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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 109

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Chapter 109 (38.1)

“Stop talking for now.”

Yuan Zheng interjected in a low voice. His spiritual power spread out like water, and his expression became solemn in the blink of an eye: “Don’t worry about the Son of Hell, we have to leave here fast, stay vigilant, and doctor, take a look at those who are injured!”

The sky was already completely dark, and if there were indeed a large number of zombies here, they would soon gather following the smell of blood.

Everyone went silent immediately, vigilantly observed their surroundings, and quickly hurried towards the supplies warehouse, which had protective measures.

The faint white light of healing flickered from time to time. The injuries that they suffered weren’t too serious. They were only harmed by some common methods that robbers often used to escape. However, if their injuries were not handled in time, then it would be the most obvious trail for the zombies.

It didn’t take long for the zombies to chase the smell over here.

This area had fallen to zombies not long ago, and it was right at the phase where the zombies ran amuck. The group ran quickly while disposing of the zombies that pounced on them. Su Shi was guarded in the center and was unable to intervene. Just as he was considering whether or not he should take the chance to get away, the striker in front of him shouted out in excitement: “Quick, we’re almost there!”

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A tall and solid supplies warehouse was already before their eyes. As long as they could get in, they would gain a temporary reprieve to make preparations.

“Leave two here, the rest go over and open the lock!”

Yuan Zheng ordered decisively and took the lead to stay behind. Dazzling flames instantly illuminated a large area, and the photophobic zombies wailed and shrank back.

Su Shi’s footsteps stuttered to a halt.

The brilliant golden flames scorched his eyes faintly. In a split second, his breathing became slightly stagnant.

This was the second time he has seen such a flame. Only fire that carried light could be such a completely pure brilliant gold.

But the protagonist just so happened to be an extremely rare dual-ability user of light and fire, and it didn’t seem strange for him to have such a flame.

Su Shi couldn’t help but walk over, wanting to see more clearly, but in the next moment the striker bodily picked him up and rushed to the door of the relatively safe warehouse.

This time, the zombies’ attack was particularly fierce, and the numbers were increasing. Several members in charge of electronic equipment were competing with the code lock, but the more anxious they became, the more panicked they got. They couldn’t unlock the code no matter what, and cold sweat slipped silently down their foreheads.

The striker wielded long-handled fire tongs and mercilessly killed a group of zombies. In between he took the time to pat Su Shi on the shoulder, laughed, and joked: “If you know the password of this warehouse that would be even better. I will definitely do your laundry everyday after we get back…”

“This is a military warehouse, how would he know?”

The deputy team leader interrupted him with a frown. He was afraid that Su Shi would over think those words and blame himself. He nodded apologetically at him. “This guy has no filter between his brain and his mouth. We are already very grateful to find that supermarket. Don’t mind–”

Before he finished speaking, Su Shi had already walked towards the door.

He rested one hand steadily on the input pad of the code lock. The taciturn young man leaned over slightly and stared intently at the unlocking program code scrolling on the computer screen. After a while, he raised his hand and inputted a sequence of numbers into the digital pad.

“No! If you make a mistake, the self-destruct system will start!”

Everyone’s expression changed and they quickly moved to rush over, but the code lock suddenly emitted the jingle of the correct password being inputted, and the warehouse door slowly opened.

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There was a moment of silence all around him. Not only the team members responsible for cracking the code, but even the few people who were busy resisting the zombie horde couldn’t help but turn their heads and look at Su Shi with confusion in their eyes.

“Quickly go in. The password can only open the door for ten seconds each time.”

Su Shi added in a low voice. The AI* was already quickly making calculations for the new password. Su Shi’s hand still rested against the input board.

[*T/N: 智脑 zhi nao – direct translation is “wisdom” and “brain.” It’s translated as “smartwatch” in FOD:XZX, because the text says the main character, Zhou Yun Sheng, has a watch on his wrist that is invisible to others. But in LMSTB, I don’t recall any mention of Su Shi having a watch in this story arc, so I went with “artificial intelligence (AI)” as the translation this time. It’s not system, because “system” is 系统 xi tong.]

Everyone’s expression changed slightly, and they did not dare to delay. Those who were close by immediately entered the warehouse, and the rest were also moving towards the door.

Ten seconds later, the warehouse door closed again.

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