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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 114

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Chapter 114 (39.1)

“No, not a problem…”

The deputy team leader was stunned for quite a while. He was unexpectedly unable to refute, and sunk back into his seat dispiritedly.

In all fairness, asides from being taciturn and introverted, he [Mu Shi] was really a very likeable young man. Not to mention, he repeatedly helped their team out and even saved everyone’s lives.

Compared with everyone else’s attitudes, even the deputy team leader felt that he was too harsh. He lowered his head to reflect for a long while. He eventually suppressed the worries in his heart and closed his eyes resignedly.

Yuan Zheng’s mental power was much stronger than the others. He didn’t switch out with anyone else, and drove the car steadily back to the base.

The movement of the car parking woke Su Shi up. He opened his eyes and sat up in a daze.

Yuan Zheng walked around from the driver’s seat. When he saw that Su Shi was still looking confused, a smile appeared in his eyes. He leaned forward and carried his backpack for him: “Did you sleep well?”

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Su Shi felt that his pre-determined image of a sinister and callous person was getting further and further away from him. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and nodded his head. Then he followed Yuan Zheng and hopped out of the armored car.

After the destruction of the central base, no other base rose up as the strongest. Base B has always been known for its strong military strength, but its economic and technological strength was relatively weak. The base had to often send patrol groups out of the city to collect supplies. The base would also hire out teams to other bases for payment.

Su Shi did not have any identification documents yet, so Yuan Zheng had everyone else return to camp to rest while he led Su Shi to the central building.

On the first floor of the building was a public cafeteria. It was precisely lunchtime and the faint sounds of human voices could be heard, but there was no smell of food.

“Are you hungry? There isn’t much that’s good to eat here. I told them to go back first and cook lunch. We’ll go join them in a bit to eat.”

Perceiving Su Shi’s gaze, Yuan Zheng patiently stopped and explained to him in a low voice with a smile. Then he took out a piece of chocolate and handed it to him.

Su Shi didn’t think that there was someone else asides from him who had taken chocolates from the supermarket. Su Shi glanced at Yuan Zheng curiously, and then thanked him. He peeled off the wrapping paper and wanted to break off a piece, but Yuan Zheng held his hand and pushed it back: “It’s for you. Wrap it back up. If you’re hungry, [eat a little to] pad your stomach.”

Su Shi was stunned for a moment. Then he put away the chocolate obediently. The smile in Yuan Zheng’s eyes grew a bit more. He patted Su Shi on the back, and then led him into the elevator all the way to the top floor.

In these post-apocalyptic times, caution was high concerning the movement of people between bases. Even with Yuan Zheng’s identity, anybody that he brought back would still have to go through a series of investigations and tests. Only after confirming everything could identification papers be issued.

Su Shi followed the staff member into the medical room. A tube of blood was drawn for a virus test. They were just about to go out the door when a tall, thin man in a white coat suddenly hurried in from outside.

After the man brushed past, the beep of a side mission sounded in Su Shi’s ears.

[Side Mission: Complete revenge, eliminate the sinister careerist Dr. Dark, and protect Base B]

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Each side mission had an extra reward of five thousand experience points. Of course the destitute [in points] Su Shi didn’t plan to give up this opportunity. While pressing on the cotton ball [from where his blood was taken], he turned his body around. His gaze burned into the man’s back.

“What’s wrong?”

Yuan Zheng was waiting for him outside. Seeing that Su Shi seemed to be interested in the man who had just entered, he explained softly: “He is Dr. He. This base’s top brass spent a lot of money to invite him here. He specializes in biology and evolution studies. He’s usually in the laboratory, so it’s hard to see him.”

[T/N: Surname He 贺 means “to congratulate”]

Su Shi glanced at his experience points, which was in the shape of a man wearing a white coat.

He raised his head and asked, “His last name is He?”

“Yes, Dr. He is a very powerful person. He has researched many new plans for growing food, and he has also proposed ideas for purifying water and soil, which makes up for the large shortcomings of the base.”

Yuan Zheng didn’t pay much attention. He just nodded and led Su Shi back to the office area, but Su Shi still stood where he was.

As if sensing his gaze, Dr. He finally turned around and looked thoughtfully at the beautiful young man at the door.

Seeing his front profile, Su Shi raised his eyebrows slightly, finally confirming the identity of the other party.

This Dr. He was the former Dr. Dark, the culprit who used Mu Shi to perform human experiments at the central base. After the destruction of the central base, he escaped by chance and changed his face to take refuge in Base B. At the moment, he has yet to reveal his careerist claws, and even established a reputation in Base B.

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