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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 112

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Chapter 112

With Su Shi’s luck, the day that people truly believed he was the Son of Hell would definitely be the day when the Son of Hell’s reputation was washed white.

Su Shi had experience with this kind of plot. He let out a sigh, wrapped his arms around himself, and fretted.

The big zombie didn’t worry. It pulled out a pair of frames from his schoolbag and leaned over as if wanting to help Su Shi put them on.

“Great Host, you have reached this point, how about changing the number and starting over–”

The voice had yet to finish speaking, when the body of the big zombie suddenly stopped. In its hands it still held the frames that it had yet to help Su Shi put on. Then the zombie stiffly fell over.

The blood-colored eyes quietly dimmed. The system’s bitter wails were already ringing in Su Shi’s head.

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Brilliant golden flames instantly surrounded the fallen zombie, raging like an inferno, and in the blink of an eye the fallen zombie was burned into ashes.

Su Shi had yet to return to his senses. He raised his head stiffly and was faced with several familiar and concerned faces.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze was fixed on him. He quickly scanned up and down his body to confirm that there were no obvious injuries on his body. Then he finally heaved a sigh of relief and half knelt down to support his shoulders. “How are you? Are you injured?”

The frames were also burned to the point of being invisible. Fortunately he still had a backup pair of frames in the schoolbag.

Su Shi met his anxious and concerned gaze, and shook his head lightly. Just then the striker strode over, picked him up, and clapped a hand on his back with no mercy.

“Told you not to fool around again! Just a college student, yet you want to be a hero—it’s not your turn to be a hero, you’re responsible for staying alive, you got that!”

It seemed like he had struck with all his strength, but it didn’t hurt at all when his palm made contact with Su Shi’s back. Su Shi was pressed atop his [the striker’s] knees. With a thud he raised his head and looked at Yuan Zheng who dared not help.

Meeting those eyes, which held a rare look of accusation, Yuan Zheng chuckled hoarsely, picked Su Shi up by his arms, and used his hand to protect his back. “All right now, don’t bully him.”

The striker wiped his eyes vigorously and finally grinned. He picked up the schoolbag lying off to the side and hiked it up onto his back. “You’re one lucky fellow, you chanced upon a zombie that wasn’t hungry. Let’s go quickly. They’re all waiting for us…”

“Go back with us, okay?”

Yuan Zheng stretched out his hand to Su Shi. His eyes had regained their gentleness and patience, but he still could not hide the redness of his eyes.

Su Shi was silent for a moment, and eventually nodded.

He didn’t take the hand that the other person had stretched out, but Yuan Zheng didn’t mind. Yuan Zheng clasped him on the shoulder, gave him a pat, and led him away.

After a long night of action, the sky was already faintly turning white. The rest of the team members who were waiting in the armored car finally saw three figures coming towards them and they were very ecstatic.

Ignoring the defensive regulations, the team members jumped out of the car. They scrambled around Su Shi, rubbing and kneading him playfully in reprimand. It wasn’t easy to find him and bring him back. Don’t know who it was, but someone started cheering and everyone else followed, no longer suppressing their emotions. Sky-shaking cheers rang out all around.

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Su Shi sighed extremely lightly, curved his eyebrows helplessly, and finally allowed the corners of his lips to curl up.

He had to change his identity sooner or later anyway, and it didn’t seem to be a bad thing to let this misunderstanding continue.

The mission to collect supplies has been completed, and everyone has gained a lot from the supermarket. On the way back to the base, the car was filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

The petardier coaxed Su Shi to drink two sips of alcohol. Seeing the always cold and reticent young man look around blankly with bright eyes, another round of laughter went through the car.

“Okay, stop messing around with him you guys.”

Yuan Zheng chuckled lightly. He cleared up some space next to him and sat down with Su Shi. “You were kept busy with us all night, are you tired? Close your eyes and sleep for a while. We will arrive at the base very soon.”

Su Shi was not sleepy at first, but was moved by the familiar tone, and couldn’t help but set his eyes on him again.

His mind was still sober, but the original body has lived in isolation since childhood, so he obviously never had a chance to drink any alcohol before, and only a few mouthfuls were enough to get a reaction from the body.

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