowly closed.

Al instinctively caught the toppling body, but ended up pulling back when he was scalded by the other’s fever. He looked at the young man who usually called the shots. “Carter, what do we do?”

“Just do what he said. Look after him well. I am going to appease everyone’s emotional state.”

Carter struggled for a long while, but he made a decision, turned, and walked out the door.

When Su Shi woke up again, he was suspended from the wooden beam.

The wound on his shoulder has long gone numb. His suspended arms have also lost all feeling. Su Shi blinked his eyes. Just as he was becoming skeptical about his own valiant disregard for pain, the sound of deduction of experience points rang in his ears.

“If the host’s pain value is detected to be too high, host will be injected with a special effect anesthetic agent. After deducting fifty experience points, the effective time is twenty-four hours. Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to continue serving you in the future.”


In this kind of situation, he really did need that kind of anesthetic, but to take advantage of his unconsciousness to force him to buy it, this system was still a complete profiteer.
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Su Shi sighed lightly, waited out a wave of dizziness, and tried to use his arm as a pillow.

The sound of swaying chains alarmed the youngster who was guarding by the door. The child, who was no taller than his shoulders, actually cast a cold glare at him.

Su Shi’s lips twitched. He gave up the idea of drinking water and closed his eyes once again with relief.

In any case, as long as he was being tortured, then he could temporarily transfer and alleviate the anger of these people. In this way, he could continue to delay…

He was struggling to think about Wayne’s plans when a loud noise suddenly sounded outside the window.

It didn’t seem like there was any danger or sudden change. If he listened carefully, he could even hear the sound of joyful cheers.

The teenager jumped up, wanting to take a look, but then he remembered his duties and quickly withdrew the arm that was about to open the door.

“Go and take a look.”

Seeing the oppressed expectation in the eyes of the youngster, Su Shi spoke up in a light voice and smiled at him with encouragement.

Su Shi’s voice was hoarse from disuse and came out in a breathy whisper. The youngster’s face went taut, and he turned towards Su Shi on full alert. “Traitor, I won’t fall for your tricks!”

Su Shi smiled helplessly, sighed lightly, and leaned his head towards one side.

The noise outside seemed to have died down.
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Then the sound of rushing footsteps came from outside the door. Su Shi blinked in confusion and subconsciously raised his head. Just then, the dilapidated wooden door was pushed open.

He was met with a pair of eyes burning with blazing flames.

Wayne’s chest rose and fell quickly. He strode forward in large strides without a pause. He unlocked the manacles around Daniel’s wrists.

He still arrived late.

With the help of the lieutenant, he successfully tricked Terence’s men with a fake death. They secretly rushed him out of the presidential palace. After waking up, he rushed back here without rest. Yet he still came back to the sight of Daniel strung up before him. The man was so pale that he looked like he would disappear on him in the next breath.

The broken body was unable to hold itself upright for even the shortest amount of time. Once Su Shi was let down, he slumped against the other man’s body without any prior indication.

Wayne’s hands trembled so badly that he almost didn’t know how to hold the person in his arms. It was as if he would break the other person with the slightest wrong move. He just hugged him carefully, crouched down on the ground, and told him to lie in his arms.

Daniel’s body was so cold that Wayne was afraid. If it weren’t for the bright light in his eyes, he almost thought that the person in his arms had no life.

Very good. He finally brushed up against a good mission node.

Abruptly, the relaxed body quickly lost the last of its strength. Su Shi could no longer speak. He blinked his eyes with relief, and his eyebrows finally curved into a happy expression.

In this way, he would leave the world while wrapped in the protagonist’s arms. No matter how one looked upon the scene it was tragic and beautiful. Everything was fine except for losing the misunderstanding of the protagonist, but it could still be considered a perfect ending.

As if he understood the relief in his eyes, Wayne grasped Su Shi’s hand, held his breath, and shook his head in denial. His eyes looked like they were reddening.

Su Shi creased his eyebrows apologetically, and finally could not sustain himself anymore. He lay weakly in Wayne’s embrace, his forehead resting against the other’s neck.

Sorry. I hadn’t wanted to make you sad.

His consciousness faded rapidly. In that hazy interval, Su Shi felt his body being embraced tightly. The strength wrapped around his body was so strong that it almost felt like his body would shatter.

Almost. He was almost at the end. Once his life force completely disappeared, he would achieve the result of carrying the blame until death. Then he could leave this world with peace of mind.

His health bar has dropped to thirty percent. A muffled voice echoed faintly in his ear, cut off and broken.

“Do all of you know what he has done…”

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Author’s Corner
苏时:稍等,再抢救一下。 :)
Su Shi: Wait a moment, then rescue. 🙂

Translator’s Note:
Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. One reason is due to lack of time, but the other reason is I don’t understand what the author is saying! ? I think this author has really flowery prose (or maybe just bad grammar), because I have a hard time puzzling out most of her sentences. Since it takes me longer to decipher the meaning of the text, it takes me longer to translate one chapter of LMSTB than it does to translate one chapter of my other projects. I wish I could translate this story faster, because I really love the MC and ML’s relationship, but I’m sorry my best is still slow. ORZ I’ll keep trying though! Fighting!

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