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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 106

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Chapter 106

Su Shi received the military knife. The petardier of the group picked up Su Shi’s baggage with one hand.

The bag contained hundreds of high-level crystal nuclei* that the Son of Hell had obtained. Su Shi hurried forward, but the petardier laughed boldly and patted his shoulder: “I’m helping you carry it, not snatching it from you. Carrying such a heavy load with that small body of yours, what are we gonna do if you get tired and can’t walk later?”

[*T/N: If you’re not familiar with the Chinese version of a zombie apocalypse, a crystal nucleus is used for powering up (usually by consuming it), and it can be found within zombies. So you’d have to kill the zombie and then dig out the nucleus (usually from the brain). Stronger zombies would yield higher-grade nuclei.]

“It’s dangerous here, let’s leave this place quickly.”

Seeing that the situation was mostly cleared up, Yuan Zheng spoke calmly and took the lead to get out of the forest.

In the apocalypse, zombies were rampant everywhere. Su Shi was forced to join the group. He followed them out of the woods and boarded the armored vehicle parked outside.

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The deputy leader was a little worried. He moved into the front passenger seat and spoke in a low voice.

“Captain, isn’t this too hasty? After all, we don’t even know his background…”

Yuan Zheng was unconcerned though, and he casually replied.

“Do you think he looks like a bad guy?”

Recalling the clean and clear light in those eyes, the deputy leader was temporarily at a lost. Then he bowed his head: “Indeed, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but you really can’t judge a person by appearance–”

He wanted to say something else, but Yuan Zheng had already raised a hand to interrupt him. He glanced behind him and then indicated that the deputy leader should do the same.

The deputy leader turned his head hesitantly, only to realize that at some point the other people in the team were already chatting with the Mu Shi of unknown origins.

The marksman was explaining the rules of B Base to him, while the petardier gave him the ham from their rations, and the doctor unscrewed the cap from the drinking water before handing it over. Everyone’s expression was gentle and patient, and there was a relaxed and warm atmosphere in the airtight, armored car that had never been seen before.

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The striker, who has the most irascible temper in the crew, had rolled up his sleeves, and was calmly teaching him how to use the military knife. Perceiving the deputy leader’s not quite friendly gaze, he sharply lifted his head, pulled Mu Shi behind his body, and sent a sharp glare towards the front passenger seat.

The deputy leader retracted his gaze, resigned to the situation, and heaved a sigh: “I hope it’s just me over thinking things.”

There was a moment of silence. But he was still worried, so he once again shifted his body towards their group leader: “Captain, this is already the fifth student that we found impersonating the Son of Hell. We should report this to the higher ups. And it’s best that we give a lecture of some sort to prevent these students from jumping on the bandwagon…”

“Understood, if we catch another one then we will report it.”

Yuan Zheng responded simply. Then he raised his gaze to look at the handsome young man through the rearview mirror.

In the apocalypse, humanity has honed their survival instincts and they could tell whether someone was hostile or threatening at a glance.

Mu Shi didn’t say much, and his expression was indifferent, but his entire person was gentle and not even a little bit aggressive. His body radiated a rare warm and pure aura. Even if it were just from basic instincts, the other team members would subconsciously get close to him.

Yuan Zheng turned the steering wheel and drove the armored vehicle onto the smooth national highway. He glanced again into the rearview mirror.

Mu Shi learned how to handle the military knife very fast. The striker patted him heartily on the shoulder, smiled, and said something. The others around them all laughed.

Mu Shi sat in the middle of the group. His clear gaze took in the friendly smiles of the people around him. His good-looking eyebrows curved slightly, and the corners of his lips also rose up in a shallow smile.

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His originally cold expression instantly melted and the exquisite facial features suddenly came to life. It was obviously just a very shallow smile, but it made people feel a deep warmth in an instant.

In comparison, the guy who was robbing passersby with sacks last time seemed much more like the Son of Hell.

Finally setting aside the last trace of doubt, Yuan Zheng opened up the electronic map and inputted in the instructions.

The base had been destroyed, so this meant that everyone else now had the right to collect any remaining armaments and supplies. In addition to their daily hunt for the Son of Hell, their mission this time was to go to an overlooked warehouse and bring back whatever they could find.

The armored vehicle stopped off to the side of the national highway, and the team members skillfully got dressed in their equipment right away. Yuan Zheng turned around and just so happened to meet Mu Shi’s gaze, who was looking over at him.

Those eyes were clear and pure, like a stream of freshly melted spring water, inexplicably giving people a strong favorable impression.

“You can come with us or stay in the car. We will be back soon.”

Yuan Zheng spoke with a warm voice, and handed him a flashlight: “This armored vehicle’s defense function is very good. You can rest assured in it. Nothing will happen.”

“I will go with you guys.”

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