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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 100

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Chapter 100

“Don’t be afraid. I will go with you.”

As he said this, he suddenly raised his hand to restrain the body in front of him. Then he drew out the decorative fine steel sword at the paladin’s hip.

Suddenly realizing that the situation was not good, the pope’s eyes darkened, and he tried to release his demonic energy to push the opponent back.

[T/N: Not sure why the God of Darkness is being referred to as the pope now that he is no longer in the pope’s body, but I’m just going to translate according to the raws.]

The black mist had just started to condense when panic suddenly entered his eyes.

Within the condensed black energy, there were still fragments of bright energy mixed together, but it wasn’t the power of light that he was extremely afraid of, rather it was extremely small ice crystals.

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Chilling cold rose continually from the body, freezing the blood and internal organs. He abruptly realized something and hurriedly turned into black energy to escape, only to find that he was trapped in an ice-bound enchantment, with the body serving as a barrier.

The long steel sword filled with the power of light broke through, penetrated one body, and sank into the chest of another body.

Warm blood split down, and when it hit the ground, it turned into a luminous raging inferno.

Fear finally entered the pope’s eyes, and the light in his eyes dimmed uncontrollably.

Su Shi’s soul came out from the corner and gave the pope a amicable smile overflowing with murderous spirit.


The people suddenly heard a bitter and painful cry. It was vague and indistinct, as if it was coming from a very distant place. Finally, it could not resist any longer, and gradually dissipated.

The sun rose slowly.

The long-lost sunlight finally broke through the darkness to fall upon the earth, and the dense fog dispersed little by little.

The ecstatic people cast their eyes on the scene, but their expressions gradually shook with fear.

The cardinal was covered in blood, and he held the body in front of him firmly with one hand. A sharp sword penetrated through their bodies, stringing the two of them together. The cardinal’s hand was still gripped tightly around the hilt of the sword.

All around them, the raging inferno burned silently.

The God of Darkness seemed to have lost control of his new prey.

The young paladin closed his eyes. Motionless. He looked calm and peaceful, leaning docilely in the cardinal’s arms.

It was like an extremely unconventional embrace.

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Pain spread faintly in his chest. Esmond took a deep breath and tightened his arms with a slight tremor. The tears finally fell.

The sun rose once again, and the darkness receded like a tide.

“Your Excellency Esmond, you can extinguish the fire now!”

Realizing the cardinal’s true intentions, the archbishop stepped forward and spoke anxiously.

Esmond remained unmoved. The body within his arms have long since lost its breath, but he just held onto it as the flames burned more and more fiercely.

The last bit of black miasma cleared away.

Esmond’s eyes softened as they landed quietly on the delicate face in his arms. He held the sleeping youth in his arms steadily with one hand, and raised his hand to help the youth tidy up his slightly messy appearance.

“Ivan, I’m sorry…”

He lowered his head and kissed those closed eyes reverently.

Since he could not keep the youth by his side, then it was better to go with him.

“There is still a turn for the better, Your Excellency Esmond. Quick, stop!”

The archbishop’s eager voice rang from the side, causing Esmond’s body to tremble suddenly. He opened his eyes in amazement, but he failed to find the least bit of opportunity for life on the young man’s body.

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Somewhat at a lost, he subconsciously wanted to hold the other person’s weak hands, and brushed up against his cuff. His eyes suddenly shone with infinite brilliance.

The cuffs were damp.

No wonder he did not feel the pain of being burned by demonic energy when the God of Darkness tried to resist against his drawn sword.

Even if the body had been occupied, even if the soul only contained the last traces of power, his paladin was still doing his best to protect him, to the point of turning his body into a frost barrier, confining all evils within his body.

The flames quietly extinguished, and the cardinal lowered his head exhaustedly. He looked at the bloodless, sleeping face, and carefully kissed his lips.

Please wake up.

One kiss and you should be able to wake up…

The person in his embrace remained asleep, leaning against his chest in an extremely docile manner. His eyelashes hung low, brushing against the tops of his cheeks.


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  1. To be honest, this arc was somewhat boring to me and I started skimming just to get it over with, but the ending once again made me tear up. The ML’s ending scenes are always extremely depressing.

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