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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 113

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Chapter 113

Yuan Zheng didn’t know if the young man in front of him understood his words or not. His expression was still in a daze, but his eyes were fixed on him, and those clear eyes reflected a hazy layer of water.

Yuan Zheng held his breath. His heart softened involuntarily. He lightly pressed the other person to lie down. In a soft voice, he said: “It’s okay, you can sleep assured. They won’t bother you anymore.”

“Yes, yes, go to sleep quickly. We definitely won’t bother you anymore.”

The petardier quickly agreed. He picked up the blankets and piled them on him. Then he knocked on the back of the driver’s seat: “Deputy team leader, dim the lights!”

“Okay, okay, I’m adjusting it.”

The deputy team leader sighed in resignation. He waved his hand to interrupt the petardier’s nagging. He dimmed the ceiling lights and re-adjusted the temperature control system to a higher level. Then he tried to pick out a road that wasn’t too bumpy and drove along it.

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With such good treatment, it was hard for Su Shi to decline their great kindness, so he curled up with his schoolbag and closed his eyes honestly.

The team members calmed down in an instant. They surreptitiously pushed and shoved at each other, and finally they saw their captain carefully covering the young man with the blanket. Only then did they satisfactorily hugged their equipment and withdraw. Then they all closed their eyes and dozed.

After all, they were also up and about the whole night. The atmosphere returned to quiet and sleepiness crept up upon them.

The original body was still drunk, so Su Shi relaxed and unwittingly fell asleep.

Yuan Zheng wasn’t really sleepy. His eyes fell upon the dozing young man, and he adjusted the blanket for him.

The person under the blanket slept peacefully, his brows unconsciously softened, and the corners of his lips that were always pressed slightly together were also faintly relaxed. It revealed an unsuspecting gentleness and purity, which made people’s hearts unwittingly soften.

Thinking of the young man’s unwavering gaze when he pushed Yuan Zheng through the door, Yuan Zheng’s heart contracted slightly, and the faint smiling light in his eyes gradually dissipated.

The stronger the ability, the greater the responsibility. He has been rigorously trained since the day he discovered his talent. He became strong quickly, and then he became the captain of this team. He has long been used to protecting and caring for others, but there has never been a time when other people protected him.

What’s more, the other person was still such a young man who didn’t seem to have any fighting ability.

He carefully stroked the other person’s short hair, and the missing piece in his heart finally seemed to be filled. Yuan Zheng sighed extremely lightly, raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously, and closed his eyes.

He got him back.

Two hours later, Yuan Zheng opened his eyes right on time and leaned forward to touch the deputy team leader’s shoulder: “I’ll drive, you take a rest.”

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There was still a long way to go to return to Base B. They needed to change shifts so that they didn’t get too tired. The deputy team leader nodded and stopped the car. He shifted over to the front passenger seat. As he watched Yuan Zheng climb up front from the back seats, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something but then hesitated.

“What do you want to ask?”

Yuan Zheng stepped on the accelerator, steered the steering wheel steadily, and bypassed a pothole that was blown out.

The deputy team leader took a deep breath and lowered his voice: “Captain… was he really not injured when you guys found him?”

Having almost guessed what he was going to say, the light in Yuan Zheng’s eyes sank. He did not answer.

“He could crack the code with just a glance at the program, which indicates that he has extremely strong mental power. He could break free of your control, and he could survive safely under the hands of a Class-B zombie…”

The deputy team leader looked like he was struggling with himself. He glanced back at the sleeping youth, gritted his teeth, and said: “If—what if he really is the Son of Hell?”

Yuan Zheng turned his head slightly and glanced at the worried deputy team leader before turning his gaze back on the road. Obviously, he was not surprised by his doubts.

“Then it means that the Son of Hell is actually different from what we thought. Is there any problem?”

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