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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 126

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Chapter 126

The thunder ability user felt like he was receiving an amnesty. His body was already half weak with fright, and he spoke hurriedly: “The Dr. Dark from central base who used you guys to perform human experiments, and the one who experimented with all kinds of drugs on you guys is still alive! Don’t you want to take revenge? I know where he is. I will take you to go find him. Just let me go…”

Hearing what he said, Yuan Zheng’s suspicion was finally fully confirmed, and his gaze sank.

No wonder that Dr. He was secretly collecting blood serum, and he had even put a serial number on Mu Shi’s sample—if all of this was explained by human experimentation, then it would make sense.

After the central base was destroyed, everyone had heard of the notoriety of that Dr. Dark, and they all knew that he had done too many maddening things. If these two people were indeed the same, sooner or later, this crazy careerist would destroy the entire base, and even cause all humans to pay a tragic price.

Since the blood serum matter now had a plausible explanation, it was not difficult to guess the cause and reason behind the ambush this time.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes were slightly cold, and his tone fell sharply. “He’s at base B, isn’t he?”

Between the two of them, it was obvious that the stronger thunder element was more favored by the bloodthirsty vine, and Yuan Zheng got a rare opportunity to repair [himself] instead.

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Although he didn’t dare to release his abilities, he had secretly absorbed a few crystal nuclei, and most of his internal injuries were recovered. Right now, he still had the strength to fight.

The thunder ability user had originally planned to use this as a negotiation chip, but he didn’t expect that the other party had guessed the secret, and even said it so straightforwardly.

The thunder ability user turned to him sharply, and was speechless, but there was already anger brimming in his eyes, and he could only deny it with all his heart: “Nonsense! How could you know-”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly choked and groaned. The bloodthirsty vine had already been sent into his body, and his blood was being sucked into the vine.

“You know where he is, so you’re on the same side as him.”

Even when he mentioned his nemesis, the young man’s tone was still rigid and bland, as if he was just stating an ordinary fact.

The person with the thunder ability widened his eyes in astonishment, fixedly looking at him, and suddenly some regret appeared in his eyes.

No wonder Dr. Dark was so afraid of the Son of Hell. Since he was a person that could survive alone in the wilderness in this post-apocalyptic world, then he would not only have just a powerful and terrifying ability.

He was annoyed at himself for thinking himself so clever. He was almost ready to die, only to find that the bloodthirsty vine’s eating rate was gradually slowing down and finally stopped.

Suddenly there was a vague hope. The thunder ability user raised his head with a pale complexion, hoping that he had satisfied the appetite of the bloodthirsty vine. But the young man raised his head and looked over. All of a sudden, he lifted his hand and clenched.

There was a sudden, intense pain in his head.

Before he could react, his crystal nucleus had crumbled instantly. The huge amount of power within his body lost its restraint, spewed out of his body, and was swallowed by the mutant tropical pitcher plant in the blink of an eye.

“De- Devil…”

His crystal nucleus was shattered, so his abilities would disappear completely and his body would be irreversibly damaged. Although he would survive, he would become inferior to even ordinary people.

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The thunder ability user was shocked and regretful. His chest rose and fell fiercely. Suddenly he staggered and knelt on the ground. He vomited blood, and instantly painted a piece of the ground bloody red.

He was only momentarily enticed by the conditions offered by Dr. Dark, and so he accepted the commission to ambush the patrol team, but did not expect to provoke such a terrifying opponent.

He was deeply regretful, but he had no chance to speak out. The light in his eyes quickly dimmed. His body stiffly fell to the ground and after shaking twice he stopped moving.

To strong ability users, even if their crystal nucleus collapsed, their spiritual power wouldn’t dissipate so quickly. As long as they used their spiritual power promptly to mend themselves, they could still continue to live on.

But his will was already swallowed up by fear and despair. He had even given up on saving himself. In just a short span of time, he thoroughly ceased all signs of activity.

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