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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 122

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Chapter 122

They had a night of calm.

Early the next morning, the base announced the punishment.

Attacking the laboratory late at night, no matter what the reason, this behavior was obviously extremely bad.

Yuan Zheng took all the faults onto himself, and during the investigation, he also insisted that he had a sudden whim and couldn’t help but beat up the doctor.

After all, Yuan Zheng was one of the best ability users in the base, and his abnormally obstinate attitude was giving the upper brass incessant headaches. So without any better options, they could only call out both parties involved for a face-to-face confrontation.

Su Shi worried and waited all morning before finally seeing Yuan Zheng and the deputy team leader come back.

“It’s not a big deal. They’re asking us to go to base T to perform an employment task, and the remuneration will be handed over to the base. It could be considered atoning for one’s crimes by meritorious acts.”

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In response to the faint concern in the young man’s eyes, Yuan Zheng felt warmth in his heart. He smiled and handed the young man the patrol badge that he had just brought back. Speaking softly, he said: “Everyone wants to eat more vegetables. We’ll have to trouble you to go out with us. Is that okay?”

Knowing that Yuan Zheng was worried about him staying alone in the base, Su Shi nodded and received the patrol badge that he was handed. “Are there any other punishments?”

Dr. Dark was beaten by Su Shi so badly that he was about to lose his human form. For him to merely deal with the matter like this was somewhat strange.

Yuan Zheng gave a light cough, and before he could answer, the deputy team leader was already laughing and answering: “This is also due to that Dr. He. He is probably also afraid that the upper brass will know about him secretly collecting blood serum, so he didn’t dare to tell the truth. He came up with a random excuse. He insisted on accusing you of being the Son of Hell, and that he was eliminating you for the sake of the people…”

It looked like Su Shi didn’t beat that Dr. Dark up enough. He actually dared to expose his identity like that.

Su Shi’s heart sank slightly, but then he realized that the two of them looked disapproving, and he blinked: “The higher-ups didn’t believe him?”

“They said, rather than believing that the Son of Hell came to a laboratory full of precious medicines and instead of stealing stuff he only beat up the people in the laboratory with his bare hands, it was more believable that our captain was in a bad mood, went out, and suddenly wanted to beat someone up.”

The deputy team leader couldn’t help but smile as he retold the scene seriously.

Su Shi was dumbfounded. He was speechless for a long while, and then he humbly noted it down.

It seemed… that the people’s expectations for the Son of Hell was still very strict…

The task schedule was very tight, and the team members quickly prepared for combat and left the base that afternoon.

The team had another task as soon as they woke up, but no one complained, and because of Mu Shi’s company, their spirits along the way were still very high.

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The military strength of base B was very strong, and it often sent combat teams to accept tasks from other bases in exchange for commissions and precious resources.

The time the employer was base T, and the distance between the two bases was not very close. After a long journey, they couldn’t find a supply point where they could be stationed.

The sky was completely dark, and it would be dangerous to continue on the road. The patrol team had to park the armored vehicle at a corner of the street sheltered from the wind.

They often had to spend the night in the wilds without supplies, so the armored vehicles were well equipped. The deputy team leader turned on the temperature control and air filtration systems, and then distributed the rations one by one.

It was unanimously determined by everyone that Su Shi was still a growing body, so he was forced to accept an extra can of meat. He had just finished saying his thanks, but as soon as he turned his head, he was stiffed with a ham sausage, and in the following second he found more instant noodles in his arms.

Yuan Zheng took out a small stainless steel saucepan from nowhere, added in the instant noodles and ham sausage, and also poured half of the canned meat in. He added some water and held the saucepan in his palm. After a while, a tempting aroma wafted up from the pan.


With eyes full of grievances, the people who were gnawing on compressed hard biscuits all looked at the captain who used to be good and kind, and shared delights and common hardships with his crew.

Yuan Zheng did not have the slightest thought of abusing his supernatural powers. After meticulously cooking the noodles, he placed it on the equipment piled up in front of Su Shi: “Be careful, it’s still very hot.”

Su Shi never knew that the fire element ability had such a useful application. Su Shi was in awe, and he felt a little guilty due to everyone’s gazes. Just as he was planning to share it with everyone, the team members all quickly and firmly moved their gazes away.

Gratified by the considerateness of his team members, Yuan Zheng stroked Su Shi’s back in a comforting gesture. Then he patiently explained to him in a warm tone.

“Don’t worry about us. You need to eat more. We still have to hurry on the road for a few more days. If we are unlucky, we may have to spend the night in the armored vehicle.”

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The team members also agreed. They chewed hungrily on the biscuits and then prepared to rest. They specifically told him to eat all the noodles and to not even leave a drop of soup behind.

Su Shi was persuaded until he was speechless. His eyebrows curved helplessly, and he had no choice but to consume the noodles by himself. After blowing on the hot noodles, he drank a few mouthfuls of soup, and his stomach immediately felt more comfortable.

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