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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 110

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Chapter 110

“It’s too dangerous outside, tell me the password, and next time, you’re also going in.”

Yuan Zheng once again released his power in a great blast, forced the zombies away again, and hurried to Su Shi’s side.

Meeting the concern gaze of the other party, Su Shi gently shook his head. Then he turned around and entered a new set of numbers: “The password is changing.”

As long as there was still someone who had yet to enter, he must stay outside and continue to enter the password.

Yuan Zheng’s heart clenched. He turned around again to protect the young man’s back and relentlessly repulsed the zombies that tried to touch them: “Move fast, leave three people, all the rest will go in!”

The team members reacted quickly. The new ten seconds passed, the door closed again, and there were only a few people who were left behind.

They just had to unlock the door one more time. Ten seconds was completely enough time. Yuan Zheng breathed a sigh of relief, but Su Shi suddenly stopped and raised his head to look out into the darkness.

Among the zombies, he seemed to spot a strange figure jumping around…

“What is it?”

Seeing Su Shi’s movements, Yuan Zheng couldn’t help but frown, his spiritual power swept out in the direction of the young man’s gaze, and his expression shifted slightly: “It’s a Class-B zombie, everyone be careful!”

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Class-B zombies already have higher intelligence, and their power was also much higher than ordinary zombies. Unless their crystal nucleus was crushed, they could regenerate infinitely, and it was almost equivalent to a human’s Class-A superpower.

After a fierce battle, Yuan Zheng’s spiritual power has been greatly consumed. Now he was not sure if he would be able to deal with this big guy.

The situation was urgent. He flipped his hand around to guard Su Shi. His tone sank: “Next time you will go in no matter what. There are only a few of us. Believe in me, we will make it in time.”

Although he was calmly comforting the young man behind him, his heart gradually sank inch by inch. Silently, he made a decision.

Each time the door was opened, it was for ten seconds, neither too long nor too short of a time. If a Class-B zombie chased them into the warehouse, the team members would never have a chance to survive.

Extinguishing the blazing flame in his palm, Yuan Zheng took a deep breath, re-mobilized the remaining spiritual power he had accumulated, and was ready to stay outside and block the Class-B zombie by himself.

Su Shi didn’t answer, but waited for the reset time to pass, and entered the new password again.

The rest of the people were ready, and as soon as the door opened, they quickly entered the warehouse. Yuan Zheng was finally relieved. Looking at the Class-B zombie approaching quickly before him, he was about to rush up to it, but suddenly a hand grabbed his wrist.

“Mu Shi—why haven’t you entered yet?”

Yuan Zheng turned around, stunned. He couldn’t think too much anymore, he had to shove the other person inside the warehouse, but the Class-B zombie had already rushed up to the warehouse door with a roar.

There were five seconds left.

The zombies must be stopped at the door. Yuan Zheng was prepared to let his power out in an explosive burst, no matter the cost to himself, but Su Shi had deftly diverted his arm. With a twist of one hand, he used strength to pushed Yuan Zheng inside the door, while his other hand was inputting another set of numbers into the code lock at lightning speed.

The aura of a living person was always extremely alluring. Without a concern for the other person’s welfare, the B-Class zombie pounced on Su Shi and hefted him up over one shoulder. Then it also wanted to rush into the warehouse while the door was still opened.

A B-Class zombie was carrying Su Shi, but his expression was still calm. Su Shi reached out his arm with difficultly and pressed the last number.

With three seconds left, the door closed suddenly.

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There was momentary silence in the warehouse. Only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.

“N- no, this isn’t right. The little log* is still outside. It hasn’t been ten seconds yet…”

[*T/N: This is the first time Mu Shi is being called little log. It might become a nickname in the future, in which case, I will capitalize it to Little Log, but I’m leaving it lowercase for now. The term is 小木头 (xiao mu tou) in the text, which translates to “little wood log.” I shortened it to “little log” because the meaning is still there and now it’ll be 3 syllables in both English and Chinese. This is both a sound-based and pun-based nickname. The “mu” in Mu Shi 穆拾 and wood 木头 (mu tou) are homonyms. 木头 (mu tou) or log is also an adjective used to describe someone with the personality or countenance of a log, with qualities such as being taciturn, expressionless, aloof, inflexible, and/or blunt with words.]

The striker spoke in a numb voice, shook his head helplessly, staggered up, and fumbled around for the opening mechanism: “How do you open the door? This is not good. We have to bring him in. We said we would protect him…”

“There is a B-Class zombie outside, we can’t go out rashly.”

The deputy team leader’s tone was also a little astringent. After a long stretch of silence, he said in a low voice: “Calm down. If you open the door now, everyone will be in danger.”

He did not say it bluntly out loud, but all the team members knew in their hearts what would happen to the one who was left outside in that situation.

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