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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 117

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Chapter 117

In what other people saw as the gloomy nest of devils, at present was the time when people were preparing to rest. Warm yellow light shone from every window. If one got closer, one could even hear the sounds of talking and laughter from inside.

In these post-apocalyptic times when everyone was in danger, the stability here was almost like one big dream.

Su Shi still had a lot to do tonight, and he couldn’t stay in his own territory for a long time. He withdrew his plant wings once he arrived outside of a tower. He threw all of his crystal nucleus and supplies into a window.

The objects fell with a heavy sound. From inside the room came a flustered and exasperated voice, “Stinky brat, the next time you throw things around like this, I will definitely take all of your crystal nucleus!”

The corner of Su Shi’s lips quirked up and he responded in a low voice.

“It’s for you. I have to go out again. I’ll come back in a few days.”

Hearing the sound of footsteps inside, his body moved slightly, and he disappeared into the darkness again.

The old person in the room walked quickly to the window, but only the quiet night was left. He was stunned for a while. Finally he shook his head with a helpless smile, but some warmth appeared in his eyes.

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Su Shi, who had rushed back to Base B, had already landed outside of Dr. He’s laboratory.

The other party seemed to have concealed everything perfectly, but Su Shi believed it was impossible for the other person’s cover to be as perfect as it seemed. As long as he wanted to find it, he would definitely find the tracks that the careerist left behind.

With a hand to steady his glasses frames, Su Shi felt a little more assured. Then he deftly went in through the window. He brought out a fluorescent plant to use for lighting and then opened the AI to scan the whole laboratory.

He had just taken a single step, when the sound of a sharp siren went off.

“I finally remembered who you are…”

The lights of the laboratory suddenly brightened. Dr. He raised his gun with a firm hand and aimed the weapon at him. His lips twisted into a cruel smile: “What should I call you? Number 50, Mu Shi, or… the Son of Hell?”

He enunciated the last four words particularly clearly. Su Shi suddenly felt a chill behind his back, but his eyes remained cold and indifferent, quietly looking at the man in front of him.

That rubbish system. Can it not present an obstacle for once?

Mu Shi’s identity could no longer be associated with the Son of Hell. The only thing he could do was to dispose of the other person on the spot.

Fortunately, the other person was an evil person guilty of monstrous crimes, so Su Shi did not feel any guilt in getting rid of him.

He took off the glasses frames that were not useful at all, and set it aside. He raised his hand towards him, and gave the other man a friendly, slow grin tinted with murderous intent. The light in his eyes rapidly grew cold.

The laboratory specialized in biological research, and there were plants everywhere. Su Shi hooked his finger, and a vine quietly crawled over and tripped Dr. Dark, who was walking forward step by step.

At the same time, Su Shi was already pouncing forward. He did not use any abilities, and just rained his bare fists upon the other man without mercy.

The original body has suffered countless tortures and accumulated infinite hatred for this world. Even if he chose to forgive and protect in the end, he still refused to walk with anyone.

Now there was a chance for revenge, so just let this body vent it all out for once.

When Yuan Zheng came out of Mu Shi’s room, his expression immediately turned serious. He called all the team members together, and took the time to emphasize that Mu Shi’s ability must be kept strictly confidential.

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He had mentioned it several times during dinner today, and the team members all knew the importance, and they all agreed and distributed the harvest from the supermarket according to their needs, before each went back to rest.

As for the captain and the deputy team leader, they still had to integrate the consumption expenditures of this mission [before they could retire to rest]. Yuan Zheng observed that the deputy team leader seemed to be overfilling with words he wanted to say but was too hesitant to voice. Finally Yuan Zheng got exasperated. He sighed lightly and put down the account book.

“Speak, what do you feel is wrong about him this time?”

“It’s not that, I just–”

The deputy team leader’s eyes flickered. He bowed his head with a guilty conscience, and took a long time to take a deep breath before lifting his gaze: “Captain, it was I who was in the wrong before. I shouldn’t have suspected Xiao Shi*. His ability is ‘life,’ it absolutely cannot be the ability of someone who has come back from hell to seek revenge.”

[*T/N: Xiao Shi – nickname for Mu Shi. Xiao means “little” and Shi is the same character as Mu Shi’s name.]

Yuan Zheng didn’t expect that the deputy team leader’s entry point into the topic would be this unique. He arched his eyebrow slightly and chuckled lightly: “If that’s what you think then that’s good. I want to add his census register into our team, and I was worried that you wouldn’t be willing–”

“Captain, did you take him to get his identity certificate already?”

Before he finished speaking, the deputy team leader’s expression suddenly changed, and some anxiety and tension appeared in his eyes: “Did they draw his blood? When did they draw it?”

“At noon today… Is there anything wrong?”

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