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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 121

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Chapter 121

“I can protect you, trust me, okay?” Yuan Zheng finally spoke in a soft voice. His hand moved to rub Su Shi’s head, but then stopped halfway. Instead, he gently pulled Su Shi up by his hands and told him to sit beside him.

It was like this last time, and this time it was the same again.

Their rooms were right next to each other. No matter how powerful Dr. He’s subordinates were it would be impossible for them to silently abscond away with a living person right under the patrol team’s noses.

What’s more, Mu Shi was much stronger than he looked. Otherwise, why would Dr. He not be able to get anything from Mu Shi, even after having Mu Shi in the laboratory?

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If Dr. He really had ordered people to steal Mu Shi away, as long as Mu Shi called for help, Yuan Zheng would have definitely been able to hear him.

Looking at the evident doubt still in those eyes, Yuan Zheng’s gaze gradually dimmed. He smiled helplessly and gently stroked Mu Shi’s back: “Okay, let’s not talk about it anymore. It’s late. You have a good rest. I am here no matter what, so you don’t have to worry…”

Yuan Zheng stopped talking. He lowered his gaze and was silent for a moment. Then he abruptly brought the young man’s thin body into a gentle hug.

“Believe in me, okay?”

His voice was still very gentle and soft, but there was already a faint tone of pleading seeping through.

Again, Su Shi did not have the heart to trample on Yuan Zheng’s good will.

Of course he believed that the other person wouldn’t harm him, but the way the protagonist was protecting him was simply endangering his experience points.

Su Shi looked at his wretched [experience points] balance. The Su Shi who didn’t even know how the pot looked like in this world felt complicated at heart.

After a long silence, he nodded lightly, “I believe you.”

Hearing his answer, Yuan Zheng stopped breathing. He couldn’t help the upward curve of his lips, and his eyes finally lit up with a bright light.

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“It’s getting late, get a good night’s sleep, and ask the guys to cook you more delicious food tomorrow morning.”

As if some invisible shackles were suddenly unlocked, Yuan Zheng’s tone seemed a lot lighter, and with a smile, he got up and walked away quickly, closing the door gently behind him.

The body was indeed exhausted, but there was still work to do.

Su Shi took a hasty shower, put on his clothes, and sat back on the bed. Then he pulled out the system that was dedicated to playing dead.

“The glasses are effective. It’s the person that you were using the glasses against that has a problem…”

The system knew what Su Shi wanted to ask. After holding back for a while, it cautiously said: “The glasses are equivalent to a skin add-on. It will change your image in the eyes of the characters in the plot, but ultimately, they only have an effect on the characters that are composed of data. There is no way to hide from the eyes of upper dimensional staff members.”

“Dr. Dark is also–”

Su Shi was stunned. Halfway through asking his question he suddenly realized that the name seemed really familiar.

The system waited for a while. Seeing that Su Shi did not continue to talk, it continued to explain while being very scared and on edge: “The Dark God is unwilling to concede and insisted on entering this world. He said he wants to torment the host for a good round. To offset the staff member’s mental losses, the main system allowed him to vent his personal anger in this world under the premise that he does not affect the plot.”

After that, Su Shi beat him to near death a second time.

Su Shi’s stomach hurt just thinking about it. He pulled on the quilt and fell on the bed. He pressed on his stomach and drew in a cold breath: “Do I even have the experience points to be penalized?”

The amount of experience points he had in his account was clearly not enough to pay a penalty fee.

The system stalled for a bit before replying in a small voice: “The penalty is over. I paid the remaining difference… I believe that the host will definitely pay me back!”

A moment of silence passed, but there was no response [from Su Shi], and the mechanical voice stuttered without confidence: “The host will pay me back, right?”

The person lying on the bed was tightly covered with the quilt, and his breathing was steady and long. It turned out that the host had fallen asleep without the system realizing it.

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Fortunately, the host had only fallen asleep, and wasn’t ignoring him. When the host woke up, he would definitely work hard to earn experience points and repay it to the system.

The system finally breathed a sigh of relief, rejoiced, and safely switched to the dormant state.

After another while, the door was gently opened.

Yuan Zheng went in and looked around. Seeing the situation on the bed, his eyes could not help but become soaked in warmth and exasperation.

He waited patiently for a while, and saw that the person wrapped in the quilt was still motionless and sound asleep, so he lightly turned off the light. Then he adjusted Su Shi’s position on the bed, and carefully tucked the quilt in for him. He also attentively closed the window.

After carefully checking that nothing was amiss, Yuan Zheng walked out the door on silent feet. He spread out his mental energy and blanketed the young man’s room with it. Now, he would be able to detect even the slightest movement.

After doing all this, he finally relaxed, went back to his bedroom and lay down, and then went to sleep peacefully.

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