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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 116

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Chapter 116

A crowd of people came over. They all wore a distressed expression on their faces, but they still squeezed forward desperately, greedily inhaling the faint fragrance of vegetables.

While Su Shi was blinking blankly, Yuan Zheng pulled him out of the crowd of people. Su Shi tried to explain: “There’s no poison…”

“I know. They’re just too excited.”

Yuan Zheng chuckled lightly. He hugged Su Shi tightly. Unexpectedly, his voice had a faint raspy quality to it.

“Did you know? A lot of people acquired abilities in the post-apocalyptic world. There are powers that can wreck and destroy, and there are powers that can purify and heal. But there is not a single ability with a core that’s ‘life.’”

His arms faintly tightened with excitement, and his gaze was already heating up. But he still restrained himself. Su Shi was starting to feel uncomfortable. Yuan Zheng let him go and put his hands on his shoulders: “Mu Shi, you are our hope.”


Fortunately, [he] did not use the plant abilities as the Son of Hell.

Su Shi, who was only a step away from despair, was frightened for a while. He couldn’t help but rejoice that he was lucky enough to have tried out his abilities in advance. He turned around in Yuan Zheng’s arms and looked at the crowd of people that was still lingering around the pot.

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Just one stalk of vegetable was not enough [for everyone] to eat.

Seeing the look of dissatisfaction still in those eyes, Yuan Zheng couldn’t help but smile and stroke his back indulgently. Then he went over and lightly pushed apart the crowd of people: “All right, all right, are there any more dried vegetables?”

The crowd of people rushed back to the dormitory, and soon they brought back all kinds of dried vegetables. Su Shi’s eyes were faintly shining. He selected a few of them and prompted them to grow into plants. He removed the roots and then put them into the pot. The vegetables enriched the broth quite a bit, and created a soothing feeling of comfort.

The team members unanimously felt that the roots that were removed were a pity. After fighting for a long time, everyone was easily able to share and get a small piece each. They happily cupped it in their hands and brought it back to their rooms to hide away.

The deputy team leader was too embarrassed to fight with everyone [over the vegetable roots], so he stood alone by himself in the middle of the courtyard. Su Shi thought he wasn’t able to grab anything amidst the crowd, so he prompted the remaining garlic clove in his hand to sprout, and then he magnanimously stuffed it into the deputy team leader’s hand.

Looking at the lush green garlic sprouts, the deputy team leader was choked up for a long while and the rim of his eyes swiftly turned red all around. He raised his head and was about to speak, but the young man was already sitting next to the pot with a bowl in his hands. He looked up eagerly, waiting for Yuan Zheng to serve him soup.

The deputy team leader suddenly felt guilty for all the doubts he had before. He wiped his eyes vigorously and happily returned to his room with the whole garlic sprout.

Everyone was satisfied with lunch that day. By the time the fire had completely died down, the sky was also gradually dimming.

After Su Shi had eaten his fill, Yuan Zheng led him back to his room. Although the furnishings in the room were simple, they all looked neat and warm. There was a desk with a lamp, and his schoolbag was placed on it. On the bed someone had specially laid out two quilts.

Meeting his gaze, Yuan Zheng touched the tip of his nose and coughed lightly: “We’re always going on missions outside, so we’re all used to sleeping on hard surfaces. If you feel that it is too hard, we can add more [quilts].”

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Su Shi sat atop the quilts to test it out. Then he raised his head and spoke in all seriousness, “It’s already very good.”

Only then did Yuan Zheng breath a sigh of relief. He smiled and touched Su Shi on the shoulder, and then he helped him smooth out the quilts. “Inside the car is stuffy and rocky. You must not have slept well. There’s a separate bathroom inside. Have a good rest first. I will go out and take a look.”

Yuan Zheng did not linger for long. After he finished speaking, he turned around and went out.

Su Shi’s gaze kept staying on Yuan Zheng. He watched the other man close the door carefully. Then he fell back on the softly paved single bed and sighed extremely lightly.

Very similar. But there was also a subtle difference. Yuan Zheng gave him chocolate instead of the familiar hot cocoa.

He couldn’t be irresponsible to two people. It was still best to not get too close to Yuan Zheng.

Su Shi lay on the bed and rested for a while. When he reckoned that no one would come to find him again, he turned off the desk lamp, opened his schoolbag, took out a new pair of frames, and put them on. Carrying the spoils of war that he got as the Son of Hell, he jumped out of the window.

Dark purple petals rapidly unfolded behind him. Using the momentum of his jump, Su Shi’s silhouette quickly melted into the dark night.

Rumor has it that the Son of Hell has black wings, but in actuality it was a type of mutated phalaenopsis, which could be used to replace hang gliding wings when tied to the body.

One of his mission tasks was to guard the Unbounded City. He must rush back for a trip to the Unbounded City.

Everyone knew that the Unbounded City was the Son of Hell’s territory, but because of the protection of that bloodthirsty forest, no one has actually entered the Unbounded City before, so no one knew what it actually looked like.

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