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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 108

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Chapter 108

Yuan Zheng was stunned for a while. Finally, he couldn’t help but chuckle and sighed helplessly. Then he broke off a small piece of chocolate and plopped it into his mouth.

It has been a long time since he had eaten chocolate. The bitter and mellow flavor spread across his tongue. Then the sweetness of the treat broke through with a light milky fragrance. It was very invigorating.

Mu Shi was not as restrained as him. He held a large lump of chocolate in his mouth. His cheeks bulged slightly as he squatted in front of a shelf, concentrating on searching for what he wanted.

Like this, he almost looked like an ordinary young man who easily gave people a favorable impression of him.

When Yuan Zheng first met Mu Shi, he was stunned by the other person’s particularly calm and indifferent temperament, and he had instinctively put up some guards around him. But as he gradually became familiar with the other person, he realized that he was probably just introverted and not talkative.

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Yuan Zheng looked at him for a while, shook his head, and couldn’t help but laugh. Then he turned and walked over to the tools section.

The supermarket was so huge that even if everyone carried as much as they possibly could, they would still leave behind a lot of goods that they could not take with them.

After they closed the door to the supermarket, Yuan Zheng’s palm glowed with white light, and he pressed his hand to the door lock again.

Not long after, the white light gradually shrank, and finally condensed into a delicate and small key, which fell into his hand.

Yuan Zheng took out a thin silver chain, strung it through the key, and then handed it to Su Shi: “Take it. You will be the only one who can open this lock in the future.”

Su Shi had found a book bag to carry the things that he picked out from the supermarket. He also took back his bundle. When he carried it on his back, he strongly exuded the aura of a student.

He looked down at the key in his hand. Before he could speak, the striker had already grabbed his shoulder and patted him: “It’s only thanks to you that we found this place, of course the supermarket belongs to you—Little Boss, in the future, when we buy things, don’t sell it to us for a high price, you hear?”

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The team members were all in a good mood. They laughed at the striker’s words and joked along with him incessantly.

Carrying two military engineer shovels made of stainless steel, the deputy team leader bowed his head with a complicated mood. Finally, he completely lost his firm belief in his standpoint.

The sky was already getting a little dark. Yuan Zheng ordered the team to make preparations. He picked up the silver chain and put it around Mu Shi’s neck. He wanted to take the opportunity to rub the soft looking short hair of the other person, but suddenly found empty space beneath his palm.

He looked down at the young man who avoided his hand. Yuan Zheng was slightly stunned when he met those bright, limpid eyes. In the next second, his expression eased back up and he patted Mu Shi’s shoulder with a laugh.

“My fault, I overstepped. Sorry. Let’s go.”

Su Shi followed, but there was an indescribable heaviness in his heart.

He has went through several worlds, and only one person has done this action to him, but the other person should still be in the middle of upgrading and shouldn’t have the time to come to this world to pull the rug out from under his feet*.

[*T/N: 拆台 – to undermine somebody’s plans]

The protagonist did give him a sense of familiarity, but maybe this time it was really just a similar set of data…

But he was unexpectedly hoping for the other party to chase after him and mess with his plans again.

Su Shi snapped out of his daydream, horrified. He shook his head vigorously and dispelled the terrible thought from his mind. Suddenly a sharp alarm sounded in his ear.

Su Shi’s heart thudded. From his peripheral vision he caught a glimpse of a dark shadow rushing towards them. He subconsciously leaned to one side to make way. But the others were not as fast as him, and they were scattered every which way from the collision.

The black shadow wounded several people one after another, snatched away the supplies that they were carrying, and immediately fled the scene.

“It must be the Son of Hell!”

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The striker yelled. He clutched his injured arm as he jumped back onto his feet. His eyes flashed with anger: “This bastard is too savage. We have to catch him today no matter what!”

The patrol team has been chasing after the Son of Hell for more than half a year, but every time they only caught some troublesome student. The team members were so angry that they immediately picked up their equipment.

Su Shi’s vision was better than everyone else. He could already see a bunch of zombies approaching the group quickly, attracted by the smell of blood. With his mood in a tangled mess, he reached out and grabbed onto someone’s elbow. It turned out to be the petardier.

“He is not the Son of Hell.”

“Follow behind us. Be careful or the Son of Hell might drag you away.”

The petardier warned him in all seriousness, waved his hand, and then dragged Su Shi behind him.

“Don’t worry. We have been tracking him for half a year, so we can be certain—if the Son of Hell is not him, then are you saying that it is you?”

[T/N: I’m not sure if the intent is coming across correctly in English, but the petardier does not suspect Su Shi of being the Son of Hell. He’s asking a rhetorical question that implies Su Shi can’t possibly be the Son of Hell.]

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#Your prop: the shoddy mask has been damaged#

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