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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 103

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Chapter 103

Su Shi was dispirited. He lifted his hand, pressed twice, and chose [Disguise].

[T/N: [Disguise] is the skill that Esmond used to change their facial features. It can also be translated as Face Altering Technique, but I went with Disguise, which sounds more encompassing, due to what the system says next.]


The system was silent for a long while, and then it spoke carefully: “Host, this skill can not be used in the real world.”

Su Shi looked up with dead eyes.

Faced with its host’s gloomy gaze as if he had lost his ideals in life, the system persisted for a while and then resolutely compromised: “[Disguise] skill adjustment: In any reality-based world, its setting can be transformed into [No one can recognize you as long as you put on a pair of glasses]. Host, as long as you put on a pair of spectacles, no one will be able to tell that it is you.”

This treatment was considered not bad. Su Shi finally managed to cheer up and wobbled up from the sofa: “Don’t you feel that the previous experiences seem to be not very useful?”

[T/N: I think he is referring to the skills that he gets at the completion of each world, in particular [Bonanza], lol, but the word used in the raws is indeed “experience.”]

“Indeed, not very useful.”

The system was just about to talk to him about this. Seeing its host finally pulling himself together, it immediately agreed with him and quickly offered a valuable piece of advice: “When the host was blocked off from the system, I went and communicated with other systems. They all unanimously agreed that the host’s problem is in the face…”

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Su Shi opened and closed his mouth. The words that he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

“In the final analysis, the dilemma that the host encounters is that as long as someone lays eyes on the host, they will subconsciously treat you as a kind, honest, loyal, and reliable person.”

Having found the crux of the issue on its own initiative, the system was in high spirits, and happily continued to add: “So as long as the host hides his face, similar problems won’t occur.”

Su Shi couldn’t believe this simple and crude solution: “It’s that simple?”

“Yes, it’s that simple.”

The system was full of confidence. The bottom of the console suddenly opened up, and a plank was sent straight to the host.

On the plank was a pitch-black and ugly mask. It looked both malevolent and vicious. If it were to be left in some random corner at night, it could easily scare a whole score of people out of their senses.

Su Shi didn’t care about his own image much. He picked up the mask and looked at it, trying to put it on his face: “If I walk down the street wearing this in a reality-based world, won’t I get beaten up?”

“It’s okay, this mask is specially made for your next world!”

The mechanical voice was high-spirited and full of energy, sounding just like an enthusiastic salesperson: “When you wear the mask, you will definitely have a grim and desolate aura comparable to the God of Darkness, making people feel ample despair and fear…”

“Okay, okay, I should go now.”

Su Shi couldn’t bear to keep listening on. He shuddered and opened his mouth to cut the system off. Then, feeling unease again, he turned around and said: “I will go and return quickly. Remember to leave the back door open for me.”

“Will do, will do. Host can rest assured. Go and return quickly.”

The system happily opened the door for him. The data scrolled across the screen, and in a flash it was upgraded to the official mode.

Su Shi took a step forward, and his body suddenly failed.

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When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the middle of the woods and besieged on all sides. All of the gazes that were focused on him were filled with restrained fear and hostility.

It took three seconds for the soul and the body to fully merge together. It was just when the people surrounding Su Shi had cordoned him off that his body froze. The opponent seized this gap and slashed at him ferociously.

Between the lightning and the flint*, Su Shi’s soul had completely merged with the body, and he quickly dodged the blow that almost took his life. But his face suddenly felt cold.

[*T/N: Yeah, no idea, that is exactly what it says in the raws.]

The hideous and ugly mask was cut in half and fell silently to the ground, revealing a handsome face.

No one could have imagined that under such a hideous mask there was actually a very delicate young man. His eyebrows were gentle and soft. His eyes were clear and unclouded, looking calmly at the pursuer* in front of him. There was not an iota of fear or nervousness in his gaze. Instead, he exuded a simple and calm aura that seemed to come from his very bones.

[*T/N: 追杀者 – the complete meaning of this noun is “a person chasing after someone to kill them”]

He was originally good looking, but under the strong visual contrast, it moved people’s hearts even more, practically giving birth to a breathtaking feeling.

The pursuers all stared blankly. Their movements stalled as they stared pensively at his face.

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: ???

#This is not good#

#Is it too late to disfigure myself?#

The translator has something to say:

Phfffft! Bwahahaha, that mask didn’t even last a minute in the new world. XD

When the system suggested that Su Shi wear an ugly mask, the first thing that jumped into my mind was the historical figure Gao Changgong, a.k.a. the Prince of Lanling.

It was said that he had such a beautiful and feminine face that he always wore a hideous mask into battle in order to appear fearsome to the enemy. He was a general that had won many battle merits, and was widely beloved and admired for his kindness and bravery. He was killed not in battle, but through a cup of poisoned wine presented to him by the paranoid and jealous emperor. The empire was subsequently wrecked by outside forces due to losing one of its greatest generals.

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