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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 123

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Chapter 123

Yuan Zheng’s gaze fell upon Su Shi. Light reflected off his dark eyes, soundlessly adding a layer of faint warmth.

The young man in front of him was extremely attentive no matter what he was doing. Even when he was eating noodles, he treated it as seriously as if he were accomplishing some task. His clear eyes dropped slightly, framed beneath the fan of his eyelashes, as he carefully put the noodles into his mouth. His cheeks bulged slightly as he chewed. Watching him made Yuan Zheng’s heart go soft.

Yuan Zheng couldn’t help raising his hand to wipe away the soup on his lips for him.

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Meeting the slightly puzzled gaze of those bright black eyes, Yuan Zheng coughed light. He tried to cover up his unconscious act, but only seemed to be making the situation worse: “How is it? Is the taste to your liking?”

“It’s tasty.”

Maybe it was due to the lack of resources in the post-apocalyptic world, but even ordinary instant noodles were very delicious. Su Shi nodded, raised his head and was about to speak, but something outside the window abruptly caught his attention.

“What’s wrong?”

Realizing Su Shi’s strangeness, Yuan Zheng also stopped his movements and followed his gaze.

In order to avoid becoming the target of zombies and thieves, the team members have sealed all windows with felt cloth, leaving only a few places as ventilation and observation ports. Looking out from here, only pitch-blackness could be seen.

“Someone is coming.”

Tender green leaves silently wound around Su Shi’s fingertips. He put down the saucepan and raised his head to look at Yuan Zheng: “Their speed is very fast, there are more than a dozen, carrying hot weapons.”

Spiritual power could scope out most of one’s environment, but at the same time, those with strong spiritual abilities could shield themselves and others from detection.

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Before they parked the automobile, Su Shi had dropped a few mutant mimosa seeds outside. As long as someone passed by, the leaves in his hand would also somewhat perceive the movement outside and curl up in response.

In just this short instance, at least a dozen people have approached the armored vehicle.

Yuan Zheng’s gaze sharpened. He got up and leaned against the lookout hole. His gaze swept across the scene outside quickly. His expression immediately darkened.

“Prepare for ambush. Everyone sit tight. We’re departing immediately!”

Everyone’s complexion changed slightly, and their originally relaxed expressions were also wiped clean. They quickly took up their weapons and entered a state of combat in the blink of an eye.

As he was speaking, Yuan Zheng had already jumped into the driver’s seat. He stomped on the accelerator and twisted the steering wheel. The armored vehicle let out a low roar and rushed into the deep night.

When the car turned around, it seemed to have hit more than one person, but Yuan Zheng did not dare to relax at all. He increased the speed to the limit, but there was still the sound of an explosive pursuit coming from the rear of the car.

Only people coming from a base could have access to such strong armament. It would seem that the ambushers were not mere roaming thieves.

Su Shi’s heart sank slightly. He raised his gaze to look at Yuan Zheng, and silently slipped his hand into his pocket. His fingertips brushed against the last pair of glasses frames, but a violet vibration abruptly turned his vision black. His body staggered and the faint taste of blood bloomed from his throat.

The armored vehicle was blasted off the roadbed, turned over a few times before hitting a tree, and then stopped.

“Get out of the car, go into the woods, and conceal yourselves!”

Yuan Zheng spoke sharply. He was propping up the driver’s seat with one hand, and had already jumped out of the half-damaged car. Golden flames erupted mercilessly from him.

Every member of the team had sufficient physical fitness and immediately jumped out of the car and darted into the woods to hide. The petardier picked Su Shi up and quickly got out of the car.

Not too far off came the fierce collision of power. Yuan Zheng was obviously facing off against the other side’s leader. The remaining attackers were also not slow. In the blink of an eye, all the team members were plunged into an anxious fierce battle.

The armaments and supplies in the armored vehicle were quickly looted, but everyone was too busy to care. Bullets cut through the otherwise silent night, and gunfire rang deafeningly.

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The leader of the opposing party had thunder and gold supernatural abilities. His power must be higher than the protagonist’s current level. Yuan Zheng wanted to split his attention to aid the people on his team, but before long his opponent had already ploughed a few vicious injuries into his body.

The dazzling light of the thunder penetrated Yuan Zheng’s flames and struck him in the chest severely.

His body was almost numb by the powerful electric current. After an acute concentration of pain to his chest, the pain then spread out to the rest of his body. Yuan Zheng’s body swayed, and finally he knelt down weakly.

The situation brooked no delay. If the Son of Hell did not come out to disrupt the situation quickly, the protagonist’s entire group would be in a life-threatening predicament.

For the time being, no one was paying attention to Su Shi, so he stepped away to a quiet place, and fetched the last pair of frames from his pocket. But then his expression suddenly froze.

The frames were swaying crookedly, and one of the temples had been smashed broken.

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The author has something to say:

#The glasses can still be used when glued back together.

#Have you heard? The Son of Hell is broke.

#That’s right, even his glasses are broken.

Su Shi: (*≡_≡)ノ⌒*

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