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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 120

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Chapter 120

“Xiao Shi, [please] believe in the captain. He didn’t know you have such an important and rare ability before. Otherwise, he would never have taken you to get your blood drawn.”

Seeing the other two people leave the building in a dead silence, the deputy team leader finally couldn’t help it anymore, and stopped in front of Su Shi. He took a deep breath and spoke sincerely.

“Don’t worry, even if Dr. He knows about your powers, we will never hand you over to him. With our captain here, even the top brass at the base would not dare to go head to head with our patrol team. We will definitely protect you. Isn’t that right, Captain?”

As he said this, he fiercely elbowed Yuan Zheng and indicated that he should immediately take advantage of the situation to explain properly.

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But Yuan Zheng was still unmoved like before. His eyes fell on Su Shi’s body. After a long silence, he raised his hand and helped the young man adjust his shirt collar, which was a little messy because of the previous fierce fighting. His tone became soft and gentle again.

“Are you injured anywhere? Did Dr. He do anything to you?”

Thanks to the deputy team leader’s friendly explanation, Su Shi finally understood what was going on. A complicated feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry arose in his chest. He coughed lightly once and lifted his head.

“I’m fine…”

Hearing Su Shi cough, Yuan Zheng took off his clothes and draped it lightly over him. But his gaze was arrested by Su Shi’s forehead.

Under the dim light outside the building, Yuan Zheng frowned slightly and raised his hand. He brushed aside the messy hair on Su Shi’s forehead and touched a blood mark on the corner of his forehead.

“Does it hurt?”

He must have accidentally bumped into the corner of some random table while he was pummeling Dr. Dark. Su Shi didn’t feel the injury at all. He met the other man’s apparently worried gaze, and at last his brows curved helplessly: “I’m really okay.”

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Those delicate eyebrows of his finally smoothed out from their furrowed state, and it gave viewers a soft and warm feel.

Yuan Zheng’s hand trembled, his breathing suddenly stopped, and he stared at him blankly.

Su Shi sighed lightly and raised his head to meet the other’s gaze. The look in his eyes have completed thawed and mellowed out.

He really couldn’t understand how the protagonist’s brain worked. It was a bit dumbfounding, but the inexplicable warmth still appropriately soothed the depression and disappointment of another failure to carry the pot.

But that wasn’t too important. He still had opportunities to change the narrative. As long as he figured out what was wrong with the disguising glasses, he would surely be able to get the pot back.

There shouldn’t be a problem with keeping his Mu Shi identity sparkling clean.

Su Shi heaved a sigh of relief and raised his eyes to look at Yuan Zheng: “I’m tired, let’s go back.”


Hearing these words from Su Shi, Yuan Zheng’s expression finally eased completely, and he agreed warmly. Just as he was about to tug on Su Shi’s arm, the alarm bell suddenly rang behind him.

The deputy team leader’s expression sank and he spoke quickly in a low voice. “Darn, that Dr. He must have contacted the guards. Quick, go!”

Yuan Zheng nodded. He didn’t have time to consider too many things. With a whispered apology, he picked Su Shi up into his arms.

With an abrupt burst of speed, they left the guards chasing them behind in the dust and quickly disappeared into the deep night.

Su Shi was a bit dumbfounded at being picked up so skillfully by Yuan Zheng. Before he could react, he was pressed against Yuan Zheng’s strong chest.

“Sorry, it will be faster this way.”

Yuan Zheng spoke with a warm voice. He used his clothes to cover up Su Shi, and then used his mental power to block the cold night wind for him.

Su Shi made a move to get out of Yuan Zheng’s arms and onto his own two feet, but the sound of gunfire behind them caused him to curl back up quietly against Yuan Zheng’s chest.

Yuan Zheng felt Su Shi faintly pressing against him and his gaze turned warm, but there was also a little sadness in there too.

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Accustomed to running at such high speeds, Yuan Zheng and the deputy team leader soon threw off the soldiers chasing after them. But they still remained tacitly silent until they returned to the patrol team’s independent courtyard.

It was already very late, and all the members were sleeping soundly.

After they got back, the deputy team leader silently slinked off somewhere. This left Yuan Zheng to lead Su Shi, who was still wearing Yuan Zheng’s clothes, back to his room.

Both of them were a little exhausted. Su Shi pulled Yuan Zheng to the bed and had him sit. Then he took off his clothes, folded them neatly, and poured a glass of water for Yuan Zheng.

Yuan Zheng lifted his hands to receive the glass, but it was like he didn’t care what he was being handed at all. His gaze was only focused on Su Shi.

Seeing the uneasiness that had yet to dissipate from those eyes, Su Shi finally couldn’t help but soften up. He squatted down in front of Yuan Zheng and lifted his head to look at the other person. “I’m really fine, so don’t worry.”

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