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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 102

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Chapter 102

Su Shi lay quietly on the sofa. His gaze fixed upon the faint smile glimmering in the eyes of the new pope. It took a long time before he opened his mouth and spoke in a hoarse voice: “I don’t understand why you are doing this.”

“It’s better to have hope than to despair. Look at him, isn’t this also a good thing?”

The screen flickered twice and returned to being a cold and rigid flow of data, but the mechanical voice seemed to sound faintly guilty.


Su Shi’s gaze abruptly turned cold. The icy aura that he had in the last world had yet to fade away, and at this moment his fierce aura suddenly erupted. “He is waiting for me, but can I still go back?”

The life of a pope was long. Four hundred years, five hundred years… If the other person really broke through the barrier and ascended into godhood, then he would have a lifespan of millions of years.

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In such a long or even eternal life, Su Shi could not imagine the other person just guarding someone who would never wake up. Whittling away like this day after day until time eventually washed away his memories.

This kind of misty, insubstantial hope was the real eternal cage of despair.

This was the first time the system saw its host with such a tough and unyielding attitude. The system fell silent, worried that its host would really cause chaos. It hesitated for a long time before speaking up.

“Worlds with a god have a long plotline, after you finish the novice world, the rest time in between each world will be decided by you… if you finish the next world quickly and come back, I can open a back door for you and send you back [to this world], all right?”

Su Shi raised his head, amazed. His eyes brightened.

Seeing its host’s anger dissipate, the system finally relaxed. When it continued to speak, its voice was more vigorous: “You see, this world is much better than the previous world, you earned a hundred thousand experience points. Let’s get the rating for this world, and then pick a new world, all right?”

The system’s attitude today was too eagerly attentive. Su Shi vaguely felt a little strange, but in the end he didn’t think much of it. He leaned back on the sofa and nodded.

“In this world, the host gained a total of 173,000 experience points, deduct 1,000 points for painkillers, deduct 20,000 points for assaulting staff members, and that leaves a total balance of 152,000 points…”

“Assaulting staff members?”

Su Shi raised his head, startled. Feeling aggrieved to the extreme, he asked: “Who was the staff member?”

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“All gods are beings that goes beyond the plane of existence. They are all staff members who are paid wages and have a permanent post. You beat up the God of Darkness. He has the right to file a complaint with the main god system.”

The system replied straightforwardly, and Su Shi’s expression instantly collapsed.

Seeing his reaction, the system could not help but feel guilty: “Host, next time you encounter a world with gods, don’t beat up the other party again.”

Su Shi gritted his teeth, and in the privacy of his mind he gave the God of Darkness another round of beating. Then he took a deep breath to calm his mood.

In any case, he was fined a lot of points, but he had earned even more.

It was rare to have some surplus money in his hand, so it was still a thing to be happy about. There was no need to pursue the fines, which have already been issued anyway.

The system noted that Su Shi had not lost his temper, and then cautiously said, “Right now, we are still in the testing phase. We can only open up the official world after upgrading. The upgrade requires 150,000 experience points…”


“Host, cheer up!”

The system saw his host looking like he had lost all direction in life in an instant. The screen flickered for a spell, and then the data stream came together in the image of a small beating heart.

In the end, there was no system that did not use money*. Of course it was impossible to upgrade from the testing stage to the official stage without spending experience points.

[*T/N: The specific word used here is 氪金, which translates directly as “krypton gold,” and it means “to make an in-app purchase in a game”]

Moreover, it was the perfectly calculated time to spend.

Seeing the pitiful two thousand points remaining in his balance, Su Shi lay on the sofa and pretended to be dead. He didn’t want to move at all.

Seeing that he did not react more violently, the system renewed its courage and quickly completed the following data settlement.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“Congratulations to the host for attaining the achievement [I Just Can’t Die], the task completion rating is S, the protagonist’s misunderstanding value is 100, and the current world rating: S grade. Host can choose one skill from anyone in this world to copy, and directly improve the mastery to the highest level.”

In the end, the protagonist thought that he was really the Son of God, and even the God of Light was roped into the lie. This lie was quite valuable.

T/N: System told him not to beat up a god? I feel like that’s foreshadowing to more misunderstandings… Lol

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This is probably my last chapter for a while since I usually wait until a full arc is done for qt novels since it can get confusing trying to read between multiple novels inbetween arcs.

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