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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 11

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Chapter 11

Great. Just great.

Su Shi was in a pit of despair.
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Even if the protagonist really intended to cover* him but did not take any measures whatsoever, according to his life progress bar, it would still be another half an hour before he died.

[*T/N: Author uses the Chinese word 抱 bao, which translates as “to hold / to carry (in one’s arms) / to hug / to embrace / to surround / to cherish”]

Such an ample amount of time, it was probably enough for Wayne to broadcast all of his painstaking efforts to the public, and all the named characters would know that he was a hero who endured hatred and scorn in silence for the sake of his mission, and along the way, it would ruin any experience points he had left.

Even if he died, he would be so angry that he would wake up just to spit out a mouthful of blood.

As soon as he had this thought, Su Shi’s body abruptly and uncontrollably tightened. The taste of iron climbed up his throat and filled his entire mouth.

Anesthesia could only block his perception of the pain, but he couldn’t delay the process of physical damage to his body.

He already had no more strength to move his body, so when he coughed, all the blood spilled onto Wayne’s clothes.


Wayne’s voice was hoarse. He picked up Daniel and rushed out of the dilapidated hut.

Su Shi didn’t know where he was sent. He just knew that his treatment got a lot better. Although he was confused and his eyes were closed, he could still feel the surrounding environment becoming warm and bright.

It felt like someone was holding his hand from start to end. No matter how much he tossed about, or how many people came and went, there was a quiet and peaceful voice talking about trifling topics by his ear, and never let go of his hand.
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Su Shi watched his life value dropping down to eighteen. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to live for much longer, but after one night, unexpectedly there was a turn for the better in his health.

The person holding his hand probably also perceived Su Shi recovering his vitality and they finally let go of his hand. A hand gently covered his forehead. There was a sigh of relief. “Good, the fever is gone.”

The twenty-four hour anesthetic effect just expired. The trivial pains of the whole body came back all at once: tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, dizziness, aching around the wound areas, especially in the stomach there was a stuffy pain that was difficult to endure.

Su Shi couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. He clenched his teeth tightly. Finally, he couldn’t hold back a sound of pain.

“I know that you are angry with me, Daniel.”

Wayne didn’t know about his misfortune, and took it as him still being peeved. He tried to stop Su Shi’s body gently. He carefully held Su Shi and helped him lie back down. “But your initiative is no better than mine.”

It seemed like his tone was one of blame, but it was extremely gentle. His words trembled at the end with relief.

“If you had not acted on your own initiative while keeping me in the dark, we could have been standing at the Presidential Palace right now, releasing a speech to the people of the nation.”

Su Shi couldn’t breath. He groaned.

If he could die during the victory speech that was being broadcasted throughout the country, then it would be absolutely tragic to the max. Not only would he save his experience points, he might even get a special bonus.

There were actually such protagonists who did not attend to one’s proper duties.

And he still dared to speak forcefully to him while being full of justice.

As if seeing through his thoughts, that hand once again held on tightly to him. Wayne’s voice became unexpectedly raspy. “What about you?”


Of course it was to fall in the shadows of daybreak while smiling. To fall amidst the curses and resentment of everyone, and then burying the truth in the dust of history!

Su Shi turned his head, flustered and exasperated, and met with those eyes filled with anguish. He suddenly lost his breath, and pursed his lips uncomfortably.

According to his understanding of the protagonist, if he spoke his thoughts out loud, Wayne would turn around and tell everyone about his hardships, and he would lose all his hard earned experience points.

He couldn’t afford that.

His conscience felt guilty as he met with Wayne’s dark eyes, and his breathing became increasingly rougher.

Su Shi, this person, up to this point, he was still hell bent on courting death.

Su Shi was already convinced, but found that the other party seemed to be getting angrier and angrier. He turned his gaze and attempted to open his mouth. The person who was standing guard by his bed suddenly threw himself onto the bed, putting Su Shi between his arms.

The heavy breathing heralded an apparently unpleasant development. Su Shi subconsciously met the other person’s eyes and instinctively whispered, “Wayne…”

For the first time, he called the other person’s name without a cold and indifferent tone, and his tone was even faintly warm. His voice was soft and with a clear indication of weakness.
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Wayne suddenly lowered his head and placed his forehead against Su Shi’s forehead. His voice was hoarse as he whispered, “Daniel, you have deceived me for a long time.”

He was neither interrogating nor condemning, but more like suppressing his complaints to the extreme. It was obviously so painful that he couldn’t breathe, but contrarily he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t do anything.

He could only watch the other man walking alone into the darkness and then throwing himself into the flames to burn himself to ashes.

All to protect that faint light of hope.

The one who had obviously made him angry did not cherish himself. That person would sink into the mud willingly without a word, and toss himself until he ended up with this body of illness and injuries. But those shocking wounds, a big portion of them were derived from himself.

Wayne’s chest heaved up and down quickly as he very cautiously and solemnly caressed the ends of Su Shi’s soft hair. He used a light and unhurried hand that carried a hard to control tremble.

A cold liquid fell upon his cheeks. Su Shi’s chest tightened, and the light in his eyes finally dimmed.

“I’m sorry…”

Before he could continue his sentence, Wayne sealed his lips with a kiss.

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  1. Ehh, I’m not 100% sure, since I’m not looking at the raws, but it probably means:


    If you had not acted on your own initiative while keeping me in the dark, we could have been standing at the Presidential Palace right now, releasing a speech to the people of the nation.

    1. Syeki~! ?
      Your extrapolation makes so much sense in context to the rest of story. I don’t know how you managed to do that. No matter how I try to slice and dice the Chinese raws I just couldn’t get this part (“not acted on your own initiative while keeping me in the dark, we could have been”) of the meaning out of this sentence. Regardless of how I look at this part 你要是配合我的自作主张 it should translate as “If you cooperate with my initiative…” The raws seem to be missing some words?
      Anyways, I’m going to edit it according to your suggestion. ^-^

      1. Haha, it’s not really missing, it’s just less straightforward. The ‘keeping me in the dark’ part is implied, not explicit.

        Literal : If you cooperate with my ‘action without consent of superior/related party’ (自作主张), we maybe……

        Since the sentence began with 要是 (if) as opposed to 如果 (if), it turns the sentence into a ‘if xxxx, then xxxx’ structure. Taking context into consideration whereby it was followed with the second sentence : we maybe (没准), it takes on a ‘if you could have (followed my initiative instead of taking action on your own), then maybe we would be xxxx right now…’ meaning in english.

        Like I said, I’m not 100% sure I’m right, but the overall meaning should be more or less there. XD Yabla and Baidu helps a lot.

        1. I apologize for the reply! unless I’m replying to somebody, my laptop won’t allow me to comment under this chapter.
          “It was obviously so painful that he couldn’t breathe, but contrarily he couldn’t do anything.”
          I understand the translator is trying to translate as close to the OG, but the sentence sounds so stiff. Personally, I think something along the lines of, “With the mere thought of Daniel collapsing, Wayne’s heart shattered into a million pieces. Almost as if he was forcing himself, he breathed in slowly.”, would feel a lot more expressive. it still keeps the same narrative, you know?? just with a weenie teenie tiny bit of a twist.

          1. Wow, you have really nice prose!
            Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to get:
            “With the mere thought of Daniel collapsing, Wayne’s heart shattered into a million pieces. Almost as if he was forcing himself, he breathed in slowly.”
            “It was obviously so painful that he couldn’t breathe, but contrarily he couldn’t do anything.”
            Lol. XD
            I have an especially hard time with this particular author’s writing style. I don’t know if her prose is too literary, if her prose is too stiff, or if her grammar is just not too good. I already drain all my brain juice just trying to make the English flow smoother than the Chinese. So please bear with me. m(_ _)m ?

            1. Thank you so much!! I didn’t expect you to reply to me, haha. Don’t get me wrong!! I love the way you translate. You’re seriously skilled to be able to read both English and Chinese. I haven’t read the original novel *counting that i can’t read or understand Chinese*, but i’m p sure she just has super stiff writing. do you have a discord/ig? i would love to edit for you *hsbhsb not sure if you’re still working on this novel, but i wouldn’t mind doing it for another one*. if not, that’s totally fine too!! >//>

              1. Hey there, I’m still working on this novel. Barring any unexpected life occurrences, I plan to finish translating this story if possible. I don’t have a discord, and I actually already have an editor, but thanks for the offer. ^^

  2. All for the sake of experience points!

    Lol…. I wonder if the MC was expecting this kind of turnaround.

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