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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 125

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Chapter 125

The expected pain did not strike.

The air that was almost stagnant suddenly fell silent, and there were still subtle electric arcs jumping and crackling about, but that ball of thunder that was sufficiently powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth seemed to have never appeared in the first place.

At some point, a mutant tropical pitcher plant almost as tall as a person had suddenly sprouted in front of Yuan Zheng.

The plant’s wide leaves patted its own center stem and let out a satisfied belch.

“Bloodthirsty plant?!”

The pupils of the thunder ability user rapidly shrank, and his figure suddenly retreated by more than ten meters. His eyes were still full of surprise and vigilance. He looked all over the place, and as if he had sensed something, he abruptly raised his head and looked up.

The two sides that were at war were also frightened by the weird changes. They unconsciously slowed down their movements, and finally vaguely realized what had happened. A strong sense of panic suddenly appeared in their eyes.

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The ink-colored wings closed silent, and the tall and thin figure walked over slowly. With cold eyes, the newcomer indifferently scanned the two sides facing each other.

The flames were still burning and lit up his slightly pale face.

It was a very ordinary face. If it were placed in a crowd, it would be easily forgotten once you turned around.

His clothes were very old, almost as if they were just draped on him hastily, and even his glasses were barely holding on with tape. But as long as they meet those cold eyes that didn’t seem to have a trace of emotion, no one had any ridiculing thoughts.

“Any more? It’s not full yet.”

The young man stood still next to the mutant tropical pitcher plant. He turned towards the thunder ability user. His voice was a little hoarse and his tone was flat without the slightest fluctuation.

Looking upon those eyes, the thunder ability user shuddered severely, took two steps back, and whispered involuntarily: “Son of Hell…”


Hearing his voice, the young man turned his head to look at him. A huge bloodthirsty vine broke through the ground at the sound and a hideous black shadow rose up beside him: “Is something wrong?”

The gaze of the thunder ability user tightened, and he immediately took a few steps back. He rapidly gathered all of his supernatural powers within his body. Even his spiritual power was compressed to the utmost, as if his life depended on it.

Even S-grade ability users did not dare to have dealings with these two things in the bloodthirsty forest. Their innate disposition was to swallow up all kinds of special abilities, and they were especially interested in the flesh and blood of strong ability users. In front of these terrifying mutant plants, humanity had no way to resist at all.

Everyone said that this was an organism that only existed in hell. It was a terrible existence brought back into the world by that Son of Hell.

The young man’s gaze fell on him and then he said, “You look very tasty.”

The bloodthirsty vine had already swam towards him quickly like a giant python, hovering around him, looking for subtle fluctuations in the air that belonged to supernatural powers.

“What do you want? All the weapons and supplies that I brought—I will give you everything. Let me go!”

The thunder ability user wanted to move back, but he was afraid that even a slight movement would cause the bloodthirsty vine to attack. His forehead was already covered with cold sweat.

“Do you want clothes? I can have them bring you new clothes, and—and glasses, you can have whatever you want, as long as you let me go…”

For some reason, the young man’s persistently indifferent expression seemed to show some cracks. The thunder ability user suddenly felt severe pain spreading through his chest. His face instantly paled, and he lowered his head stiffly to see that the tip of the bloodthirsty vine has penetrated his chest.

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“No one goes to the bloodthirsty forest. They’re hungry. They want to eat.”

The young man raised his hand to support his glasses and lowered his gaze slightly. His expression had become cold again, as if the previous moment was just an illusion caused by his [the thunder ability user’s] overly tense nerves.

The bloodthirsty vine did not immediately start to suck blood. The huge vine body was ready to go, as if waiting for his order.

“I will bring living people to the bloodthirsty forest. I can bring as many people as you want!”

The thunder ability user immediately shouted. His voice was already dry and hoarse: “Don’t kill me. I’ll tell you a secret. You’ll definitely want to know…”

The bloodthirsty vine retreated slightly, as if waiting for him to continue speaking.

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