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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 111

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Chapter 111

Mu Shi must also know that, so he pushed Yuan Zheng, who was originally determined to stay behind, and stayed outside instead of him. He even closed the door before the ten seconds were up.

Yuan Zheng half knelt on the ground in silence. His fists were tightly clenched and his eyes were already faintly turning red.

“Then what about him? Captain! Are we just going to leave him?”

The striker rushed forward with red eyes and squeezed Yuan Zheng’s shoulders firmly: “Captain, we said we would bring him back! Can’t we go out now and take a look? Look now, at least there is still a bit of hope…”

He couldn’t even persuade himself. His voice gradually lowered until he choked off with his head bowed and squatted weakly on the ground.

Although the others didn’t speak, they couldn’t relax at all in their hearts, and the warehouse fell into repressed silence.

Right now was not the time to be depressed. The deputy team leader took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and stepped forward: “Captain, we still have a mission…”

“Let’s complete the mission first.”

Yuan Zheng spoke slowly, and he felt like there was blood in his throat, but he stood up again: “You lead them inside to collect the things, leave a few people to guard the door, and I will go out and have a look.”

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The deputy team leader had only just started to breath a sigh of relief when he heard the rest of the captain’s sentence, and he couldn’t help but raise his head angrily: “You are the captain, how can you also act willfully like this!”

“I have just used my spiritual powers to probe around outside, and the Class-B zombie have already left. Sometimes they might not immediately feed on their prey, I just–”

He just couldn’t help but want to take a look again.

If there were no traces of being attacked, then he could still convince himself that the other person was still alive…

Yuan Zheng took a deep breath and did not continue to speak, but walked towards the door with his back to the group.

The sniper took a step forward and stopped the deputy team leader who wanted to say something more: “Let’s go, the captain is hurting.”

The deputy team leader was not reconciled and wanted to persuade again, but several people came forth to cover his mouth and drag him into the depths of the warehouse together.

It was very quiet outside.

The Class-B zombie not only took away Mu Shi, but also took away the group of zombies that they were struggling to deal with just then. Only the messy battlefield from the previous fight was left outside, leaving no trace of that young man.

The striker rushed over to speak, met Yuan Zheng’s gaze, swallowed the words again, and then whispered: “Captain, can we still find him?”

Yuan Zheng didn’t answer, just raised his eyes in silence.

The night was getting darker and darker.

Su Shi was carried by the Class-B zombie all the way, and he couldn’t help but suspect he might fall apart from all the jolting, when the big bad zombie finally came to a stop.

The group of zombies who were chasing along had already dispersed. The big zombie placed him on a flat rock, and squatted down in front of him. Its eyes flashed red and it kept roaring with ambiguous and broken syllables.


Su Shi was angry and reopened the instant communication with the system.

“—Host I was wrong. I will never dare to do it again!”

The broken syllables were instantly translated into human words. The big zombie squatted miserably beside him rubbing its eyes, grieving terribly: “It wasn’t intentional…”

Su Shi was starting to get a headache. He took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead: “So you controlled a Class-B zombie and carried me away?”

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“The system cannot control the characters in the plot, otherwise it would be considered cheating.”

After being blacklisted, the system suddenly had the bright idea to control this big zombie and chase after them all the way. It was quite proud at the moment and nodded vigorously.

Su Shi’s head hurt even more.

The difficulty of the official world was indeed much more difficult than that of the novice world. In the first few worlds, he at least experienced the feeling of shouldering the pot. Since entering this world, he has not even touched the edge of the pot.

After fretting for a spell, Su Shi lifted his head. Entertaining the illusion of a fluke, he said: “They misunderstood that I am not the Son of Hell. Can I still get experience points?”

“There is no such pot as [misunderstood by the others as not the Son of Hell], my great Host.”

The system shook its head cautiously and worriedly reminded: “The protagonist group has a high degree of goodwill towards you. It may not be a good thing to associate your current identity with the Son of Hell…”

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