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Chapter 127

The young man [Son of Hell] glanced at him [the thunder ability user], glanced past Yuan Zheng, and then turned to look at the people in the forest.

With just a bit of effort, the S-grade ability user was completely eliminated. The opponent didn’t even have any time to put up any effective resistance.

The two sides that were locked in fierce battle just now were shocked silent. The ordinary figure in front of them looked almost like the incarnation of the God of Death, and even his dark eyes seemed to be flashing with cruel bloodlust.

The remaining ambushers didn’t have the guts to stay any longer. Seeing that he did not have the intention to kill them for the time being, they tremblingly threw down their things, turned tail, and fled in the blink of an eye.

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The patrol team was not resigned. They refused to leave their captain. Even though they were terribly scared, they still gritted their teeth, ready to oppose that figure that seemed to have risen from the depth of hell itself.

The young man touched his glasses, and then turned his gaze to Yuan Zheng.

Although his eyes seemed to only carry cold indifference, Yuan Zheng ineffably did not feel any fear or dread. He merely met the other person’s gaze straight on, and his tone was even serene and gentle: “What do you want? Do you also want my blood?”

As if he was not accustomed to looking at people, that young man’s eyes only swept over Yuan Zheng’s body once, and then looked down again: “You are not strong enough.”

Yuan Zheng was stunned for a while. Finally, he let out a chuckle, took a deep breath, and then raised his head: “No matter what your intention is, you saved me and my team members. If I can get to S grade someday, you can come and get my blood at any time, all right?”

The young man seemed to be a little surprised and did not respond. He just raised his eyes to glance at him, and then he turned to leave without saying a word. But as if suddenly remembering something, he turned back and walked towards the supplies that had been carelessly abandoned.

Although they’ve been hunting the Son of Hell for more than half a year, this was the first time that they actually saw him in the flesh. No matter what the reason – maybe he had come to take his bloodthirsty vine out for a walk – the Son of Hell still saved their lives.

The members of the patrol team were all feeling a little awkward and no one knew what to say. They just stood there hesitantly and watched as the genuine Son of Hell stood in front of the scattered supplies for a while. Finally, he leaned over and picked up a box of instant noodles and the small stainless steel pot that had fallen on its side.

Black wings unfolded silently behind his back, and then his figure sank into the deep night.


Seeing him leave, the shadowy oppression suddenly dissipated. The team members rushed over, all scrambling to support Yuan Zheng’s body: “Captain!”

“I’m fine.”

Yuan Zheng briefly summarized his physical condition. Then his eyes swept across the crowd, and his expression suddenly changed slightly: “Where is Mu Shi?”

“He was still here just a while ago. I said it was dangerous outside and told him to hide well—”

The petardier turned around in a hurry. His expression also changed.

“Did none of you see him?!”

“I saw him looking through my medicine box, but when I asked him, he just said that he was okay…”

Remembering what had happened, the doctor spoke in a low voice, and his heart became uneasy: “There was something off about his tone. I wanted to ask him again, but he disappeared in a blink of an eye.”

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Hearing what he said, everyone else felt uneasy too. The original joy of escaping danger disappeared instantly, and they immediately went back into the forest to look for the missing young man.

The night was still deep. Everyone looked around anxiously, but they couldn’t find him at all.

“Could it be that he was taken away by the Son of Hell? Xiao Shi’s ability and the Son of Hell’s ability are exactly the same. Maybe he will be targeted…”

The deputy team leader started to speak anxiously, but Yuan Zheng interrupted him in a low voice: “No, the Son of Hell is actually simpler and purer than we thought. I believe he will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.”

These people had just witnessed the Son of Hell juice an S-grade thunder ability user alive, and now they were hearing their own captain say that the Son of Hell was simple and pure in such a calm and confident tone.

Everyone was still trembling in fear from the terrifying shadow cast by their experience with the Son of Hell. When they heard Yuan Zheng’s words, they looked at him in disbelief.

“You guys rest first. I’ll go look some more.”

Yuan Zheng didn’t explain much. He looked at his team members who had all sustained some injuries, more or less. He lightly spoke a sentence, turned, and walked towards the depths of the forest.

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