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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 104

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Chapter 104 (37.1)

Su Shi lowered his head. His eyes fell upon the mask that had been cut in half.

The system trembled: “There is a quagmire at the three o’ clock direction, host can rush over at lightning speed and bury his face in it…”

With a snap, Su Shi cut off the instant communication function with the system.

This was the end of the world.

His character this time was named Mu Shi, and he was called the “Son of Hell.” In this world, he was a fierce and evil thief.

Mu Shi was born in the top central base of power. There, all children who reach the age of five would activate supernatural powers. The children were then divided into upper, middle, and lower class according to their power levels.

The upper class was specially trained and cared for, the middle class received lots of training and became the main source of fighters, and the lower class was responsible for the most basic chores and logistics.

Asides from these three classes, there were actually a small portion of children who were not qualified for rating because they could not awaken any supernatural abilities.

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These children were completely abandoned, secretly used as experiment subjects, kept in dark cages all their lives, and had to accept all kinds of inhumane and bitter experimentations. Mu Shi was one of these experiment subjects.

Ten years ago, the central base was suddenly razed into ruins overnight, and this terrible secret was finally exposed. But everything related to it was buried under those ruins.

Except for one unnamed youth.

A pair of pure black wings protected the boy, allowing him to escape from the explosion unscathed. He had looked like a being rising from hell. No one knew what his abilities were, only that he has unfathomable mental powers, and that he could easily destroy common B-level abilities. Even the hardest fortress was unable to withstand a single blow from him.

Rumor has it that his powers were triggered in the face of impending death, and that he had completely destroyed the entire central base for revenge.

No other base dared to offer him shelter, so he wandered alone in the zombie-infested wild, but he still managed to survive by plundering food and resources. Furthermore, he established his own base of power beneath the ruins of the central base, and the people dubbed this place as the Unbounded City*.

[*T/N: 无限城 – could also technically be translated as the Infinite City, which has a better ring to it, but “unbounded” has better nuance, because I believe it is referring to the city’s lack of walls, since everything is just a giant heap of ruins.]

In actuality, the destruction of the central base had nothing to do with Mu Shi. The people there were trying to create a super weapon, but the failed experiment had blown up the base instead. Coincidentally, Mu Shi obtained his current abilities from the radiation caused by the explosion.

But the outside world obviously did not realize all of this, and the people’s fear of him increased day by day. They firmly believed that he would one day take revenge on all of humanity, and even attributed many evil deeds that had nothing to do with him onto his head.

His mission this time was to [shoulder the infamy of being an extremely evil thief, guard the Unbounded City, secretly protect the protagonist and his party, and finally give up his life to protect the hope of the future of humanity.]

An official world had much broader requirements for missions and plot development. He no longer had to tremble in fear at the need to pull a runaway plot back onto the main storyline. This was considered good news.

Su Shi finally moved his gaze away from the mask and onto the tall figure of the ability user in front of him.

They were in the blood-sucking forest outside the Unbounded City, which was full of plants that have completely mutated after being exposed to radiation. If they used even a little bit of supernatural power then the bloodthirsty vines would hone in and wildly prey on them.

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So even though the other side had so many people surrounding him, they did not dare to act rashly. No matter how powerful they were, they could only attack with ordinary military knives.

But he was different. He had the ability to control plants. Even these mutated plants would still become completely docile and obedient beneath his control.

It was because of this forest that no one dared to invade the Unbounded City.

Nevertheless, he had to get rid of these pursuers.

Su Shi silently retracted his right hand into his cuff and beckoned over a vine with anesthetic effects. The plant lied in wait underfoot. As soon as something goes wrong he planned to take down these people with the plant first, and then consider everything else later.

However, the look of things didn’t seem right.

After the mask was cut in half, the look in these people’s eyes showed strange changes. Not only did the hostility strangely disappear, easing up a lot, some of the people have even lowered their weapons, revealing slightly dumbfounded expressions.

“Are you another student from the base?”

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