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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 119

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Chapter 119

The plot reversed so fast that Su Shi didn’t know how to react for a while. He frowned instinctively and raised his gaze vigilantly.

Yuan Zheng’s breathing suddenly stagnated.

Most of the time, the look in those eyes was somewhat cold, but never hostile. Sometimes, those eyes would even soften faintly, and flash with bright and vivid colors. Occasionally, a small smile could easily make people feel a wave of warmth.

For the first time, Yuan Zheng saw a sensitive and vigilant look in those eyes that made him go cold.

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“Xiao Shi, don’t worry. Go back with the captain first and listen to the captain’s explanation…”

The deputy team leader quickly stepped forward. He tried to ease Mu Shi’s tension with a mollifying tone. With a complicated expression he looked over at Dr. He who was in the corner. “Right now, we don’t have any evidence. We can’t do anything with just a single tube of blood serum. Captain, let’s go back first and then talk…”

The laboratory was the government’s most important place. The two people sneaked into the core building, and they fought here. Sooner or later, the guards on duty would be attracted and come to check out the situation.

Yuan Zheng took a deep breath. He suppressed the remorse and vexation that he could not yet reconcile. He bent slightly to meet Su Shi’s gaze. Holding on to his wrist, he spoke softly: “First, come back with me, okay?”

In any case, they couldn’t linger in the laboratory anymore.

Mu Shi’s identity was indeed not the best choice to be regarded as the Son of Hell. He was washed white before he could become black. Su Shi was somewhat depressed, but he adjusted his mentality quickly. He nodded, relaxed his strength, and let the protagonist lead him to the door.

Seeing Mu Shi’s reaction, Yuan Zheng’s heart finally warmed up slightly.

At least Mu Shi was willing to believe him.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes felt faintly hot. He wanted to hold Mu Shi tighter, but he was afraid of irritating the other party again. He just relaxed the strength in his hand to encircle that thin wrist, but the muscles in his arm were already pulled so taut that they were as hard as steel.

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They had just reached the door, when Dr. He, who was still unwilling to give up, obstructed their path: “Captain Yuan, you can’t take him away! Do you know that he is–”

Before he could finish speaking, Yuan Zheng grabbed him by the throat and shoved him against the wall.

An extremely sharp and cold light flashed from the depths of Yuan Zheng’s eyes. His fierce mental power spread out without a sound. A few muffled noises echoed back. All the surveillance cameras in the room had been destroyed.


The deputy team leader quickly stepped forward and hurriedly tugged on his arm: “Now is not the right time, the matter has not been completely figured out yet, we can’t do anything to him—captain!”

The strength in Yuan Zheng’s hand did not relax. His eyes were already exuding an extremely fierce and cold light. Just as he was about to exert more force in his hand, his expression changed from cold one moment to stunned in the next.

Mu Shi, who he was protecting at his side, had also raised his hand and grabbed a hold of his arm. The young man shook his head slightly: “No, it will be very troublesome.”

Yuan Zheng finally heard Mu Shi open his mouth to talk. His breathing became slightly sluggish. The cold look in his eyes rapidly warmed into something mild and gentle. There was a scorching light shining faintly from the depths of his eyes.

Su Shi stared at Yuan Zheng steadily, and refused to loosen up the strength of his grip.

If the protagonist exerted a bit more force with his hand, then he would directly choke Su Shi’s experience points to death.

The side mission did not count as completed unless Su Shi took care of the opponent with his own hands. Su Shi’s heart was beating fast. He couldn’t help but feel deeply worried about his precarious experience points.

The intense blood color disappeared from Yuan Zheng’s gaze in an instant. Upon meeting Mu Shi’s eyes, which seemed to show faint worry, Yuan Zheng’s gaze quickly softened and he nodded gently: “Okay.”

With that said, he loosened up the strength in his arm.

After finally escaping from the grim reaper’s sickle, Dr. He coughed and panted hard. He was about to speak again, but he suddenly met with a very sharp gaze.

Although the force clamping down on his neck had relaxed, the threat of death was still wrapped around his throat.

The utter fear made him speechless for a moment. He instinctively held his breath and stuck to the wall motionlessly.

“Listen well.”

Yuan Zheng met his gaze unflinchingly. With killing intent in his eyes, and ice creeping into his voice, he said: “If I see you scheming against Mu Shi again, regardless of whether you’re a doctor or what purpose you have, I will not let you go again, are we clear?”

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After finally understanding his situation thoroughly, Dr. He was so frightened that he couldn’t stand steady. He dared not speak any more, and nodded vigorously.

Only then did Yuan Zheng fling him away. Pulling on Su Shi, they quickly left the laboratory.

Dr. He had originally wanted to use this opportunity tonight to take care of the big problem known as Mu Shi, so he had specifically reported that there would be an important experiment tonight, and asked the guards to enter the floor of the laboratory after twelve o’ clock. It was to the extent that even though they had made such a big ruckus, no one had perceived anything off.

This whole time, they had entered and exited the laboratory without a hitch. Although Yuan Zheng and the deputy team leader had doubts in their hearts, they could not attend to too many problems at once. They could only bring Su Shi out of the government building secretly.

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