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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 115

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Chapter 115

Most of the painful experiences that the original body went through were due to Dr. Dark. It was no wonder that there was an extra note of [complete revenge] within his mission parameters.

Suddenly locating the target for his mission, Su Shi’s eyes flashed coldly, but he faintly curled his lips toward him [in a smile] before leaving with Yuan Zheng.

Feeling an inexplicable chill behind him, Dr. He looked in the direction that the young man had walked off to. He frowned and pushed his glasses up: “Who was the one who went out just now, and where did they come from?”

“Team Yuan brought him back, saying that he was a friend’s younger brother who came here to take refuge.”

Dr. He’s prestige in Base B was high. The staff member quickly turned over the records and added: “He’s called Mu Shi. It’s quite a strange name.”

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The name was very unfamiliar. Dr. He nodded slightly, but he kept feeling the other person’s gaze on his back. He received the register and flipped through it. In a casual tone he said: “Deliver the new batch of serum today, and this one named Mu Shi, I want him too.”

“Okay, just wait in the laboratory. We will send someone to deliver it for you immediately.”

The staff member quickly responded, and then stood up to watch Dr. He leave.

Su Shi held his elbow and followed behind Yuan Zheng. In his mind, he was making up plans for the side mission he had just received.

He could not be too hasty either. In order to improve the overall task score relatively, the best choice was undoubtedly to expose the opponent as an evil careerist first, and then find a way to take care of this threat.

Because he was deep in thought, it was inevitable that he would be a little absentminded. Yuan Zheng only thought that he was hungry, so he sped up the pace, took him though the procedures quickly, and then led him back to the patrol team’s independent camp.

The patrol team was in a separate courtyard. As soon as he stepped in, Su Shi could smell the enticing fragrance.

“Little Log, Captain, you’re back!”

Unlike the shabby dishes outside, the food in the patrol team was obviously better by more then just one or two levels.

The fragrant canned meat was boiling in the big pot, and the freshly steamed rice was placed in the bowl. The striker beckoned them vigorously. He had a handful of dried vegetables in his hand. He shook his head with a sigh: “There’s enough meat, but unfortunately there isn’t any vegetables. If only Dr. He can research some more and tell us how to grow vegetables again, that would be good.”

The light in Su Shi’s eyes flickered. He looked pensively at the dried vegetables in his hand.

The method of growing vegetables has already been researched and developed when the central base was still standing, but Dr. Dark was just holding onto the method. It was clear that he was waiting for a good offer, and wanted to bring it out at a suitable time.

Su Shi just knew that Dr. Dark was concealing things.

“Take it slow. There will always be a way.”

Yuan Zheng smiled and shook his head. He wanted to lead Su Shi back to change clothes first, but Su Shi suddenly walked over and stopped the striker’s movements.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like to eat this?”

The striker asked curiously, but Su Shi just shook his head and raised his eyes to look at him: “Can you give me one?”

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Watched by those clear eyes, the striker was stunned for a moment. Then he hurriedly passed the dried vegetables over: “Here, have it. Vegetables are hard to find. This stuff is rare. We have them in our rations, but they are dry and hard. It doesn’t taste good. It just adds some flavor to the dishes.”

Su Shi thanked him. He pinched the green part from the vegetable leaf and placed it in his hand. Then a light blue light suddenly appeared in his palm.

Under the catalysis of his supernatural power, the broken leaves were silently transformed. Roots grew downwards and thin shoots emerged. In the blink of an eye, new emerald green leaves were drawn out and slowly unfolded in the air.

The courtyard suddenly fell silent. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the plant in his hand, and they didn’t even dare to breathe. A vaguely excited light appeared in their eyes.

What was truly desperate in the post-apocalyptic days were not the wandering zombies or the destroyed homes, but the land where no crops could grow, the water sources that one could not directly drink from, and the sunlight that could no longer make plants grow smoothly.

Having lost the basic sources of survival, human beings lived in panic every day.

Su Shi only wanted to cook some vegetables to eat, but when he returned to his senses he realized that everyone was staring at him. His hand shook and the vegetable fell into the pot whole.

“Don’t throw it!”

The deputy team leader rushed over, but he was already a step too late. The green vegetable had fallen in and was boiling along with the meat broth.

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